8 Worst Albums Of All Time

People love music. It serves as a stress reliever for some, and a form of entertainment for most. With so many people listening to music of different genres, there is no surprise that there is an increasing popularity of singers coming from different musical sorts who release songs and albums that can delight their fans, and gain more audience than the ones they already have.

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In such cases, most singers are particular with the songs that they release and work hard to come up with the album which they believe that people will not only like but love…. Sometimes, there really are occasions when singers are not able to meet the standards and expectations of the people when they release their albums. Instead of increasing their fan base with their songs, they tend to lose what they just created. Considering this we will list you the 8 worst albums of all time.

Top 8 Worst Albums Of All Time

Like it or not, even famous singers have few song and album blunders that they wish they never released those at all. This list will tell about the 8 worst albums of all time, and you might actually be surprised that these albums even existed since the songs came from notable and well-respected artists in the music industry.

1. Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends by Screaming Lord Sutch

Released date: 1970

Worst Albums Of All Time

David Edward Sutch who is also called as the 3rd Earl of Harrow, but more popularly known as Screaming Lord Sutch was the person behind this album. It was supposed to be Sutch’s debut album as an English rock singer. The vision for the album was supposed to be great considering that it featured a great line-up of all-star musicians which include Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins, Deniel Edwards and Noel Redding.


Most of these musicians felt bad upon its release because they believed what they were doing were demo quality recordings. Due to the fact that they were deceived, they renounced the project which made it to sell poorly. The deception severed Sutch’s ties and reputation with the musicians involved on the said album. It was even named as the worst album of all time by the 1998 BBC poll.

2. Having Fun with Elvis on Stage by Elvis Presley

Released date: 1974

Worst Albums Of All Time

You might be surprised to see an Elvis Presley name on the list of worst albums of all time, right? Well, there is an explanation to that. The album is a recording of an Elvis Presley concert and contains more about jokes and banters made by the King of Rock n Roll himself.

The actual songs from the concert are even removed from the recording, hence, making it simply a spoken word album. General reception of the album was negative, and Presley even requested for it to be discontinued.


It was dubbed as the worst album in Elvis Presley’s glorious and successful career. It was also included on a 1991 book titled “The Worst Rock and Roll Records of All Time” written by rock critics Jimmy Guterman and Owen O’Donnell.

It was also said as “unlistenable” and “an auto wreck that plowed into a carnival freak show” by AllMusic’s Mark Demming. In addition, there was a negative feedback by Nick Greene who said that the album was so incoherent that he could not get the grasp of Presley’s stage presence.

 3. Von by Sigur Rós

 Released date: 1997

Worst Albums Of All Time

Von is actually the debut album of an Icelandic post-rock band, Sigur Rós. Von means hope in English, yet contrary to its meaning, the album crashed the hope of the band to make it big on their first try to be known abroad.


The album only sold a mediocre of 313 copies in Iceland in the first year of its release, and though it was released abroad, it was unnoticed by the general public. However, it was re-released in UK and US in 2004 when the band had one successful international album.

The album has 12 tracks in total with a time length of 72:15 over all. Perhaps one key factor why it did not do well on its first try is the fact that it sounded more like a dark and mysterious lair in some violent and gruesome movies rather than the music that is pleasing to the ears.

4. Thank You by Duran Duran

 Released date: 1995

Worst Albums Of All Time

Credit: eil.com

This album is a follow-up for a rather successful album, “Duran Duran”. However, it was not well-accepted by the critics. Though fans kept it well on the charts at a number 19 spot on the Billboard 200, critics thought otherwise.


The album has been tagged as one of the worst albums of all time. During Q magazine’s 2006 list, the album was included on “The 50 Worst Albums Ever!”. While in 2014, it was considered by Brian Boyd of The Irish Times as the “single worst album in the history of recorded music.”

The track is composed of 12 listings with a summative length of 54:26 minutes. The Japanese release, though, had 2 additional tracks as bonus. This was produced by Duran Duran with John Jones under the music label Capitol (US) and Parlophone/EMI.

5. Make Believe by Weezer

 Released date: 2005

Worst Albums Of All Time

Being the fifth studio album of Weezer, an American alternative rock band, this should already hit great in charts and in critics, right? But I guess that is not the absolute case for this one. True to the fact that the album paved way for Weezer’s highest peak by being #11 in the United Kingdom, #2 in the United States, and hitting the very top at #1 in Canada’s chart.


This particular album does not please everyone. In a survey by Metacritic, the album had mixed reviews and only received a mediocre score of 52/100 from 25 reviews. AllMusic gave the album a good rating at first, but then changed its mind when they altered their decision and decreased its stars from 4 to 3 after a year.

Other reviews also criticized the album negatively by giving it as much as 0.4 on 10 where music reviewer, Rob Mitchum, said that there are some album that are just awful and Make Believe is one of them. Meanwhile, Sputnikmusic gave the album a low score of 1.5 out of 5 saying that lyrics are mediocre and self-deprecating.

6. Playing with Fire by Kevin Federline

 Released date: 2006

Worst Albums Of All Time

Kevin Federline’s album was produced by his ex-wife, Britney Spears, and this is the only debut and studio album for the American rapper. When it was released, most people already had negative things to say and reviews for the album. It even got a score of only 15 out of 100 based from 7 reviews, Metacritic said.


The primary reason for the low score is “overwhelming dislike”. Unfortunately for Federline, his Playing with Fire album was the lowest rated album ever on the music review aggregator site. Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Willman even gave an F to the album saying that it revolves around wasting Spears’ fortune.

Slant Magazine’s Jimmy Newlin said that no one in the albums producers are actually credible enough, hence, it resulted to bad beats, and too much bass that even your speakers could not live to hear for. Though there were too many negative feedbacks, Associated Press’ Ron Harris proclaimed the album as entertaining and credible.

7. Eoghan Quigg by Eoghan Quigg

 Released date: 2009

Worst Albums Of All Time

Eoghan Quigg is a self-titled album for the 3rd placer UK’s The X Factor Season 5. Quigg was the first among the finalists to release a studio album. And sadly, he was also the first to drop a contract because of a flopped album.


Music critics described the album as the worst album of all times. One possible reason why it did not do well on the market was perhaps because he was rushed by RCA Records, the record label where he was signed into, to finish recording the album in just a week. With no enough time to prepare and only a week to record, there is no wonder why it did not reach the expectations of Quigg’s fans.

8. Venom by Bullet for My Valentine

 Released date: 2015

Worst Albums Of All Time

Released just last year by the Welsh metalcore band, Bullet for My Valentine, the album received mixed reviews from fans and music critics. The Venom only scored 58 out of 100 from Metacritic based on 8 reviews.


Though it got a 4 stars from Kerrang!, a British magazine, and a mediocre average of 3.5 stars both from AllMusic and Alternative Press, the album did not do well for Bradley Zorgdager of Exclaim! as he opted to give the album a rate of 3 out of 10 stating that fans can’t easily pinpoint areas where they could sing-a-long to. The standard edition of the album is composed of 11 tracks playing a total length time of 41:07 minutes.

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