8 Unbelievable Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are there to guide and protect their owners all the time. Once you bring them to your home, they become your everyday companion. There are different types and breeds of dogs. Some are cute and small, which makes them very adorable, lovable not only for their owners, but also for strangers. However, there are also dogs that are big, fierce and a bit scary. In fact, few happen to look like wolves, and this often gives us chills when we meet them. So, today we will list 8 of such dogs that look like wolves.

8 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

If you really want to have a pet that is as regal-looking as a wolf, you can consider owning these 8 dogs. However, you will have to control and train them more. These 8 dogs that look more like wolves are usually guard dogs and fiercer than other breeds. Wolf-like dogs are best choices if you want to have a pet that looks dangerous but does not have the danger of temperament and attitude. When you choose a pet, take “friendliness” into consideration because with children inside the house, having a wolf is not the best idea as it can be risky at times.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Weight: 75-100 pounds

Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Just like wolves, Alaskan malamutes are well-known for stamina and strength. They have sturdy and powerful body, which makes them look fierce yet regal. They are also one of the oldest dog breeds in history. It is often believed that Alaskan Malamutes are not just wolf look-alike, but rather part wolves themselves. It is classified as a working dog, and can weigh between 75-100 pounds.

2. Alaskan Malamute + Siberian Husky (Alasky)

Weight: 44-66 pounds

Dogs That Look Like Wolves

This is a cross-breed of an Alaskan malamute and a Siberian husky, hence the name of Alasky. Generally, Alaskan huskies are calmer than their original counterparts. However, an Alasky may not be recommended as a guard dog since it seldom barks. Instead of attacking a stranger, an Alasky will just sniff. An alasky weighs between 44-66 pounds, while it can reach a height of 23-26 inches. They may also require regular exercises. Also, an Alasky is best known for its speed, considering that it is tagged as the best racing sled dog in the world.

3. Akita

Weight: 70-100 pounds

Top 8 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Akita, big, independent and powerful dog breed originates from the mountainous region of northern Japan. It is a considered a good dog when it comes to family members. However, he can be aloof and feel something negative with strangers. They are also territorial when it comes to their properties and area. If you are a new pet owner and you want to have an Akita, you’d better think again as you might not be able to control him considering that it is a large and powerful dog. Akita was also labeled as one of the dangerous dogs by some breed-specific legislation of some countries.

4. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Weight: 66-88 pounds

dogs that are similar to wolves

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is one of the oldest and rarest purebred indigenous dogs in North America. More often said to be a “working dog”, it is sad to know that this dog is on the verge of extinction right now. During the 2008 statistics, it was reported that there were only 300 purebred Canadian Eskimo Dogs and now it has become even less. Just like wolves, they have an imposing appearance. Their powerful bodies are designed to carry heavy workloads. Canadian Eskimo Dogs are usually very loyal to their owners. Despite their overbearing appearance, they are gentle and affectionate.

5. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Vlcaks)

Weight: 44-54 pounds

Best Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is one among those dogs that look like wolves. Compared to other breeds, Czechoslovakian Vlcaks is considered a new breed since it hailed from its ancestors which were products of a Czech experiment in 1955. It is a cross-breed from German shepherd and Carpathian wolves, hence, the wolf-like look feature. It took its stamina from its Carpathian blood, however, it can easily be trained and have the same temperament as German Shepherds. The Vlcaks were used for special operations of the Czechoslovak Special Forces commandos.

6. Finnish Lapphund

Weight: 33-53 pounds

Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Also known as Lapinkoira, the Finnish Lapphund was ranked as the 167th most popular dog breed. They are usually agile, alert and friendly, but are reserved with strangers. The Finnish Lapphund is submissive to their owners but when action is in need, they are also courageous. It is an active dog and becomes extra healthy when you provide proper grooming and nutrition to them. They look like the northern types of dogs who are thickly coated.

7. German Shepherd

Weight: 33-53 pounds

Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Due to its intelligence and its ability to be a great working dog, German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. However, they are also among those dogs that look like wolves. German Shepherds have served the human race since ages. In fact, even today they are used in military, for leading the blind, sniffed illegal drugs, herds stocks, and even used to play some roles in movies. One of the notable jobs that German Shepherds had was when they were used as search and rescue dogs during the 9/11 terrorist attacks of the World Trade Center.

8. Karelian Bear Dog

Weight: 50-65 pounds

Dogs That Look Like Wolves

Karelian Bear is one of the cutest wolf like dogs whose ears are pointed slightly outward. They also have a dense fur that keeps them warm and minimizes instances of frostbite. They are best used for hunting and are also great watchdogs. Karelian Bear Dogs are most famous and well-loved by big-game hunters because of its quick reflexes and fearless nature.

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