15 Most Expensive Flowers In The World You’ll Think Before Buying

One of the best beautiful gifts Mother Nature has given us is none other than “Flowers”. Feel like expressing your love to someone? Flowers are indeed the best way. They come with a great smell and they are usually inexpensive right? For your information, there are some of the most expensive flowers in the world too. And buying them could affect your pocket extremely. These flowers are priced high because they are unique, rare and interesting. Read to know what they are.

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15 Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Flowers are not only the sign of beauty but they denote different meanings as well. They feature love, passion, life, peace, smell and so on. Their frail loveliness is an ideal combination of both romance and tragedy. They’re decadent in lavish glory & impermanence, lasting for only some days before they fade & die. Now, the rarer is the flower, more expensive the gift becomes. Even though it isn’t best to get too cheap bouquet while trying to woo someone but the below list pushes out your financial boundaries so far that you may find it too hard to reach.

15. Ranunculus

Value: $3 Per Stem

Most expensive flower

This is an expensive flower and is a very popular option when it comes to special occasions. On the other hand, they are great alternatives to peonies and roses too. They come in multiple colors and few of its colors are there year round while other color variations are limited to early summer and spring.

14. Casablanca Lily

Value: $3.50 – $4.75 Per Stem

most expensive flowers in the world

This breathtaking lily — “Casablanca” is admired for its spectacular white blossoms & irresistible fragrance. Among those lily breeds, this is exclusive and is extremely pleasing to the eye. This pure white Casablanca Lily exhibits 3 to 5 striking flowers in a stem. Thus overall making 30 or even more flowers in a bunch. It goes well for gala event, thoughtful gift or spectacular display.

13. Stephanotis

Value: $3 to $8 Each

most expensive flower in the world


Stephanotis flowers are otherwise called Madagascar Jasmine. These tiny, sweet scented, star shaped white flowers are commonly seen on wedding occasions. The best thing about this flower is that they are easily available. However, they are pretty expensive on peak seasons. While arranging the Stephanotis, just remember that it needs special wiring skill for designing work.

12. Peony

Value: $12 to $15 Per Stem

most expensive flowers in the world

Peonies are certainly beautiful and this is the reason why they are expensive too. Their price varies though. The peak season is April, May & June. During these months, the cost of this flower goes really high (up to $15 to $20 each). Peonies usually cost twice than roses and are bigger too.

11. Gardenia

Value: $20 Per Bloom

most expensive flowers in the world

Gardenias are obtainable all year. This richly perfumed flower is classically cut by the grower just to have its stem less than 1-inch long. You will see florists using them in corsages and bouquets with little wire & tape. Gardenias do not come cheap for the reason that they are unique and give off a great scent. Gardenias are magnificent when you see them float in glass bowls. Moreover, if they are kept this way, they last for 1 week but you require changing the water every day or at least once in 2 days.

10. Lisianthus

Value: $ 10 – $35 Per Bundle

most expensive flowers in the world

These lavender colored delicate flowers are greatly admired for its looks. People often buy them to decorate their garden. However, they require great attention and 100% care, else it easily withers away. This expensive flower blooms annually & is 5-cm in diameter. Lisianthus can easily grow from 15cm – 60cm in height. It has delicate, ruffled and wide oval petals. Lisianthus flowers come in multiple colors like pale purple, lavender, blue violet and white. The reason as to why they are been sold for high price is that they are long lasting — it can survive for 2 to 3 weeks even after it is cut from the stem. Since these are extremely fragile, they earn the name — “Paper Flowers”.

9. Lily Of The Valley

Value: $15 to $50 Per Bundle

most expensive flowers in the world

This is one of my favorite flowers and are nicknamed as “Lady’s Tears”, because of the way they appear. They are harvested once in a year and they bloom during May month. They have an amazing smell and even have the ability to survive few weeks after its been plucked. It is well liked for its dainty and delicate appearance. They have bell-shaped blooms. Its stalk goes up to 15-30 cm tall and are surrounded by 2 long leaves whereas the flowers reach about 5mm – 10 mm in diameter. They are expensive for the reason that they require high maintenance.

8. Hydrangea

Value: $6.5 Per Stem

most expensive flowers in the world

This is another most expensive flower in the world. They are grown at Eastern Asia, Southern America & few parts of Asia. This flower is admired for its matchless circular bunch of small flowers in every stem. Shrubs basically grow around 1 – 3 meters tall — right from their early spring until late autumn. You can see these flowers mostly in white blooms, blue, light purple, violet and even pink. Hydrangeas easily droop & wilt. And if you are planning to get them on any special occasion, just make sure that you buy them on the exact day of event or night before. These flowers are commonly used during occasions, especially on weddings. The reason that they are expensive is that it takes huge effort to produce & cultivate.

7. Glorosia

Value: $ 7 to $10 Per Flower

most expensive flowers in the world

This beautiful flower is expensive as well. It is native only to Asia and South Africa. Apart from being expensive, this cute little flower is rare and distinctive too. It has extended tendrils, which support bloom’s weight. The leaves are about 3-meters long and are admired for ostentatious flowers with flexed petals. These come in oranges, yellows, deep reds & yellow-green.

6. 17th Century Tulip Bulb

Value: $600 to $1000 Per Bud

Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Even in the year 1673, this flower was sold for 10000 gilders. Can you believe that? Now, this explains why this flower is so expensive even today. Since it is considered historic, every bud will cost you between $600 and $1000. Not only is this flower exceptional but also rare.

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