8 Fun And Crazy Things To Do With Friends

Friends are one of the most treasured ones we will always have in our lives. They are there in times of need and success. They offer their help even if we don’t ask them, and just like the air we breathe, they are simply there even if we don’t ask them to be.

Friends are as important as our families can be. If there are things that we cannot share to our families, who do we go to? We go to our friends, right? We develop a bond, share laughter and tears with them. But then again, it is not only the laughter and tears that we share with each other. We also share some strange stuff and peculiar liking to some weird hobbies.

In making friendship life twice as fun, most friends develop plans and things that they can do to spice up their lives and friendship. Some of these crazy things to do with friends are pranks, which can piss some people off, but what is best about pulling up some crazy things is actually the bonding time you have and the laughter you share afterwards. If you are wondering how to carry it out, then here are 8 ideas to make a note of.

8 Fun Things To Do With Friends

If you are one of those people who want to do something fun and crazy at the same time, then here we will tackle the top 8 crazy things to do with friends. So, let’s get started.

1. Go to a mall dressed in the 1950’s

Crazy Things To Do With Friends

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You and your friends should be confident enough to pull this off. Go and dress yourselves with your grandparents’ old wardrobe and go shopping. People will definitely look and think you guys are crazy, but who cares? Fashion is passion, and it all depends on how you carry yourselves.

You may be dressed in rags but can still look beautiful. Who knows? You and your friends may bring back the 50’s fashion in the world again, and you will be trending icons in all of the social media sites.

2. Swap identities for a day

Crazy Things To Do With Friends

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Believe it or not, this is one of the fun things to do with your friends. I am sure that you and your friends (at least, the closest friends you have) already know each other inside out. So why don’t you try to exchange identities for a day? Mike will be John, John will be Harvis, Harvis will be Anna (if a guy is willing!), Anna will be Michelle, and Michelle will be Mike.

Dress in each other’s clothes, take each other’s personalities, and spend the usual day. Some people will definitely freak out of the changes in yourselves and in your group. But who needs their opinions and comments anyway? All you have to worry about is how to have a good time with your friends by having some funny things to do.

3. Gate crash a birthday party or any event that you are not invited to, make some ruckus and leave

Crazy Things To Do With Friends

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One of the top 8 crazy things to do with friends is to go to a party where no one among you is invited. Of course, it’ll make you less embarrass to gate crash if you are with your cool buddies but once you are at the party, you just have to simply blend in with the crowd.

No one will notice that you are gatecrashers; even the host will only think that you were brought in by some of his/her guests in the party. You have to enjoy the party as if you are really invited. If you want to make the gatecrashing stunt crazier, then you can make a commotion in the middle of the party and before anyone could make a move, get yourself out before somebody calls the security to bring you out.

4. Make your own hit video

crazy things to do with friends

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There are a lot of videos now that are going viral and becomes certified hit all throughout the internet world. And these awesome videos do not necessarily star well-known and big-time celebrities or public figures.

These videos were made by simple netizens just like you and your friends, but that did not stop them from being known worldwide. If you are really bored, you can always get your video cameras and shoot a music video or a short film.

Show everyone your talent in singing, dancing or acting. Who knows, you and your friends might get discovered and hit a talent agency through that video. This will also serve as a good bonding moment for you and your friends since you can share your creative ideas and make everything crazy crazier. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Impersonate celebrities that you both idolize

fun things to do with friends


Yet another fun thing to with a friend or friends is to impersonate people that you idolize: it can be celebrities, rock stars, politicians, heroes, your mom, your dad, or whoever you look up to. Impersonation is a good way to pass time considering that you can actually get several good laughs about it.

You and your friends can mimic their voices for an added effect, you always have to deal with the dress-up part, which is most often one of the best portion of impersonating a person. Moreover, if you really look a lot like the one you are impersonating, and get the exact voice as he/she has, then you can fool a lot of people too.

For example, if you can pass as a replica of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, go to the mall. Let one of your friends shout, “Oh my gosh! The Jolie-Pitt couple is here!”. Let’s see if you’ll get mobbed or not. Eventually, once the crowd found out that you are just impersonators, it will thin and you can go.

6. Make a love letter and send it to your Science Professor with a forged sign of your Mathematics Professor

Crazy Things To Do With Friends

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Love letters are old school, but nevertheless, they are still one of the best way to communicate what you feel towards a specific person. And since most professors are usually traditional types, you can prank them.

Just make sure that the teachers that you are match-making are both single so that you cannot ruin any relationship or marriage for that matter. If all goes well, you and your friends can be witness to how a love blossomed from a prank. Just be careful though, you do not want to get an F on your Science or Math class. If it is not done the right way, it should fail everything and they’ll know that it was you and your friends who set them up.

7. Set-up a fake blind date

fun things to do with friends

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Make a story line with regards to a blind-date gone awkward. Then reserve a place in a restaurant. Tell one of your guy friends to act as the guy, and one of your girl friends to act as the girl.

You should carefully instruct them what your storyline is all about and that they need to act well in order to fool the people inside the restaurant – waiters, customers, everyone inside. You can play with how your story goes and even come up with another twist along the way like a third-party who will ran amok upon seeing the date of the two or perhaps “their” biological mother saying that they are brother and sister.

Actually, there are many things that you can do, and see the faces on the people inside the restaurant. But of course, the acting abilities of you and your friends is really important to pull this one perfectly.

8. Make fun of each other in social media

crazy things to do with friends

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Friends as you are, there really are times wherein you trash talk and make fun of each other in social media. People who do not get your friendship may think that you are arguing with each other, but you and your friends know better than that.

It is simply one of your ways to tell each other that you are comfortable saying anything under the sun with them, and that you definitely love them as your friends. Social media helps friends get together and communicate with each other, especially for those who are having a long distance friendship. Hence, making fun of each other through social media is just one of your ways to keep updated with the happenings in each other’s lives.

Hope you enjoyed reading these 8 crazy things to do with friends. These ideas can make your bonding stronger and make you laugh even after it had long past. Friendship is one of the best ways to see the brighter side of the world, hence, having the best moments with the people you consider as your true friends is a must.

For now, enjoy the friendship and enjoy the world by doing some crazy and funny things. Aside from the 8 listed here, if there are some interesting stuffs you and your friend did together, please share it in the comments box. Let the world know about it.

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