20 Best Islands To Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

It is time to pack your bags and escape from your modern hectic schedules. Nothing can be better than resting beside Mother Nature. Even though there are countless places to spend your vacation on, islands are the perfect to set on your journey to. So, what are the best islands to visit this year? This is something this post is going to list you all about. Take a look

20 Best Islands To Visit This Year

1. British Virgin Islands

Best Islands To Visit
This is one of the best islands to visit. The clear waters and warm breezes make this island almost “heaven” for all the travelers. Charter and go bare-boating so that you feel relaxed and refreshed. Don’t forget to see its Volcanic Islands at Tortola, Virgin Gorda baths and lovely beach at Jon Van Dyke.

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts

best islands to see
Nantucket used to be the richest spots of America once. Even today, you can find strong brick houses along with fine silver mailboxes. Sailors of old-time used to name Nantucket as “The Lil Grey Lady Of Sea”. You must see this unique island at least once in your lifetime.

3. Prince Edward Islands, Canada

top islands to visit
This spot offers great mussels and an enjoyable atmosphere, which has almost lost in the city life. This place would be a great spot for seafood lovers. This is the genuine beauty of Mother Nature and the food served out here is extraordinary. The beaches and scenery are jaw dropping & there is truly unspoiled and untouched air about this island.

4. Saba, Netherlands

top islands to see
Even though there are many different islands around the world but this is something really unusual and makes it one of the best islands to see this year. It rises to almost 873-meters (about 2864-feet) above sea level. This island is a home to more than 1500 inhabitants and life out here is truly amazing.

5. Big Island, Hawaii

Best Islands To Visit
Next Top Island to visit this year is none other than the “Big Island” in Hawaii. This family spot has something satisfying every taste. Not only are there beautiful sands and natural breeze but also a great marketplace for people to shop around.

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