20 Smallest Cars In The World That Look More Like Toys

It was during the start of 1950 when cars and other kinds of automobiles became part of every people’s life. This became the era where the world’s smallest cars were invented. At that time, most consumers were in favor of using small cars since the industry of automobiles were just barely starting. They didn’t have the slightest idea on how a car would look like, but from a steam wagon, some brilliant individuals took the light and created a four-wheel vehicle. Today we will talk about 20 smallest cars in the world, which may not fit more people inside but are still a fancy to many.

Top 20 Smallest Cars in the World That Can Hardly Fit 4 to 5 People

Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach were the pioneers who created the first four-wheel car that was named Cannstatt-Daimler during the year 1886. They started the idea of creating a four-wheel automobile from the discovered three-wheeled motors. But before that, Karl Friedrich Benz made the first gasoline-run vehicle. It was a three-wheeled car which was launched between the year of 1885 and 1886. Small cars were not so expensive during its initial launch. Soon, each street was clogged up with different kinds of cars and the heavy traffic became a burden. This prompted different car manufacturers to make smaller size cars to fit the busy streets of the city.

Here are the different automobiles that will surely be on the list of the world’s smallest car.

1. The Peel P50

Length: 1.4 m or 4.5 ft

smallest car in the world

Ever wondered which is the smallest car in the world? It is none other than Peel P50. During 1960s, Peel Engineering Company created a three-wheeled mini car. On 2010, Guinness Book of Records recognized it as not only the smallest car in the world but the slowest car too. This small car doesn’t have reverse gear but a rear knob made it possible for this car to be handled and driven properly. The car colors were in range of Daytona White, Dark Blue and Dragon Red. Since it’s undeniably small, the car can only accommodate one passenger, which is the driver, of course. Some items can be put at the side of the driver’s seat, but the space isn’t enough for another person. The car has only one door, at the driver’s side. It also has one wide screen wiper and a single headlight. With the title of the smallest car in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, this brand of car had a re-launch last 2011.

2. Pasquali Riscio

Length: 2.19 m or 7.18 ft

Smallest Cars In The World


Type 105.10: requires a license for driving, single seat (driver seat)

Type 105.20: responsibly requires a driver licence required, with two seat (driver and commuter)

With a risk-free speed of 25 mph, The Pasquali Riscio is considered as one of the safest and the smallest cars in the world. This noiseless automobile came from Italy. Just like riding a normal car, this mini car will protect you with the heat and at the same time, it will let you pass through the heavy traffic, just like a scooter.

3. The Isetta or the Bubble Car

Length: 2.29 m or 7.5 ft

the smallest car in the world

A firm in Italy, the Iso Spa, which is owned by Renzo Rivolta, started creating small cars. The firm was known for creating machines and appliances like three-wheeled trucks, scooters and even refrigerators during the start of 1950s. It was during 1952 that Isetta, the small car, was made. The name means little Iso and was basically based on the company’s name. The Iso Moto 200’s engine was used on the car. Pierluigi Raggi and Ermienigildo Preti were the engineers that designed the car.

4. The Buddy Cab

Length: 2.43 m. or 8 ft

Smallest Cars In The World

Produced in Oslo and sold largely in Norway, this bare, electric car can run up to 37 miles. It was produced in 1991 by Pure Mobility and Elbil Norge AS that is now known as Buddy Electric. The Buddy cab belonged to the Kewet electric vehicle. It is included in Kewet’s sixth generation cars. In the autumn of 2005, a new model was presented which was primarily called the Kewet Buddy Citi-Jet 6, but is now known simply as the Buddy.

On 2007, Kewet and the Buddy contributed up to 20% of cars that is electric in Norway. Twelve primary Buddy cars were transmitted to Copenhagen. These twelve cars arrived from the Buddy industrial unit that is located in Økern. Elbil Norge or the Pure Mobility Company opened and sold new account of the Buddy car on 2010. The launched made another name for Buddy. It was tagged in a name of Metro Buddy, but the title was short lived.

5. Myers Sparrow

Length: 2.43 m or 7 ft 8 in

worlds smallest car

Initially produced by the Corbin Motors, this unique vehicle was once named as Corbin Sparrow. Then Corbin Motor was then turned to Myers Motors, a company in Tallmadge, Ohio. Myer’s Sparrow is an electric car that works through lithium-ion. It is available in two body class. One is a one-door car while the other had two rear doors. The Myers Motor NmG (or No more gas) is proven by their use of lithium-ion to run the vehicle. It was during 1996 when Corbin Motor initiated the building of the electric vehicle. It was on April 1999 when they got the certification for the Sparrow to be sold.

6. Mini Cooper

Length: 2.49 m or 8.2 feet

Smallest Cars In The World

John Cooper of Cooper Car Company was the one responsible for designing the Formula One, coordinated with Issigonis who was the designer of the authentic Mini. The different Mini model that was produced by the BMW Company was called the Mini Cooper. It started since 2000 and up until now, different editions and models are being developed.

Mini Cooper models:

  • Mini Coupé
  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini Hatch
  • Mini Paceman
  • Mini Countryman
  • Mini Convertible
  • Mini Roadster

Originally, the Mini Cooper was created by the British Motor Corporation during the year 1961 until 1971.

7. The Commuter Cars Tango

Length: 2.5 m or 8.5 ft

Smallest Cars In The World

You might somehow get a glimpse of this car passing in one of the episode of Silicon Valley, a popular series on HBO. It was primarily designed and created by Commuter Cars. The production of this sports car began during 2005, where there is a hundred of it produce each year. George Clooney, a celebrity availed his initial Tango Kit on August 9, 2005. He had endorsed the product which became more popular. A single electric sports car, with seat as narrow as the seat of a motorcycle, this symbolizes modernity and wealth. The first model, which is Tango T600, cost more than US$100,000. The other model, T200, cost almost US$40,000 while T100 cost almost US$20,000. By year 2014, there were less than 20 Tango cars available in the US. It is one of the expensive, smallest cars in the world.

8. Reva G-Wiz

Length: 2.6 m or 8.5 ft

Smallest Cars In The World

Next on the list of 20 smallest cars in the world is Reva G-Wiz, a brand that is known in the UK, which is also called as REVAi. This undersized electric car isn’t perfectly suitable to use in national roads and big highways. The REVA Electric Car Company, an Indian company, started creating this small four-wheeled between the years 2001 to 2012. By the end of 2013, there were about 4,600 G-Wiz vehicles old worldwide. Almost 26 countries used this brand of car. The UK started eliminating this brand on the market at the end of 2011 and manufacturing of this brand of car totally ended on 2012. Mahindra e2o was the model that came up after G-Wiz.

It was suggested that this vehicle is only perfect to use as neighbourhood electric vehicle (NEV). It isn’t good to use this car for long distance travel. This brand of small car was a subject of a car accident that happened in London in 2010. Judit Nadal, a British scientist died in a car accident, while riding on her G-Wiz. Andrew Walker did the investigation about the accident and the victim’s G-wiz was included to his query with his words saying “What concerns me is that this vehicle was destroyed in this collision in a way that I have not seen a vehicle destroyed before.”

It was also later found out that this type of vehicle could cause serious injuries, or can also cause death to the occupants if the car will crash in an accident from a speed of 64 kilometre per hour (40mph). G-Wiz is unlike other brands of car. The style is simple, and if you’re searching for some flashy car with style, then G-Wiz is not for you. The color of the car ranges from silver to light purple. Teal is also one of the colors of G-Wiz.

9. Smart For Two

Length: 2.69 m or 8.8 ft

Smallest Cars In The World

For 20 years now, The Smart For Two has been a well-liked brand of automobile for Western city residents. Smart was originally named as Swatch mobile. Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek visualized a not-so-expensive car, which is medium and convenient to handle. Smart For Two was created, and ever since, it made a name in the market of cars.

Today, the new and improved version of Smart For Two is a 2-seater, with 2 rear door and was re-introduced in the market on the year 1998. It was created and sold by the Daimler AG, the Smart’s company division. By the start of 2015, the manufacturing of For Two cars has reached and exceeded their units up to 1.7 million. It is now on its third generation of production and is sold to almost 46 countries around the globe. In the first and second generation of For Two, the driver’s seat was almost half a foot away from the passenger’s seat, the high H-point style of seating that made For Two distinguishable than any other cars.

10. Vespa 400

Length: 2.85 m or 9.3 ft

Smallest Cars In The World

Audrey Hepburn once travelled the road of Rome, Italy on a Vespa 400 while filming a romantic movie. The Vespa 400 has two accommodating seats at the front, for the driver and the front seat passenger, while the back can provide a space for two children or for the luggage. It was created in Fourchambault, France by the ACMA or the Ateleirs de construction de motorcycle et d’ automobiles. The design of the car was based on the Italian company, Piaggo.

Vespa 400 was divided into two classes, the Lusso and Turismo. The car was produced on the year 1958 and it was in Monaco that the car was first introduced to the public during a press presentation on September 26, 1957. Between those years, there were only 1,700 units of Vespa 400 in the US. Now, you can barely see any Vespa 400 roving around the streets of America. If you spotted one, then the owner must be financially blessed.

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