10 People Who Flaunt The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Normally, if you have a beautiful eye, people will notice it. But have you ever wondered what makes your eyes beautiful? Well, it is its colors and thick long lashes. That is why there are a lot of people who tend to beautify their eyes by using colorful contact lenses and eye shades. Little did they know that at the end of the day, it is still their natural eye color they will have to deal with when they remove their lenses? You cannot deny the fact that some people are naturally blessed with most beautiful eyes that they do not have to do up artificially. We will talk about such 10 people in the world, who have amazing eyes.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

According to the old adage, “Eyes are the windows to one’s soul”. When you look at someone straight on his or her eyes, you see something exquisite that you can never describe at times. Through the eyes, we see a different side of the person that we are looking into. We see both happiness and pain, we see anger and love, we see joy and worry… but no matter what we see, it does not change the fact that our eyes are a leeway of what our emotions are. Our eyes are also one of the most delicate and attractive parts of our facial features that people would always love to see. We use our eyes to see beautiful things, and yet, it is also a medium of seeing wars and poverties. Our eyes are very important to us and it makes living worthwhile. Do you know that your eye color is there for a reason and not just simply a genetic trait? Believe it or not, it is even possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child. This is primarily because the colors of the eye depend on the melanin pigmentation found in the iris and how it is being distributed.

Eye color is just one factor that keeps the eye attractive. We also need to consider as to how expressive their eyes are to know that their eyes are indeed beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful eyes in the world, but only a few have the most beautiful eyes which are expressive as much as they are colorful. We have rounded the web and found these people whom we deemed to have the prettiest eyes in the world. No matter what their race, gender and age is, these top 10 most beautiful eyes in the world speaks volume of expression and beauty.

1. Grace Kelly

prettiest eyes in the world

Hollywood actress turned to a real-life princess through marriage to Prince Rainer of Monaco, Princess Grace is one of those people who have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Her blue eyes speak volumes and definitely look great on her soft and feminine face. Being a fashion icon and a renowned actress, Grace Kelly captivated hearts of millions and her wedding with Prince Rainier, who generated 30 million views over the world. When she died in September 14, 1982, a lot of people cried for her because she was certainly love by the people of Monaco and her fans worldwide.

2. Elizabeth Taylor

Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

When most of us rely on the use of contact lenses to achieve those rare eye colors, Elizabeth Taylor is lucky enough to have been blessed with an extraordinary natural eye color of violet. Violet is one of the rarest of its kinds and Taylor made good use of it, as she was able to have captivated fans all-over-the world through her eyes. She was also often seen wearing blue or purple eye shadow to compliment her eye’s natural color, though she sometimes used dark brown eye shadow and a black eye liner whenever she wanted something contrasting. Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered not only for her films but also for her perfect and most beautiful pair of eyes as well.

3. Giada Pamela De Laurentiis

 10 People Who Flaunt The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Apart from being a professional chef, Giada De Laurentiis is also a TV personality, who hosts the Food Network TV program, “Giada at Home”. De Laurentiis’ eyes are always a part of her look and most women wanted to achieve such. Even if we cannot follow her natural eye color, women wanted to know how she designs and makes her eyes presentable through eye shadows. Indeed, if you have one of the most beautiful eyes in the world, people will really envy you and make you their standard of beauty. And Giada De Laurentiis is both chef and a fashion icon.

4. Kristine Kreuk

10 People Who Flaunt The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Kristine Kreuk’s eye color has been a subject of debate with some saying that she has green eyes while some others say that they are a shade of hazel. But whatever is her eye color, it doesn’t change the fact that she is one of those who have the most beautiful eyes. Let people debate. At least, Kreuk won’t need to use contact lenses if she wants hazel or green, as her natural eye color is doing the trick for her. She is indeed one very lucky girl with that perfect face and beautiful eyes, which women of every age can be jealous of.

5. Aishwarya Rai Bahchan

most beautiful eyes in the world

More than having one of the world’s most beautiful eyes, Aishwarya Rai Bahchan has also been tagged by the media as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. She was the winner of the Miss World pageant in 1994 and is one of the most high profile celebrities in India. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador of the Joint United Nations Programmed on AIDS. Her popularity is not only limited in India but also she was awarded by the Government of France with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2012. So okay, enough said. We believe that this woman is not just about beauty but also full of substance as well.

6. Sharbat Gula
most beautiful eyes in the world

Among the people listed on this list, Sharbat Gula is probably the most special. Her eyes captivated the world when it appeared on the cover of National Geographic on June 1985. Surprisingly, she did not even know that her eyes touched millions of readers and ignited a lot of emotions and hysteria until it was shown to her in January 2002. Steve McCurry took her photograph but he did not ask for the name of his subject at that time. Sharbat Gula’s intense gaze at the camera made headlines and was even tagged as “the First World’s Third World Mona Lisa” which is a direct comparison to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. The picture above was coined as the Afghan Girl back then which was a clear reference that the name of the girl with those piercing eyes is not known. It was only in 2002 when the National Geographic team located and got her name after a series of false claims from other people.

7. Enrique Gil

 world's most beautiful eyes

Enrique Gil is a Filipino actor born to a Spanish father and a Filipina mother. His eye color is typical dark brown, but what makes it one of the most beautiful eyes in the world is its ability to become very expressive. So okay, it is understandable that actors should be able to talk through their eyes, but Gil has the most expressive eyes that we have ever seen. It can convey a lot of emotions and when you look at him, you can feel that connection and emotion that he wants you to feel. It is probably one of the reasons as to why he became one of the most sough-after and effective stars in the Philippine showbiz industry.

8. Paul Walker
most beautiful eyes in the world

It is sad to note that we will not be able to see those glimmering blue eyes in person anymore. Paul Walker’s eyes keep us hook and captivated millions of fans because it can smile – figuratively. You can see from Walker’s eyes his sincerity and genuine love for his career and for the people as well. He is best remembered as Brian O’Connor of the Fast and Furious franchise – he was shooting for Furious 7 when he tragically met his death on his way home back from a charity event for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

9. Jared Leto most beautiful eyes in the world

Not only is he good at acting, but Jared Leto also owns the music scene as well. This man is considered as one of the prettiest men in the industry with his long locks and beautiful ice-blue eyes. He is also a human rights activist and a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity among many other philanthropic activities.

10. Cillian Murphy

 most beautiful eyes in the world

Cillian Murphy’s eyes are the best epitome of creepily beautiful. His eyes are too beautiful to the point of being creepy – in a good way. The color of his eyes is surprisingly blue, though there are a lot of debates as to what shade it is. Regardless, it captivated a lot of fans from all over the world. Even Batman’s director, Christopher Nolan, is a huge fan that he made excuses just to make Murphy remove his glasses during shoots. His blue eyes are probably more famous than the actor himself and it is undeniably one of his tickets, aside from pure talent, to Hollywood. In the movie “28 Days Later”, Danny Boyle provided a short solo stint for Murphy’s right eye at the start of the film. Even his co-stars would sometimes forget their lines because they were so engrossed by staring at him. If one talks about “looks could kill”, he/she might be thinking about a direct eye-to-eye contact with Murphy.

7 Different Eye Colors…

Given these most beautiful eyes from people around the world, eye colors are one of the facets that we all love to see. From brown to blue, each eye color is special.

1. Brown eyes: 55% of the world’s population has brown eyes in different shades, and it is considered as the most common eye color in the world. Almost everyone in Africa and Asia has the color brown for their eyes. This is a dominant genetic trait. The brown hue is created by the presence of melanin, and in some individual, the shade of brown is very dark that it appears to be black.

2. Hazel eyes: Only 5-8% of the world’s population has hazel-colored eyes. People always confuse hazel eyes with brown eyes because they are almost the same. However, it is important to note that hazel is lighter than brown and usually has a green-yellow tint. Those with hazel eyes have a high concentration of melanin around their eyes’ border that leads to a multi-colored look which changes from copper to green depending on the lights.

3. Green eyes: If hazel is confused with brown, green is confused with hazel. Green eye is one of the rarest colors in the world which only constitutes approximately 2% of the world’s population. It is usually seen on people in northern and central Europe but some in west Asia also have this eye. The green hue is the result of a mild pigmentation in the eye and a golden tint. Once combined with the blue scattering of the eye, it gives off the green color.

4. Blue eyes: Blue eyes are also rare with only 8% of the population having such eye color. This is usually found in people living in Northern Europe near the Baltic Sea. Due to the absence of the eye pigmentation and there is a scattering of light when it is reflected in the iris, the blue eye color is formed.

5. Silver eyes: Also one of the rarest eye colors, it is commonly found in people living in Eastern Europe. Just like the blue eye color, silver eye color is also a result of a low melanin pigmentation of the eye which leads to its gray-silver appearance. Some people consider silver as just a variation of the blue eye color.

6. Amber eyes: The rarest of its kind, amber eyes can be seen in Asia and South American countries. Amber shades range from Asia and South American countries. The amber color is the result of a yellow-colored pigment lipochrome.

7. Violet and red eyes: These colors are the rarest of the rarest and are usually linked to albinism. Though Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes are tagged as violet, “true” violet eyes only occur on cases of albinism.

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