8 Best Places To Prank Call And Have Complete Fun

Prank calls are one of the most common mischiefs being done since time immemorial. However, even with the length of time that it is constantly being on a prankster’s list, prank calls are still as effective and as hilarious as ever. No one can lie that they have never done even a single prank call, or they never experienced to become a victim of those calls. I believe that even once in our lives, we would have pranked someone or was the one who fell into the trap.

Though some people think of prank calls as the easiest prank to do, there are elements that you need to understand to pull it off smoothly. It usually requires a perfect coordination of time, place and situation. After all, no one should know where the call came from, right? To ensure that the call will not be traced, you should use different numbers to prank call, or you may also block the number that you are using to do the call to ensure that it will not appear on the line or the caller ID of the person you are pranking.

An important thing to consider when making calls is the place where you will land your call. Though you may intend to prank call your friend, there is no usual thrill and fun with that as much you can get from calling someone you know will actually get the hell out their minds. Once you know the best places to prank call, I can assure you that the time and effort you exerted in doing the call will not be wasted and put into nothing.

Top 8 Places To Prank Call

Seriously, choosing the best places to prank call will make your call experience worthwhile. Hence, to help you with that, we will give you some tidbits of the places that you might wish to try and dial up the numbers for a few, or rather great, laughs.

Here are the 8 best places to prank call that will certainly drive the receiver of your call into nuts.

1. Dial Up A Movie House

 Best Places To Prank Call

If you love movies as much as I do, then you can spread the love to people manning the movie houses too. Call and ask for the schedule of the movies that have long been showed such as The Raging Bull or Braveheart. You’re not familiar with these, right? These are movies of the 80’s and 90’s. You can choose other movies as well, just do your research.

If the person you are calling tells you that they do not offer the movie as it had long been released, then tell him/her that it’s not possible as you are still in the 1980’s and you just saw today’s paper that the movie will be shown.

Definitely, the other line will tell you what date it is today, but just keep your act and pretend that you are Captain America who just woke up into a new era. You can also do a futuristic act and makeup movie titles that you think will be the trend during the year 2100, and name futuristic celebrities that obviously do not exist… yet.

2. Call Up Krispy Kreme And Order Burger King

 Best Places To Prank Call

One of the 8 best places to prank call is fast food chains. You may call your nearby Krispy Kreme store and order burger from them, or vice versa. Definitely, they can’t sell you such stuff. Then just do your act. Complain… complain… complain.

Tell them that they should be selling food like that because doughnuts can sometimes be boring to eat. Tell them that you are an avid customer and they should deliver the food that you want now, or else you will tell your friends to boycott their products. Or tell them that you are dying, and your dying wish is to eat a burger from Krispy Kreme no matter how impossible it can be.

3. Calling In For Medicines

top Places To Prank Call

You may dial your local pharmacy store number and inquire about a medicine that can make you passed out an ingested lizard poo. Tell the other line that you accidentally ate it since it fell on your sandwich just before you are about to take a bite. And you are dead worried because you are currently having hyper ventilations and cannot breathe normally. If all goes well on your prank call, you may even proceed with leaving goodbye messages and last will for your loved ones to the receiver at the other end of the line.

4. Reserve A Booking In A Hotel

Best Places To Prank Call

Call up a hotel and ask for their room rates and services. Pretend that you will be having your honeymoon soon, and ask if they can offer the best kind of service to you and your future spouse. You can get dirty when talking considering that you are talking about your honeymoon.

Ask them if you can order a vibrator or condoms in room service, or perhaps if they offer a room just like Christian Gray’s Red Room just in case you get too kinky and try it on a different level. Seriously, let your imagination run wild when you do this prank call and you will surely earn one hell of a laugh after the call is over.

5. Amazon Customer Service

 Best Places To Prank Call

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Messing up any customer service is one sure way to get your stomach hurt by laughing. But what makes customer service of Amazon special? Simply because they are friendly… too friendly up to the point that they would either be patient with a prank call or playfully tag along with your power tripping? Either way, their responses will surely be a remarkable one.

6. Get Hold Of A School’s Registrar’s Office

 Best Places To Prank Call

Call up an elementary school office and pretend that you are a 70 year old person, but you still want to go to school. Of course, they will interview you and some would even think that you have no formal education. But you should play that you are already a graduate of 4 courses from 4 different Ivy Leagues in your lifetime, and have graduated from these courses with the highest honors.

Tell them that you are a well-accomplished person but you just missed going to school, hence, you want to enroll again. You choose elementary level because your body cannot carry the stress of college workloads anymore.

7. A Wedding Planner Store. Dial Up A Wedding Planner Store

Best Places To Prank Call

This is probably one of the best places to prank call. Tell them that you want to hire them to coordinate and organize your renewal of vows for your wedding anniversary. You want it simple and elegant. Also tell them that it is the very most important day of your life and really want it to be worth remembering even life after death.

Act as if you are really obsessed with your partner and that you cannot live life without him/her. This should already be enough to give goose bumps to the person at the other end of the line. Say that you really wanted to do the wedding at your ancestral house because all of your family’s marriages that are conducted there showed eternal love.

Then ask the person for an email address because you want to send them a picture of you and your spouse, once you get their email address, send a picture of two graves. Before you cut the line, say that love is eternal and everlasting and you are still expecting that they can give you and your partner a good wedding despite the situation.

8. Your Own Home!

Best Places To Prank Call

Yes, your own home is one of the best places to prank call considering that you know the people living in the area and their likes and dislikes which makes the prank call more personal. You should know what pisses off the person who will answer your call and play on that part. Or if you want a prank that can be for everyone, you call your own house and tell whoever answers that your family just won a million dollar from an electronic raffle conducted by the government on all of the listed residents in your state and that you won the grand prize.

See the reaction of your family as the news circulates around your house! I tell you, you should have spy cameras ready. Or you can also capture the moment personally, while you let an accomplice call them so that you can act as if you are excited too.

These are the 8 great places to prank call. Though any place can be a good location for your prank, there are some numbers to prank call which I strongly recommend you don’t try because it’ll create more chaos than fun.

Avoid calling the White House, the Pentagon, 911, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations, among many others because these establishments can either locate the whereabouts of your call or assume that what you have said are true. Though prank calls are great, there should still be some limit to the actions that we are doing so that we cannot be a nuisance to the things that really matter.

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