8 Cute Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

Dogs are always one of the best choices for pets. Choosing the right dog for your home and family is certainly a daunting task. Pick how you need your dog to be: a companion, a playmate, a guard dog, or simply just a house pet? If you want a working dog, who can help you in doing certain chores, then Siberian huskies can never go wrong. Talking about these wolf-like breeds, I wanted to talk about their eyes here.

Usually, dogs have brown eyes but huskies are the only dog breeds to have such an incredible eye color – that is “blue”. Their eye color is controlled by a very rare gene, which only few dogs are claimed to have. Considering this, I will show you 8 cute husky puppies with incredible blue eyes.

Top 8 Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

Siberian Huskies are pets with the most tantalizing eyes you can ever see. Their eyes can be:

  • Green
  • Haze
  • Brown
  • Blue

There are also some “bi-eyed” huskies where they have one blue eyes and the other one can either be brown or hazel. “Parti-eyed” huskies also exist once their irises are mixed with another color.

Husky puppies with blue eyes are definitely one of the coolest things that you can see when you are looking out for dogs. Once you see a dog with blue eyes, you will definitely think that it is cute. Hence, we are giving you this list for you to see how adorable these pups are.

At No: 1

Cute Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

The eyes of this husky may be a pale blue shade than other huskies, but it is as beautiful as the others on this list. The look that it evokes is simply too adorable to pass.

At No: 2

Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

This cute little pup may be angry or what, but his look certainly conveys the message – “hey, I don’t like the way you look”. Perhaps he just doesn’t want the camera to be focused on him?

At No: 3

Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

Our little dog here has the strongest and darkest shade of blue that looks very perfect for him, as it contrasts nicely on its black & white coat. Though he may look fierce and tough in this picture, it doesn’t make him less adorable.

At No: 4

Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

This is perhaps one of the best shots of a blue-eyed husky on this list.

At No: 5

siberian huskies with blue eyes

The blue eyes look great in contrast with this pup’s clean and snowy white coat. This only shows that blue eyes look great on huskies despite the changes and alterations in coat color.

At No: 6

siberian huskies with blue eyes

This pup looks like he doesn’t want to be pictured in here and I strongly attribute that fact to the coloring of his hair coat. But nonetheless, this pup still looks cute with his blue eyes especially as he was also pictured on a blue background.

At No: 7

siberian huskies with blue eyes

Among these top 8 husky puppies with blue eyes, my favorite is this particular photo since the eyes are focused and that it makes the puppy very adorable and lovable.

At No: 8

Husky Puppies With Blue Eyes

This puppy’s eyes also have a strong and dark eye color as seen on our previous picture. Somehow its blueness can be a bit overboard, yet it doesn’t change the fact that this puppy here still looks extremely charming.

Siberian Husky History

Also called as Chukcha, Arctic Husky, or Keshia, it started out as a sled dog by the Chukchi tribe in Eastern Siberia some thousand years ago. However, during the Alaskan Gold Rush in the early years of the 20th century, the breed was transported to Alaska where it gained attention when it won the 400 miles “All Alaska Sweepstakes” race against native breeds in the place in 1910 during the second year it joined the competition.

It also gained recognition when Leonhard Seppala, a gold miner, used the services of a Siberian Huskies team to have an emergency delivery of diphtheria serum to Nome which led to thousands of lives saved. The journey of the Siberian Huskies is now known as the “Great Race of Mercy”.

During 1930, Russia allowed the last group of the breed to be imported from Siberia and it was also acknowledged by the American Kennel Club that very same year.

Character and Temperament

Some people tend to be scared of a Siberian husky considering that they can sometimes look very intimidating and fierce. However, contrary to the usual first impression, huskies are not that scary at all. In fact, they want to become everybody’s friend which makes them very unlikely to be a good watch dog. A Siberian husky is also clever and adventurous, yet stubborn at times.

They love to go around the place and have high level of energy and are very active. When playing, they tend to make yowls, ululations, and whoops. They also show frequent and elaborate attempts to escape by tunnelling under walls or jumping over.

When it comes to temperament though, rest assured that you can trust a husky with children since they deal well with little totes. They also interact well with other huskies and it is even advisable that you own more than one husky so that they will have company when you are out as they do not want to be left alone. However, when it comes to cats and other small animals, you must take precautions and train your Siberian Husky to deal and treat other animals well.


A Siberian husky has a height that range from 20-23.5 inches, and it weighs around 35-60 lbs. It has a round head with almond-shaped eyes. Its triangular ears stand erect and are definitely furry. Some of them have what we call “winter nose”, which makes their noses pink on winter.

It is considered as one of the dog breeds that has a wolfish appearance. It also has an arched neck, furry and oval feet, and sickle-curve tail. Siberian huskies shed twice a year, and they have a dense and smooth undercoat. They have a coarse outer coat of straight and short hairs.

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