8 Incredible Cats That Look Like Hitler

Cats are one of the most adorable pets. If you own one, you would know how valuable your kitty is to you. It licks you, bites you gently and comes in circles around you. Just like dogs, cats are equally preferred. This may be because of their playful attitude, fluffiness, attractive eyes and delightful look.

But, no matter how cute or endearing cats are, there are moments when they look quite differently from what they are supposed to be. Did you know that cats are well-familiarized with the Austrian-born German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler (introduction about him is given at the bottom)? You may wonder as to how an adorable cat can ever look like one of the most feared person in the history? Well, most of us wonder about that too. But to prove this to you, we have compiled a list of 8 cats that look like Hitler.

Why Do Some Cats Look Like Adolf Hitler?

Now, how come that one of the well-loved pets in our homes look like one of the most-feared persona in the history of mankind? Well, there have been no answers to that, and many debated the question again and again.

However, a new study, published on the Times of Israel, proposes that the cat’s coat is determined by a faulty gene while there are still on their mother’s womb. The pattern is called “piebald”, the distribution of two colors all through the cat’s coat, will occur once pigment cells cannot follow genetic instructions during the early stage of the cat’s development.

Though piebald cats can also have other colors such as the combination of red and white, those who have piebald in black and white – where the black is located between the mouth – are considered as the ones who look like the German Nazi leader.

Note: The cats that look like Hitler have been named “Kitlers”. Their piebald closely resembles the Führer’s mustache.

Top 8 Cats That Look Like Hitler

Here are the 8 cats that look more like Hitler and once you see this list, you will wonder how animals can closely resemble human beings.

Cat No. 1

Cats That Look Like Hitler

With the piebald and creepy cold eyes staring at you, there are no more questions as to why this particular cat resembles Nazi leader. I think that this feline’s look is enough to bring goose bumps in your spine. I wonder how it would feel if the real Adolf Hitler looks at you just like that?

Cat No. 2

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Aww. This one feline certainly does not look really bad despite the fact that he has Adolf Hitler’s piebald. He still looks so adorable and fluffy to my eyes that I want to cuddle and hug him really tight. Moreover, is the cat asking for a high five or simply just waving as if to say that, “Hey, I’m one good fella here!”

Cat No. 3

Cats That Look Like Hitler

Those big yellow eyes, small piebald does not really give me the creeps and the heart to hate the cat’s look. Despite half of his face in black, it is still well-balanced with the cleanliness brought about by his white fur. In addition, this cat really does not look as tough as other Kitlers are.

Cat No. 4

Cats That Look Like Hitler

I really do not know if I should fear this one cat or not. Is he challenging a karate duel or simply having a cat gymnastic lesson? But whatever is the case, this one cat is really cute and I salute him for making me laugh upon seeing the position that he assumes. Way to go, Kitty Kitler!

Cat No. 5

cats that are similar to adolf hitler

The stature of this cat alone made me think of Hitler, and the way the German leader composed himself. The piebald though was certainly one of the distinct features that this Kitler possesses but it also makes him look like Adolf Hitler.

Cat No. 6

cats that are similar to hitler

Time and again, those piercing yellow eyes and the small piebald shows that this feline is a certified Kitler.

Cat No. 7

cats that resemble hitler

Oh come on! I know that no matter how charismatic Hitler had been, he could not compare to this big and fluffy Kitler. With a big, huggable body and a small not-in-proportion head, this Kitler is certified one of the best Kitlers there is.

Cat No. 8

cats that resemble hitler

This particular cat was nicknamed as Kitler due to her resemblance of the Nazi leader. In 2011, she was found alone and close to death at the roadside when she was still six-week old. However, those who found her could not find the right people to adopt her due to the unusual markings on her face which is obviously the piebald. But then again, the shelter where she was in said that this feline is really playful and the typical sweet kitten that everybody loves.

Even if these cats typically look like the German leader that had long been feared (because of his ruthless, merciless leadership and dictatorship that took millions of innocent lives), these cats should not really be feared nor ostracized by their unusual markings and resemblance to Hitler. No matter how they look or no matter how they grow, these cats are still cats and should be treated well with love and care.

In the meantime, due to the popularity of cats that look like Hitler all over the social media world, many are posting pictures of their own pets that look like Hitler. With a few more time and more pictures that will circulate worldwide, these Kitlers will really become one of the stars in the animal kingdom.

The 8 Kitlers featured on this article are simply eight of the very many Kitlers world-wide that will make you fall in love with them and hope that you have your own Kitler too.

Who Is Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler

So okay, even if how famous Adolf Hitler is, there really are people who do not know who he is. The portion of this article is for their benefit as we go through a short review of Hitler’s information and life. For those of you who are already equipped with the knowledge regarding this German leader, you may skip this part.

Adolf Hitler was popularly known as the Führer or leader of the Nazi Germany during 1934 to 1945. Hitler was a very effective dictator and perhaps one of the persons who are both well-loved (by his friends and allies) and well-hated (by his enemies, the Jews and the Soviet Union).

Hitler was a veteran of World War I. He joined the German Workers’ Party in 1919, and became the leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) after two years, in 1921. Hitler attempted a coup, but failed, in Munich in 1923. He was imprisoned for staging the coup and during his time in prison, he wrote his personal autobiography entitled “My Struggle”.

When he was out in 1924, he became famous and garnered support through his quest against the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler also promoted anti-Semitism, anti-communism and Pan-Germanism using his Nazi Propaganda.

Since he was charismatic in nature, Hitler garnered popularity and was able to spread his ideology all throughout. He was also often heard denouncing international capitalism and communism, both he said were part of a Jewish conspiracy.

The NSDAP became the largest party in Germany’s Weimar Republic, and resulted to Hitler’s appointment as chancellor in 1933. As elections brought positive tide on Hitler’s coalition forces, the Enabling Act was passed which started the transformation of the Weimar Republic to the Nazi Germany. The Nazis provided dictatorship all throughout, and aimed to eliminate all of the Jews residing in the country.

Hitler, who was a veteran of WW 1, wanted to establish a New Order to change the injustices he saw after the war. Hitler’s first six years in governance resulted to a rapid economic growth and recovery from the Great Depression period.

But then again, no matter how great the changes were, it was believed that it was because of Hitler that WW II started. Due to his foreign aggressive policies, it broke the war in Europe. He invaded Poland in September of 1939, which led Britain and France to rage war against them. He was also the one who ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941.

At the end of the year, most of Europe and North Africa was already dominated by the German forces. However, Germany was forced out to defensive and some defeats since they really could not defeat the Soviets plus the fact that United States joined the war.

During the Battle of Berlin in 1945 wherein it was the last few days of the war, Adolf Hitler and his lover & wife Eva Braun, committed suicide to avoid being captured by the Red Army. One of the deadliest facts about the Nazi’s regime was that they are held responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews plus other victims.

Hitler, along with his allies, has this racially motivated ideology labeling other races as “sub-humans” or socially undesirable. 19.3 millions Lives of civilians and prisoners were also lost, while 29 million soldiers and civilians died in the European Theater of WW II. With all of these lives lost, isn’t Hitler a feared person?

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