10 Google Secrets You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

Google’s journey from a mere small company to a world’s leading brand and transforming the synonym for “search”, shows us the amount of hard work they must have put behind. Apart from displaying those top 10 results page or helping you use products like Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, there is so much that Google can offer you. It is not just a search engine. But, more than what you have not thought of. So, here we will tell you 10 Google secrets that are amazingly fun.

10 Google Secrets That Are Awesome To Try

Best 10 google secrets

For many, Google is just a homepage and a great gateway to internet. In fact, to an average eye, the way Google functions may be less flawless – you just type something and Google gives out the best results. Simple is it? Yes, this is what you have known until now or perhaps, you have been using this popular search engine only to search. But did you know that Google can work way beyond than just displaying a fine result page? So, here is the best compilation on what else you can do with Google apart from searching.

1. Type The Word “Tilt” In The Google’s Search Box 

Top 10 Google Secrets

If you have already tried this, you will know how fun this is. Once you type the word – “Tilt” and hit the Enter button in Google search box, it literally slants the search results. The screenshot is shown above.

2. Time Travel Machine – Type “Google in 1998” And See What Happens

10 Google Secrets You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

We personally loved this secret option. Some people still have the curiosity to know what Google must have looked in the last millennium days. Would you want to know how the web was in the year 1998? Well, just type – Google in 1998. The search engine takes you back to those good olden days.

3. Zerg Rush

zerg rush

We bet you must have known about “Zerg Rush”. If you haven’t until now, then try it. Just type the phrase — Zerg Rush in Google search bar and see what happens to the web page. The term Zerg Rush was made popular by “StarCraft” and even today it is widely used in RTS (Real-Time Strategy Games) to depict an intense attack by a player against his/her opponent. However, Google created this as a game where when you type this phrase in the search bar, you will see little “o” characters destroying all the search results gradually from top to bottom.

4. Use Google As A Calculator

Use Google As A Calculator

Google is not only a search engine but it can transform into a calculator too. It can perform basic as well as advanced mathematical operations like +, -, /, *, !, ^, %, log, mod, sin, cos, tan, exp etc… Just type the arithmetic notation on the search box and it will display a calculator in the results page with the answer. Isn’t that cool?

5. Google Doodles

Google Doodles

Everyone loves those Doodles. Obviously, they are so popular and fun to see at the same time. They are the artistic version of Google logo. You should have seen them on special days, current events, occasions, festivals anniversaries and holidays. Google Doodles reminds us about few important things, which we tend to forget in our busy lives. You can see all the doodles here: http://www.google.com/doodles

6. Try The Google Dinosaur Game Offline

Chances are that you might not have known this even after seeing it many times. Probably, because it is hidden and that’s why it is still a fun secret. Believe it or not, Chrome’s dinosaur game is one of the best ways to kill time, especially when you don’t have internet connection. It has got even better recently, as they have updated few things here. Just turn off your WIFI and load the chrome few times until you get this screen (has a dinosaur there):

Google Dinosaur Game Offline

The game won’t start unless you press the spacebar. Use ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys to jump and overcome the obstacles.

Google Dinosaur Game Offline

You hit the obstacles – the GAME IS OVER!

Google Dinosaur Game Offline7. Google Sphere

google sphere

Bored of seeing the same old Google pages? Then here’s a fun way to change it. Just type “Google Sphere” in the search box and click the first result — Mr.doob. Once you click the website, the Google Homepage brings all the search pages into a marvelous spinning orb.

8. Google Romance

This sounds little funny but great for people, who are in love and here is the link to it: https://archive.google.com/romance/ Google Romance allows you to post all kinds of romantic information. It has this so-called “Soulmate Search”, where you could get your true love. You just have to upload your profile and start searching for your love.

9. Perform A Barrel Roll

Google Secrets - do a barrel roll

This is another fun Google secret you must try. Just type the phrase – do a barrel roll – and press Enter.

10. LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You)


Google Secrets

Google Secrets

Google Secrets

Every heard of LMGTFY? Well, this is more like a tongue-in-cheek service designed for people, who are lazy to use Google. Once a query is typed on the search box, rather than displaying results, it gives you a shortened link, which you can further email to one of your lazy recipients. When you click this shortened URL, it launches a search in a perigrinatory manner. Well, a great example of technology that makes things even more complicated.

Yes, we know that Google secrets are a lot more than what has been listed here. We just wanted to pick the fun ones. Try it and tell us in comments how entertaining it was. Also, if you have any other secret, which you feel we have missed to list here, feel free to drop it in the comments box.

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