25 Best Funny Pick Up Lines That Are Guaranteed To Work

Pick up lines are the trend of catching any girl’s attention and impressing at the same time. You can hear it anywhere and everywhere. Pick-up lines can either make or break your desire to get to know the person you just saw or met. It can also help in building or breaking an already established relationship. Or it can even cause a relationship to move further from their present status. Pick-up lines are so in-demand that you can search a lot of it from the web or even personally create your own.

Believe it or not, pick up lines can be a tricky business. In fact, they are quite mainstream. One incorrect word and everything goes wrong. In fact, that embarrassment can haunt you forever. So, it is important that you choose the right line to impress your mate. Of course, selecting that one good pick up line from a whole lot is confusing. To help you, we thought of listing you 25 strong yet funny pick up lines you can use on someone you are trying to woo.

25 Bold Yet Funny Pick Up Lines For Boys And Girls

Best Funny Pick Up Lines

Some can hit it right and target straight on a woman’s heart but some pick-up lines are just too out of this world that instead of impressing a girl, you get a scowl and a shrug. Some pickup lines are way too corny while some are so old-school. Some can be daunting while few are boring. Some may earn a frown while some a killer glares. Indeed, there really are quite few funny pickup lines that can surely catch a woman’s attention and make her smile. We have compiled here the best funny pickup lines that are rarely used but will surely catch your girl’s attention and make her smile once said and delivered properly on the right moment and at the right place.

Being single and ready to mingle can be really tough. That is why online dating has become so prevalent, with how fast and convenient it is. However, the problem comes when you have a serious urge to start a conversation. But how? Common lines and those same old phrases—hi, how are you, what do you do is never going to work. People want something new. The mantra is simple – you get the pie if you approach it right. Traditionally, pickup lines were perceived juvenile and ineffective but the case is different now. According to survey reports, a good and a funny pick up line still works like a magic. There is no doubt about that. It all comes down to 4 things:

  • What kind of line you use to impress your mate?
  • In what situation do you use that line?
  • How do you convey that pick up line?
  • Does that pick-up line make your mate smile?

“First impression is the best impression”. And for this you need an opener but not just any opener. Obviously, you are not looking for an intimate bonding experience or a serious conversation. You need something that is to the point, quick and ideally makes the person laugh. So, if you kick start with the right pick up line to amaze him or her, you are sure to win. Whether you are a girl or a boy, old or young, here are 25 best yet funny pick up lines to choose from.

At No 25: If You Are A Ball, I Definitely Cannot Shoot You Because I’ll Just Miss You Over And Over Again.

This is just so perfect, especially if being said by a basketball athlete. Athletes may spend more time on game practices and have little time on dates, which makes some of their girlfriends monstrously mad. But this line may do the trick as it is uniquely stated and shows that your girl is more important than shooting the ball for points. This line maybe quite simple but this can surely make the heart of any lady flatter.

At No 24: I Think You Are My Password Because I Surely Can’t Forget You.

Nothing can ever touch a girl’s heart more than being remembered by a guy. A line like this may sound effortless and easy but it will definitely leave a mark. It is neither too cheesy nor too corny. It is just enough to charm your woman’s heart even if it is your first meet.

At No 23: Is Geometry Your Favorite Subject? Because You Look Beautiful In Whatever Angle

Being complimented with the word “beautiful” can mean a lot to any girl, much more if you say that she’s beautiful at any angle? Girls love praises and admiration. This makes them feel important and special no matter what the circumstances are currently in. They love being complimented about their looks and having this pick-up line using a branch of mathematics will increase your chances of getting notice by a girl. Just how many men are using branches of mathematics as a pick-up line? I guess, you will be one of the few.

At No 22: “Is Your Dad A Terrorist? Because You Are A Bomb!”

We were laughing like hell after reading this. This could turn out to be a great icebreaker if you use it in a humorous way. Else, you would end up looking like a dork, who is trying to act smooth. So, don’t make it a disaster. And don’t forget that this line is meant for girls.

At No 21: “If Looks Could Kill, You Would Be A Weapon Of Mass Destruction”

This might not be that hilarious but yes, if you trying to impress a girl, it is good to compare her in a very lovely way. We will also clear you that this pick-up line is not about comparing an individual’s attractiveness to a nuclear bomb. No! It is just about the unique, clever spin on the typical axiom “if looks could kill”.

At No 20: “Are You Google? Because You Have Everything I Am Searching For…”

OMG, this is another and one of the best funny pick up lines we have ever come across. Your partner is sure going to roll out laughing after hearing this. No harm in trying it right?

At No 19: You Are The Rain. I Am The Ground. No Matter What You Do, You’ll Fall On Me

Sure, you may sound over confident and self-assured but this line is just too original to pass out. If you say this to the right person and with the right delivery (insert your humor here), you can definitely amaze him/her by your originality. Just make sure that you will not use this on someone, who is a bit unapproachable because he or she may think that you are crazy and too proud of yourself.

At No 18: Guess You Are An Alarm Clock. You Just Woke Up My Sleeping Heart

If you can pull this one line perfectly, then you are definitely a star! This line requires courage and a little bit of humor so that it doesn’t come out corny when being delivered. Saying that a girl or a guy is like an alarm clock can earn you that glare but once you inject that second part of the statement, it will definitely put a smile on his or her scowling face.

At No 17: I’m A Bee… Can You Be My Honey?

Comparing yourself to a bee may sound so ridiculously insane and a bit far-fetch. But then again, you want her to be your “honey”? and honeys are for sweet people. In Greek mythology, the food of gods is strongly identified with honey. This is a great pick-up line for a girl, whom you are already courting and you want a yes as an answer from her.

At No 16: You Look Great On This Dress… But You Will Definitely Look Better With Me

This line is surely an ace. You have complimented his or her looks effortlessly and you earn a smile from him or her for that. When you insert that second part of the sentence in a suave, you will surely make that smile on his/her face wider. The dress is one, and you volunteering yourself for the person is another thing. If the person already looks great on the dress, then what a perfect idea would it be for you to complete his/her perfectly perfect look. Right?

At No 15: How Dare You Enter My Heart Without My Permission? I Can File A Trespassing Case Against You

Oh well, it is definitely a threat. But a sweet one for that matter. You may sound aggressive and cold. However, the thought of you being unaware that you are already falling for him/her will definitely balance the entire statement and may even put it on a positive stand. Telling a person about what he or she did to you in a pick-up line style may make him or her laugh. A woman’s laugh is priceless and is surely a good sign that he/she’s also into you.

At No 14: What’s The Purpose Of Gravity If I Keep On Falling For You?

A very simple line but just like the gravity, it will pull a woman towards you. A woman doesn’t need more words. Sometimes, few words that can catch a woman’s attention is more than enough for a man to win her over.

At No 13: Am I A Bad Shooter? Because I Keep On Missing You.

Just like the ball pick-up line earlier, this line is also simple but will surely make a woman’s heart jump with joy. Even if you put down yourself as a bad shooter, the fact that you complimented her by saying how much you miss is more than enough to make her smile. Seriously, a girl who knows that she is being missed by a guy (especially if she likes him) definitely has her heart in the bull’s eye position and this will guarantee that you are not a bad shooter at all because you won the greatest price ever — her heart.

At No 12: You Must Be Good At Puzzles Because You Just Completed My Day.

Some people are just so good at completing and fixing puzzles together. With a great drink on one hand, approach a girl that you are eyeing from across the room and pop the line. Definitely, the line itself is an ace and you should just deliver it well for you to earn a smile instead of a scowl. This line is so good that you can actually use it anytime without the fear of being too corny or too boring. In itself, this line possesses the beauty of straight-forwardness in a very original and conversational statement that it will never go out of season.

At No 11: Can I Sit Beside You During Exams? Because I Feel Perfect Beside You

Surely, you will earn not just an A+ here but an A++++. You can get the inspiration to get perfect on your exam, and at the same time, sit beside the person you like. If there is any catch on this one pick-up line though, just make sure that you will not cheat. Eyes straight on your paper, please.

At No 10 : I Am Very Important But I Can Never Achieve Success Without U.

This line is one of my favorites. Obviously, this can only be said to a person you have spent a lot of time with. But this shows that behind every man’s success is the support and love of a woman. This will not only make your woman happy but also encourage her to stay with you and support you all the way through out. And honestly, she might not even think of it as a pick-up line but instead a sincere statement coming from your heart, as you appreciate her in many more ways than one.

At No 9: Christmas Is Near For An Exchange Gift. You’ll Be Mine And I’ll Be Yours.

Since we are just counting a few days as the festive season is already looming around the corner, what a nice way will it be to add love and romance in the air? Truly, the most perfect and precious gift that you can give to your partner is none other than your love for each other, right? So let’s sprinkle Christmas with few cheesy lines to keep the spirit of love and fun burning against the cold snow.

At No 8: Where Do You Want To Get Married? Because If You Ask Me, I Only Want To Get Married Beside You

This is one of our favorite among all the funny pickup lines. Well, it just shows that pick-up lines are not just for people who met up but also for people who are taking a more serious path down love lane. Having this line as your way of proposing is original and yet so sweet. As a girl, if we can hear this line being said, it only shows how much the guy really loves his woman. He doesn’t care when and where they will get married as long as he is the one beside the girl. Isn’t it the sweetest ever?

At No 7: “Hi, Do You Have Few Minutes For Me To Hit On You?”

This funny pick up line is a meta commentary in itself, while being effective viable at the same time. Apart from being slightly humorous, we would also define this as a very bold line because it smartly drops all the cuts and pretense to the track without projecting creepiness. The uncomplicated nature of this great pickup line is enough to break an iceberg. It is upfront with its purpose and even playful. In short, it expresses that, “We both know how mad dating can be — so let us have some fun”.

At No 6: “Is Your Name ‘Summer’… Bcoz You Are Incredibly Hot!”

If we had to select one of the best pick up lines for girls, then this should be it. But make sure to say this to a woman, who is really up to the mark, else, it will be like mocking her and no wonder you will end up getting a slap.

At No 5: “Do You Want To Go Out For A Dinner With Me? Smile, If It Is A ‘Yes’ Or Back-flip If It Is A ‘No’.”

Ah, there is nothing that can beat this clever pick up line. It is more of a verbal trap to make your partner win. With this great line, you can actually diverge from the norm and bring in some absurdity to the dating scene. At least, it is far more creative than those horrible pickup lines. Undoubtedly, he or she will be pleased to hear on any night.

At No 4: “Excuse Me, You Dropped Something… What?……. My Jaw”

There are many funny pick up lines out there but this one really made us laugh. If reading for the first time, we had a hearty laugh, surely your partner will too.

At No 3: “Are You A Library Book? Bcoz I Really Can’t Stop Checking You Out”

If your partner happens to be a bookworm, then he or she is never going to stop smiling after hearing this funny pick up line.

At No 2: “Is Your Name WIFI, Bcoz I’m Really Feeling A Connection”

Out of all those strong, best and funny pick lines out there in the internet, we found this line incredibly wooing. Usually, follow-ups are statements so disgusting, so profane and so perverse, that they must only be used if your intention is to be slapped out of your chauvinism. Yeah, it is ridiculous to ask someone if his or her name is “WiFi”. None is named like that. However, pickup lines are created to solely break the ice and make your partner giggle, paving a way for a perfect conversation. Even though it is a silly line, with enough humor and charm behind it, it guarantees to work on anyone.

At No 1: “You Are So Beautiful (Use ‘Handsome’ For A Guy) That You Made Me Forget My Pick Up Line”

There is no denying the fact that this anti-pickup line is a great pickup line in itself. This new variation is the daddy of all best, good yet funny pick up lines on the internet. This is exactly the reason why this has topped our list. Again, if you are going to use a good pickup line on someone, why masquerade your emotions? Don’t hide it – just have some fun by pointing at the illogicality of what you are doing, hoping that he or she has the humor to join the entertainment.

Always remember that girls love compliments, pick-up lines complimenting and showing them admiration on how they look, how they dress and how they are as a person is a big plus, which will surely make you one step higher over the rest of the male species. You should understand that pick-up lines can be bold and straightforward at times, but most often than not, what really attracts women are not those bold ones but rather the lines with such humor that will leave them laughing and wanting for more. After all, all ladies have really soft hearts. It’s not about how a guy really looks but more so on how you can connect with her and make your time together not boring. Hence, pick-up lines are made to make sure that you can start a conversation with a girl you may have just met, or keep the romance and love between you and the girl you are going with for a time now, or even as important as asking your girl to spend the rest of her life with you.

Definitely, if you want to target and score that shoot, we suggest that you practice several of these pick-up lines or better yet, you can create your own personal pick-up lines. Personal lines will ensure your uniqueness as a person and will also definitely make the girl admire your originality and efforts into making her feel special and making her laugh with what you are saying to her.

Indeed, pick-up lines are not just for the young and teens. They can also be used by men and even women of different ages to make their partners feel romantic and passionate. This is not about corny stuffs, but rather about making someone smile and feel special. But whatever pick-up lines you choose to say, the real key for it to be a success is on how you say it and deliver it to the person in front of you. It’s just the right pick-up line for the right person to be said on the right time at the right place and…. viola! You just made the person smile and hopefully got his or her heart too.

Also, tell us in comments what kind of pickup line you have used on your partner.

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