Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. More like a picturesque world, Instagram is one of the most widely used websites, where people share and see pictures. Hence, the creation of a

Communication has become easier with mobile phones these days. Years ago, phones were only used for calls. Then, there was the addition of text messages followed by music playlists until

It is hard to imagine our world without phones. In fact, phones have become one of the basic necessities in a human’s life. Phones are quite a handy. Within seconds

The first murmurings of the upcoming and ultimate launch from Apple ~ iPhone 7 has already reached many ears. It is going to be launched in September 2016. It is

The first initiative towards hard disk recovery is to determine whether the disk damage is: Physical (drive failure or component malfunction) or Logical (faulty file system or corrupted data) Once

Google’s journey from a mere small company to a world’s leading brand and transforming the synonym for “search”, shows us the amount of hard work they must have put behind.

Browsers are performing far beyond your imagination. Today, they offer you productivity suites, communication tools, escapist entertainment, extensions and lots more. In fact, they have become an OS itself. Though

We have all heard of those credit card scams — unruly use of our personal bank accounts and it’s not just the laymen who are affected by underhanded breaches of