Best 100 Cool Instagram Names For A Great Following

Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. More like a picturesque world, Instagram is one of the most widely used websites, where people share and see pictures. Hence, the creation of a photo-sharing site.

But then again, it is not only the photos that you need to be concerned about. Before posting those wonderful photos you have captured, you still need to make your Instagram account, and in doing so, you have one very important thing to consider – your Instagram username! Yes, if you want to be part of the coolest of the coolest in the IG world, you need to ensure that your username is one of a kind and can attract people to visit your account.

In most cases, having an attractive username will make people notice you and your pictures. For example, if you simply use your name as a username such as “anna”, it is pretty boring when you compare it with a name like “annathegorgeous”.

Best 100 Cool Usernames For Instagram

cool instagram names

People tend to follow other people only if they are impressed. So make sure that you have used a rather unique name. After all, usernames for instagram become your own personal identity on the social media platform.

Through this, people can find and locate you. Further, they become your followers. These people are your “fans” and they are the ones who will appreciate the pictures you post. The more followers you have, the cooler you are. However, the problem now lies with how can you have cool usernames for instagram? As said earlier, you cannot simply use your name since its plain simple and you need a catchy one.

But that’s basically the problem that we will address on this article. We will help you to have the perfect and cool usernames for instagram that you can take a pattern from so that you will be able to create your own.

Basically, usernames are quite personal since it is all about you. But then again, since we really want to help you have the perfect username in your Instagram account, we have compiled a list of Top 100 Cool Instagram Usernames to pick from.

We rounded up these top 100 so that you can take some ideas from them aside from the tips that we have advised you with earlier. I am sure that you can find these instagram names very helpful when you are thinking of your own.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the below 100, and you want to come up with your own username, read the bottom section for tips.

  1. Crazy Anyone
  2. Garden Heart
  3. Sidewalk Enforcer
  4. You are so Wonk
  5. Vegetarian Alien Brain
  6. Independent Melvin
  7. Angel Snowflakes
  8. The Prophet
  9. 1ddreamoutland
  10. Turnip King
  11. Dark night bright days
  13. NoisYBoY
  14. Honey bear doll
  15. Just my little wonderwall
  16. Yellow Menace
  17. Elegant Point
  18. Girl with the3 br0ken smile
  19. Paintbrushesandbubblegum
  20. Babykins
  21. Canadian Violinist
  22. Kitty Dance
  23. Starhawke Mystery
  24. Fire3232
  25. The Dude
  26. Meman5000
  27. Camerashy443
  28. Evil weevil
  29. Kartier klass
  30. Peppermint
  31. Hideki Riyuga
  32. Georgeyves
  33. Livingfree8
  34. Tricky Mind
  35. Megan eve
  36. Handy Man 7
  37. Armando Broncas
  38. Ice Geek
  39. Jake Justin
  40. Negatorri
  41. Lets run away to yesterday
  42. Pink prank
  43. I best
  44. Mylifeisabeautifuldisaster
  45. Yourealion
  46. John carsweel
  47. Queen Honey Blossom
  48. GouGou
  49. RandomIdoit
  50. Bodhi
  52. OverKill
  53. Unic0rns taking0ver
  54. TallButShort
  55. Glamorous angel
  56. Zoropie5
  57. Super_nigga
  58. Estrellaceleste
  59. Passion Fruit
  60. DarlingDragon
  61. Hitchhiker
  62. Pooldude
  63. Monster
  64. Princess_land
  65. Angelwonderland
  66. Chzydeath
  67. Aaroon21
  68. Thelollipopprincess
  69. Iamyou
  70. Tellmeyouaremine
  71. Bandilainc
  72. Iamawwriter
  73. Thebestwoman
  74. Heisme
  75. Trustnoone
  76. Hay day pay day
  77. Soberslap
  78. Sa v anna h
  79. Peppermint kisses
  80. Dredd10190
  81. Janaphyxiate
  82. Entertainme
  83. Hey_you_quinn
  84. KingoftheGil
  85. Makesmewonderwhy
  86. Queenlovesbong
  87. Iamthefuturequeen
  88. Annaandtheking
  89. Babyloveisyou
  90. Tell me baby one more time
  91. Mr Dimples
  92. Shake_your_booty
  93. Kiss me tenderly
  94. Mr Smith is inlove
  95. Still Dancer
  96. Ithinkalot
  97. Muffins n cupcakes
  98. Afro head
  99. Teamleaderisme
  100. Iloveyouyesterday
5 Tips To Come Up With Your Own Cool Instagram Usernames
1. Make It Personal

Basically, there is no better way than to make it personal. Use a name or a word that describes you or very significant for you. Always remember that it is your account, and that account is yours. Hence, you should put something into it that suits your personality and shows who you truly are.

If you are one tough dude, then look for names that are tough as you. If you are one of those girly girls, then choose names that are girly too. But if you are one of the rock n roll flick, then name yourself with a hint of rock n roll. Everything is and should be about you, and you should start in creating the name that suits you best.

2. Make Unavailable Names, Available

When it comes to naming few cool instagram names for your account, think of something exclusive. Well, obviously you cannot literally make an already taken name as yours. However, you can work around that one. If the name you want is already taken, work around and shorten it or add something to it.

Let’s say for example that your name is “Elizabeth” and you want to use “elizabethissexy”, however, it is already taken. What will you do know? Will you sulk and feel bad that the name you want is already taken? No! Instead of feeling that way, rack your brain with things that you can to do to at least get what you want with some alterations.

One way that you can use your name is to shorten it such as “lizissexy” or “bethissexy” or “lizaissexy”. You may also use things such as . or _ in between like “” or “Elizabeth_is_sexy”. Here are other tips that you can do to make such unavailable names, more available for you to use.

  • Include your niche or industry that you are working such as “kenofmicrosoft”
  • Add other letters on the username that you want like “bbbeeaaaa”
  • Play with spelling, you do not need to really have the correct spelling if you want creativity for your username. If your name is spelled as Ezekiel, you can use “ezikel” instead
  • Place the word “team” like “teamjordan”
  • Use the domain name of your website. If your website is since you are into dating tips and you want to have an Instagram account for your site, then you can use this insta username “”
  • Place the word “the” before your name as seen in “theanna”
  • Include “this is” or “I am” like “iamsofiakatharina” or “thisisalexamonica”
  • Begin with “we are” such as “wearekitandqueen”
  • Add a title such as mr, mrs, or ms before your name like these examples, “mrbradpitt” or “mrsangie” or “mslovely”
  • Spell your name backwards such as “nederol” for Loreden
  • Take a letter or two from your name like “keneth” for Kenneth
  • Place the word “ask” as seen in “asklorry”
  • Place the word inc if you are dealing with company’s instagram account like “fruitsandbloomsinc”
  • Place words “try”, “use” and “get” before your name like “tryme”, “useme” or “getme”
  • Add your location like “BongofSydney”

3. Mix Adjectives And Nouns In One Username

This is one of the best strategies that you can use when you want to create one of the best instagram usernames. Many of the popular usernames in IG is using this technique. The nouns they use can be their names, sports team, place, their city, or any others.

Then they add certain adjectives that best befit the noun they are using such as “championmiamiheat” or “snowyamerica”. You can always play around with this kind of technique and you can choose the best adjective that describes who you really are as a person so that you can make it more personal and really you.

4. Name Structure Is Quite Important

Yes, no matter what you do with your IG username, you should really know that the best way to deal with it is to become meticulous when it comes to name structures. Short names are easy to remember compared to longer once, hence, many people will have lesser chances to forget it.

However, some short names are too common or it sounds like the usernames of someone else’s, hence, some confusion strikes. In some ways, longer names are an advantage too since they are usually more unique than the shorter ones.

5. Give It Proper Thought And Time

Last and the most important tip to note when coming up with some cool instagram names is to never hurry. Always remember that everything should be perfect so that you can gain more followers and your username is as catchy as your personality as a person is.

Hence, careful consideration is a must when it comes to deciding the perfect name for you. You can also ask ideas from your friends and families about their suggestions for your instagram name. Asking their help will give you more creative choices and will give you more ideas to settle on the perfect name for you.

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