8 Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Girls are considered more vocal than boys. They say what’s on their mind with less reservation compared to their male counterparts. Being vocal in terms of feelings and being tactless are two distinct characteristics of a girl considering that they are fearless when verbalizing whatever is on their minds.

Girls who are curious are prone to asking more questions than to those who are not, and I tell you this, be careful if you are with this kind of girl because she really will knock the air out of you with questions that are as strange as how their complex mind works.

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So for girls who want to challenge their boyfriends on a “try-to-defeat-me-intellectual-challenge”, then I suggest these weird questions to ask your boyfriend. Truth be told, these questions can be nonsensical, however, it is fun and can spice up things during a boring day.

8 Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

These questions will help you see if he is smart enough to get the humor behind your questions, or a way to test patience if he can indeed last with a “crazy” girlfriend like you. Always keep in mind that asking silly questions does not mean that you are stupid, instead, you just want to have fun and make your mind think and think and think about possible answers to some random, sometimes unanswerable, questions.

So what are we waiting for? Here are the top 8 weird questions to ask your boyfriend:

1. Which Came First: The Egg Or The Chicken?

Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Credit: CoolRiddles (YouTube Channel)

I, myself, do not know the answer to this question and this usually ends up on a debate. However, nonsense as it may seem, you will be able to test your boyfriend’s comprehension and analysis. There is no correct or wrong answer here since it will all just depend on how the person backs up and rationalize his answer with facts.

But if facts are not available, then it all boils down to your boyfriend’s confidence to stand his ground with regards to his answer to your rather impossible question. Either way, there is no problem with asking your boyfriend this one as it can even lengthen the time of your discussion to lessen a boring period of the day.

2. If You Are In I Te You Are E. Did You Get What I Just Said?

question to ask a boy

Credit: funnyjunk

Now, did you understand anything I just typed in? If you do, then, I strongly commend how smart and intellectual you are. For those who don’t, that’s okay. Better luck next time, folks. For the answer, what I just typed is the word “furniture”.

When you say it verbally it will go like this: If (F), you (U), are (R), in (N), i (I), te (T), you (U), are (R), e (E), and you just got your word! Basically, this is one of the very few questions to ask your boyfriend that will really make him raise his eyebrow at you. But, hey, this is just a simple spelling question that even a second grader could answer! Right?

3. What Do You Think Will Happen If Your Mouth Is In Your Feet And Your Hands Is Above Your Hand?

questions to ask your boyfriend

Credit: rankinghero

When you simply think of the visual image alone, it will make you cringe. Who on earth would want to eat with something that is already touching the ground making it dirty? Or who would appreciate a beauty with a pair of horns, each having 5 mini-horns (fingers), on top of their head? Certainly, not me. But how about you?

In the meantime, this is a great topic because it will give you and your boyfriend more bonding moment considering that you can talk more about morphing different body parts into crazier angles and places. Just let your imaginations grow wild, and you can definitely create even the most bizarre of things.

4. During The Apocalypse And With Clothes Scarcity, Will You Ever Wear A Woman’s Panty?

Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Credit: replygif

Definitely one question that can be awkward for your boyfriend to answer! But, he is already your boyfriend and this is just a situational query. You will be able to know how playful your boyfriend is just by listening to his answer.

Brace yourself though as his answer can be as crazy as what your question is all about. He may also counter-attack you with another question and ask if you can do the same for a man’s brief or boxers. Whatever your answer to that question, just ensure that you won’t be a subject of your boyfriend’s teasing. The answers to this weird question can be your topic even after you have concluded what your answers are.

5. Do Mermaids Make Babies Too? If So, How?

Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Credit: giphy

I also want to answer this question too! I want to find out if mermaids really do exist, and see if they can reproduce just like humans do. But then again, many people think and believe that mermaids are not at all real.

The catch on this weird question will be the fact that no one between the two of you will know the real answer unless someone actually sees a mermaid and make a study about it. But what is exciting is the brainstorming of your ideas for a theoretical answer as to how can mermaids create their young.

In the mean time, this will also help assess your boyfriend’s level of mental capacity and intellect because you will be able to observe him as to how he manages an intellectual query.

6. Say Silk For 10 Times, And Ask What Do Cows Drink?

Weird Questions To Ask Your BoyfriendCredit: alnoormilk

Nine out of 10 people usually say milk as the answer. But it is definitely wrong considering that cows are secreting cow’s milk, and not drinking it. When cows do drink, they drink water. This is one of the weird questions to ask your boyfriend because not only will he think that the he got the answer right when he says “milk”, but this will also test his alert level. If he is alert and smart enough, then he can see where the question is going, and he will not be deceive by your silk tactic.

7. Do Fishes Take A Bath Too?

Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Credit: h2tuga

Hmm. Is swimming considered as taking a bath? Well, the answer to that question will depend on your personal perspective. Your view of the matter may be different from the perception of your boyfriend. However, this one is also a great question to ask your boy because it will challenge yours and his rationalization capacity.

Some people do not consider swimming as taking a bath, since bath usually includes soap and shampooing yourself. However, not all people share the same sentiments and your boyfriend may defend his stand too. Always remember that no matter how weird or crazy the question is, each question being asked still have a sense if you really think about it much. Now, have you think if fishes take a bath too?

8. If An African Elephant Comes To America, Does It Become An African-America Elephant Then?

 Weird Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Credit: heathersanimations

I seriously find this question one of the funniest questions on this list. Yes, it feels weird asking about a citizenship of an elephant. Elephants do not even have passports and visas to consider themselves as African-Americans, right? But whatever is the answer that your boyfriend can come up with, make sure that it has a good rationalization so that it can be justified well enough. Always remember that in every answer, rationalization is the most important thing since it helps you to stand your ground.

Tips On How To Pull Off Asking A Weird Question

  • Keep your face straight. One of the most important elements in communication, especially when it comes to something serious, is your facial expression. Asking a weird question may be funny to you, but it is better if you keep your face straight and somewhat serious when you are asking so that your boyfriend will really think that you really mean it.
  • Know your question beforehand. Just like many other things, it is a good way to know the ins and outs of your question. You want your boyfriend to answer right? Hence, it is important for you to know his possible answers so that you can know whether you can still press on and expand the topic or not.
  • Maintain your poise. Basically you are asking a weird question, but that does not mean that you need to look weird too. Instead, you must maintain your composure and poise. It is also better if you look, act, and deliver your question as naturally as you can as possible.

If you are bored or you simply want something to talk about, you can always ask these weird questions to your boyfriend. With these, I believe that you will have no boring moments and that you will be able to ensure that both of you can bond.

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