8+ Best Yet Funny Prank Call Ideas To Freak Out Someone

Pranks are made to illicit laughter and fun. However, while carrying out some pranks, you should ensure that you have these 3 things:

  • The right person as the victim (no health conditions such as heart problems, and not someone who is hot-tempered)
  • The right time (timing is very important because it makes it more real and believable) and
  • The right prank tactic (the prank that you will do should be in connection to the person you are pranking with so that it will be more realistic and a note-worthy experience)

8+ Funny Prank Call Ideas

funny prank call ideas

There are many pranks that you can do. However, one usual prank that is easy to pull off is a prank call. To ace it right, you need the best prank call ideas. Here are top 8+ funny prank call ideas that will surely crack you and your victim.

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1. Pregnancy Call

This is perhaps one of the best pranks that can freak any man when he hears it for the first time. If you have a boyfriend, then this is the best one to try it out. However, if you want to prank your male friends, you can just get any other girls and have them call your victim.

When he picks up his phone, say, “I am pregnant! And you are the father!” This will definitely freak your victim out, and the best part is if you will have an accomplice who is currently with him as you make the phone call to record his reaction in a video. Surely, he will become pale and as white as a ghost can be.

2. Game Show Phone Call

This is one of the best and funny prank call ideas ever. Are you familiar with “Who wants to be a millionaire?” game show? If yes, then you would have known that there is a help hotline wherein you need to call a friend to help you with answering the million dollar question.

You can use other game shows and if your friend why he never heard of a game show, you can just say that it’s a new show or say that you have time limit. He will just shut up and think of the answer then.

3. A TV Or Movie Project

Have someone call your friend and say that he was scouted to be a part of a TV or movie show. If he says that he did not audition for anything, simply say that he has those potentials to become the next star. You can add some workshop schedules to make it ‘more real’, and this will also build his interest.

If your friend is that type of a fame-whore person, then definitely he will go and grab the opportunity of being a part of this supposed to be TV or movie project, and you will definitely be his number 1 fan! Oh boy.

4. Telemarketing Prank Call

Basically one of the funniest ways to prank call someone is none other than using the telemarketing idea. You call your victim and introduce a thing that you are selling. But this thing should not be ordinary items. It is best if you think of something unusual that will spike up their interests. When you call, you can say, “Will you be interested to buy a person-slapping textbook? The automation power of the book will ask you questions and slap your stupid face for not being able to answer even simple questions”.

5. You Are Fired Phone Call

You call your friend and pretend that you are a representative of the company that he is working from. Then, in your most sympathetic voice, tell him that the company wants to cut their ties with him because he was seen publicly pulling some crazy stunts such as dancing on the streets with his pants down. Of course, these are all a bluff, but this will surely freak your friend out.

6. Restaurant Mixed-Up

Call McDonalds or any other American fast food chains and order some Chinese or Japanese food. If they said that they do not have those foods in their menu. You can throw a fit and scold them for not including those things on their list.

You can also add that they should be able to cater to your needs because you are their customer and you have been patronizing them for several decades now. If they will not be able to deliver your order now, then they will lose you as their customer and you will also tell your friends and other people not to buy from them anymore because service is no good at all.

7. Stolen Identity

Contact your victim and let him know that you are calling from the police station. Tell him that you are currently investigating an identity theft case, and that he is involved because it was his identity that the theft is using. You may verify his identity by asking some easy questions at first such as his name and address, and say that it corresponds to the information being used by the thief. Afterwards, you can ask some strange questions such as if he eats with his feet, or if he only bathes once a month.

8. A Call From The Idol

Know the biggest idol of your friend, and surprise him with a call from the ‘idol’. Ensure that you practice mimicry, since you will mimic the idol’s voice. You can start by saying that you are from a TV or radio station, and that it has reached your knowledge that he is a great fan of that certain celebrity (be it a sportsman or an actor). And he was chosen to speak with that idol of his for a few minutes.

Definitely your friend will be ecstatic and you can even ask secrets that you want to know about him. He will definitely not lie to his idol, right?

Apart from the above 8, you can try the ones given below:

9. Strike Back On Telemarketers

Some telemarketer agents take most of your time even if you keep on saying that you do not want whatever they are selling. Now is the time for your revenge! When a telemarketer agent calls you to sell some products or offer some services, you can make them wait as well by putting them on hold.

However, before you put them on hold, you need to assure them that you are interested with what they are offering so that they will stay on the line. You may say, “I am interested on this product, please stay on the line”.

10. Night Visit

One of the best way to piss your friends off is to call them in the middle of the night (make sure that they are fast asleep), and tell them that you are outside of their house. If your friend will not get out of his bed to open for you, unfortunately, that is an indication that he does not care about you at all.

But then again, you can add some stories and tell your friend that you were thrown out of your house and you just need a place to stay for the night because you are dead cold. If your friend has a good heart, he will definitely come and check you outside, only to find out that you have already hung up the phone.

11. Weird Personal Call

People always freak out when they hear a weird voice from the other end of the line. And what is more freaking is the fact that the weird voice knows something personal about them! Call your victim and say, “I hope that you still enjoy going inside the bath tub with your slippers on,” or “You never get bored dipping your French fries in ice cream”.

12. Meet-Me-Up Prank Call

Meet ups are always fun and exciting. Hence, everyone is looking forward to it. However, what will happen if the meet up is just a prank? Call your victim and pretend to be the person that he has a crush on. Tell him that you like him and you want to get to know him more. Invite him and tell him that no one’s at home. Then you give him a different address, so that when he knocks, he will definitely be at the wrong place and no one in the house know who the hell is his crush.

13. Where Do Babies Come From?

This one will make some good laugh, but can piss some victims too. You may call any numbers, even those you do not know, and when they pick up their phones, blurt out the question. Obviously, they will know that it is a prank call. But some people are just so happy to ride along and go with the flow of your prank that they will answer you with the craziest answers that you can even think of.

14. Breaking The Law

This is one of the funny prank call ideas to try on people who are very serious about laws and do the best that they can to ensure that they are following all of the rules and regulations there are.

You can call your friend and act as if you are a cop and that your friend has been caught on CCTV littering or jaywalking. Definitely, your friend will deny this since he is a law-abiding citizen. But tell him that you can press charges for lying because you have the evidence to show that it was really him on the camera.

15. Fake Birthday Prank Call

One of the best feelings that you can have is when people remember you on your birthday and greet you. But what if people keep on calling and greeting you a very happy birthday even when it’s not? I’m sure that you won’t know whether you will feel pissed or amused.

To pull this prank off, give your friend’s number to the opposite sex and tell them that the owner of that number is currently single and it’s the person’s birthday. Also advise those people to greet your friend a happy birthday. He/she will receive numerous phone calls from other people greeting him/her a weird happy birthday.

16. Medical Alert Phone Call

You call your friend and tell him in your most professional voice that his medical laboratory results are already out, and it is important that you see him at the soonest possible time because he needs to know what his condition really is.

17. Evacuation Disaster Alert Prank Call

Pretend that you are from the disaster management department and a certain earthquake or tsunami will hit the place of your friend. Hence, you are advising them to evacuate the area, bring their important belongings and seek shelter in homes of other people that are safe from the impending disaster, or you may also direct them to an ‘evacuation center’ where they will be housed temporarily.

18. Health Survey Prank Call

Pretend that you are a medical representative and that you are currently doing a national survey for everyone with regards to drug usage. Some people will definitely deny drug usage but you can ask crazy questions such as, “Have you tried using/Will you try using drugs in a complicated yoga position?”

19. Dating Match Call

You can call your friend and tell him that he has been matched up with another single on his area. If he say that he didn’t sign up for anything, you can just keep your call and say that there is no need to sign up because they already know and have conducted a survey of all singles and unhappy people in the area. For him to meet the person that the dating match prepared, he needs to answer some silly questions such as, “Will you ever wear a Spongebob boxer?”

20. Illegitimate Child Prank Calls

Last but not the least on the list of funny prank call ideas is this one. This is a great way to scare off even some of your toughest friends. For example, you can call your married friend and pretend that you are a girl that he had a one-night stand with without any protection. Tell him that you have already sent a picture of your child to him but give the address of his mother-in-law. This will not only create a freaking havoc on your friend, but will surely illicit a good laugh from you once you see (or hear) of his reaction.

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