10 Most Beautiful Leaves That Will Tempt You For A Second Look

Leaves, they are said to contain the essence of a plant’s life. Just by taking a quick look at the leaves of a plant, a person can easily tell its condition — be it healthy or weak, properly nurtured or not.  When one thinks about nature, the first thought that comes to his or her mind is flowers, trees and their beautiful leaves. A person never forgets the sight of such pretty leaves in the season of autumn.  That very sight of calmness never leaves a person’s mind. Keeping this in mind, I have compiled a list of 10 most beautiful leaves that are extremely gorgeous. So, let’s get started.

10 Most Beautiful leaves In The World

A list of 10 most beautiful leaves is right here. A person should never neglect the little things in life for it is what makes life truly beautiful. Just like drops make up an ocean, leaves make up plants, trees and flowers. In short, nature.

1. Dischidia Pectinoides: The Ant Plant

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: predatoryplants

More commonly known as the “ant plants,” Dischidias are small specimens that come from the family called Asclepiadaceae. It is a family of peculiar plants: climbers & trailing plants with puffy-pocket leaves that are similar to ravioli. These pods are known as bullate leaves. The insides of these plants can be empty (not comprising of ricotta and spinach) or in the case of some milkweeds, holding tacky, whitish-colored liquid. Dischidia pectinoides have leaves with empty insides. In its inborn jungles and rain forests, the leaves provide shelter to ant colonies, which in turn assist in pollinating the plant.

2. Gambel Oak (Quercus gambelii)

 top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: gdanmitchell

Quercus gambelii, with the common term Gambel oak, is an ephemeral short tree or large fern that is outspread in the foothills and lower mountainous altitudes of west North America. It is also territorially known as scrub oak, oak brush, and white oak. The leaves are usually long and wide, thoroughly lobed on either side of the middle vein. The exterior surface is shiny dark green while the interior surface is light colored and milky. They regularly change into orange and yellow during the season of autumn, forming mountain-slopes of bright and striking colors. The flowers bloom in spring.

3. Aloe Vera

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the worldCredit: ellipse.je

Aloe Vera is a moist plant variety, a range of succulent that requires minimum water and attention. The species is regularly known as being used in herbal medicine ever since the turn of the first century. Excerpts from Aloe Vera are broadly used in skin care and alternate medicinal industries, being advertised as diversely having revitalizing, healing, or comforting characteristics.

4. Phalaenopsis Orchid

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: aliexpress.com

Phalaenopsis, are commonly called moth orchids (short name). Phalaenopsis in the horticulture industry is an orchid genus of almost 60 species. Phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchids in the industry because of the advancement in many artificial hybrids.

A wider variety of them are epiphytic shade plants; while some are lithophytes. Few of these breeds grow under the canopies of wet lowland forests, sheltered from direct sunlight while others grow in seasonal environments, either dry or cool. These species have adapted separately to all of the 3 habitats.

5. Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum)

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the worldCredit: tophdgallery

Adiantum or the “maidenhair fern” is one of the most beautiful types among 200 species of ferns belonging to the family of Pteridaceae. Although some analysts put it in its own family of Adiantaceae. The genus term is derived from Greek — meaning “not wetting”, pointing to the fronds’ ability to drop water without being moist. A lot of low-growing plants, similar to the maidenhair fern, can live without a lot of direct sun-light.

6. Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world
Credit: wearitminiplants

A burro’s tail’s only requirement to live is “direct sunlight”. Burro’s tail is a breed of flowering plants belonging to the family called Crassulaceae, inborn to south of Mexico and Honduras. It is a moist & perpetual plant whose stems grow up to 24 inches in length, coupled with meaty bluish-green leaves and pinkish along with maroon flowers during summer weather.

Sedum morganianum thrives well both outdoors and indoors, either in good direct light or direct sun without intense heat. Leaves have striking color when they are grown in full sun light. It needs frequent, neutral water all year round. During winters, watering a plant should be infrequent. Residue water might hurt the plant in a short period.

7. Jade Plant

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: houzz

Portulacaria afra better known as the elephant’s bush, jade plant or pork-bush is a tiny-leaved moist variety plant mostly found in South Africa.  It is extensively outspread in the Eastern parts of South Africa. In the humid weather, it is rather rare and it is also likely to lean towards moisture-less exposure of bedrock and slopes. Inside the jungles and forests of South Africa, bigger plants indeed survive the cold frosty weather by growing thick enough to make their own natural cover. Droughts and fires can’t do much harm to them. They can bear the raging desert sun and heat once fully grown. However, tiny jade plants cannot.

8. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: gardenista

Ficus lyrata, better known as “fiddle leaf fig” is a breed of the fig tree, inborn to west part of Africa. It thrives in lower-lands in tropical rainforests. It is a very famous show-piece tree in sub-tropical & tropical gardens. You must have seen them grown as a houseplant in areas with moderate temperature. It fails to bloom flowers or fruit. Like many figs, it is tender to frost or cold weather. The Ficus lyrata, can grow up to 6 feet tall in in-direct light.

9. Potted Cactus

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Cacti belong to a very particular breed of plants, but the species that belong to that family are found in very separate environments. A lot of cacti, same as those belonging to the genus of Ferocactus, are mainly native desert dwellers. Also others, same as those belonging to the genus of Echinopsis, are found in the green grass-lands of South America, those belonging to genus of Oreocereus reside in the high peaks of the Andes mountainous regions, and those belonging to the genus of Epiphyllum reside in jungles and don’t live on the soil, but upon other plants.

10. Mexican Snowball (Echeveria Elegans)

top 10 Most Beautiful Leaves in the world

Credit: flickriver

Mini succulents same as the Mexican Snowball variety are very pretty on their own. Echeveria elegans also better known as the Mexican snow ball, Mexican-gem, or White Mexican rose, is a breed of blooming plants belonging to the Crassulaceae species, that is inborn to half-desert environments in Mexico.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of beautiful leaves. Tell us in comments which are your favorite leaves and have you tried growing them?

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