Best 100 Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Falling in love is one of the best feelings a human ever experiences. This is that special emotion you feel whenever you are with that person. For most girls, their boyfriend becomes the key center of their lives.

They even make special names for their boyfriends, and these unique nicknames or pet names or however you call it, become their signature and special endearment towards the special man in their lives. Now if you happen to have a special man in your life, certainly you would want to adore him with a pet name. Considering this, we have listed the top 100 cute nicknames for your boyfriend to choose from.

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Top 100 Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

Choosing a pet name for your boyfriend may become a headache because you might be looking for a unique nickname. Worry no more as we have a list of cute nicknames for your boyfriend that you can pick from.

Some may sound cheesy, but every nickname on this list is very adorable and catchy that will surely make your boyfriend blush. Go over these cool names and we hope that you get something that you like and can use.

  1. Adorable – when your boyfriend is that one very cute adorable guy in the block that you can never let go of, the adorable name will be perfect for him.
  2. Amazing – calling your boyfriend amazing will make him feel that he is indeed amazing just like any heroes.
  3. Angel – he is definitely God’s angel sent to love you here on earth.
  4. Apple pie – apple plus pie? Perfect combination for a sweet guy like him.
  5. Babe – though babe is somewhat common, it is still one of the best and not overrated nicknames that you can call your guy.
  6. Baby – making him your baby is a good way to make him feel love.
  7. Baby kins – even the Duke of Cambridge calls his then-girlfriend-now-wife babykins, why won’t you follow suit?
  8. Baby love – little babies are loved, and so should be your boyfriend.
  9. Bear – a bear is a big creature and if your boyfriend is one of those heavily built, bear is a great nick for him.
  10. Beloved – since you love your boyfriend, make him feel loved every day by calling him your beloved.
  11. Big man – for guys who don’t want to called something cheesy, big man is perfect for their ego.
  12. Bookie – bookie or bookworm, this is perfect for a guy who loves to read books.
  13. Boyfie – boyfie is quite mainstream but still a good way to call your boyfriend.
  14. Boyfriend – keep it simple, keep it straight, and call him your boyfriend.
  15. Boss – if you want to give him the control, call him boss.
  16. Bumblebee – isn’t bumblebee cute? He sure is, and so is your boyfriend.
  17. Bunny – bunnies are really cute and calling your boyfriend like that will make you see how cute he can be.
  18. Buzz – this is perfect for guys who are not comfortable with those too romantic nicknames.
  19. Cakes – this can be short for sweet cakes, but still does not mean that it’s less sweeter.
  20. Candy crush – remember that candy crush game? If your boyfriend is into that game, you can call him that.
  21. Captain – guys would love to be called captain because it makes them feel brave and in control.
  22. Casanova – if your guy is one of those chick-magnet dude, you can playfully call him Casanova.
  23. Champ – make him now that he is the champion of your heart by calling him a champ.
  24. Charming – who needs prince charming if you already have your own charming, right?
  25. Chicken foot – this doesn’t mean that he has a foot that looks like a chicken, it simply means that he loves to eat chickens!
  26. Chief – For guys, who want to be the boss, call him chief!
  27. Chef – perfect for guys who love to cook, and definitely he will win your heart through your stomach too.
  28. Cowboy – cowboys always have this certain appeal that attracts a girl, and if your boyfriend is close to that cowboy looks, you’d better call him your cowboy.
  29. Cuddles – if you just love to cuddle with him, then you call him cuddles.
  30. Cupcake – I personally call my boyfriend cupcake! So yeah, it makes him giddy when he sees and eats cupcakes too.
  31. Cutie – when he has those perfect dimples or smile that you find cute, call him cutie.
  32. Cutie Patootie – he’s such a cutie and a patootie, and yeah it rhymes.
  33. Cutiepie – he’s cute and as sweet as any pie can be.
  34. Daredevil – if he loves adventures and extremes, he is such a daredevil.
  35. Darling – calling him your darling is also a good nickname for someone who wants to keep it simple.
  36. Dear – it’s easy to say yet feels good to the ear.
  37. Dearie – if you do not want a one syllable “dear”, you can call him dearie.
  38. Everything – he simply is your everything so make it known to him.
  39. Emp – short for “emperor”, this makes him feel like he’s the boss.
  40. Favorite – since he is your favorite boy, you can call him your favorite.
  41. Fox – foxes are on the go and so is your boyfriend.
  42. Fruitty – if he loves to eat fruits or lives a healthy lifestyle, call him fruity.
  43. Gamer – obviously for boyfriends who are always into their PSPs and computers.
  44. Gentleman – when he opens the door for you, walks you through and carries your things, he definitely should be called a gentleman.
  45. Good-looking – for handsome guys. Enough said.
  46. Gorgeous – who said that only females can be gorgeous? Well, men too.
  47. Handsome – if he is that person who attracts several glances wherever he goes, then he definitely is a handsome man and you’re one lucky girl.
  48. Heart breaker – you can playfully call your boyfriend a heartbreaker if he broke many hearts before he settles with you. Just make sure that you won’t go with the girls on his heartbreaking list.
  49. Hero – calling him your hero means that you see him as your savior. Mind you, this will give him a boost.
  50. Honey – is he as sweet as honey? If so, you can call him that.
  51. Honey bee – honeys are for bees as much as your boyfriend is for you.
  52. Honey bunch – too sweet to notice, but honey bunch is still a honey bunch.
  53. Hun – usually short for honey, hun is simpler yet still classy to hear.
  54. Hunk – hitting the gym? He definitely is a hunk then.
  55. Ice man – men can sometimes be cold when it they deal with women. If he is on his moody state and is acting cold with you, call him ice man.
  56. Iron man – another super hero you love? Call him your iron man.
  57. Jock – if he is one of the sports loving guy, then calling him jock fits perfectly.
  58. Kiddo – it doesn’t mean that he acts like a kid, but it sure will sometimes pissed him off in a good way.
  59. King – you definitely think of him as the king of your heart.
  60. Knight – for girls who are in distress, calling your boyfriend a knight will make you feel that you have a hero to depend on.
  61. Love – love is love. No explanations needed.
  62. Lover boy – calling him a lover boy means that he is so great in giving away his love.
  63. Lovey – make love sound longer by adding another syllable to make it cuter.
  64. Love of my life – if you are already sure about your boyfriend, you can call him the love of your life.
  65. Major – a military ran, you can call your guy major if he’s one tough guy.
  66. Mi amore – simply means as “my love”, this will let your boyfriend know how much you love him.
  67. Mine – congratz! You just made a statement that he is yours and that other girls should back off.
  68. Monkey – a cute way to name your boyfriend and teased him off with that.
  69. perfect – there is no perfect person, but who knows? Your boyfriend may be an exemption for that rule.
  70. right – it is hard to find a Mr. Right, but once you find yours, let him know that he is your Mr. Right by calling him that.
  71. Muffin – muffin is also like a cupcake that gives sweetness to your relationship.
  72. My all – once you think of him as your world, he definitely will be your all.
  73. My everything – if he is your all, he definitely is your everything.
  74. Other half – this may mean that you perfectly compliment each other.
  75. Pancake – for guys who you want to wake up with every morning and smell the aroma of pancakes and coffee.
  76. Pig – another way to teased your boyfriend, call him pig.
  77. Playboy – if he is a heartbreaker, he definitely is a playboy.
  78. Prince charming – if Cinderella has her own prince charming, what makes it stop you from having your own?
  79. Pumpkin – it’s not about being orange or round, it is just a cute nickname that you can use for your boyfriend.
  80. Puppy – dogs are a man’s best friend, right? But then again, puppies are way cuter and more adorable than dogs, hence, calling him a puppy is one cool way of nicknaming him.
  81. Rock star – rock stars simply rock, and your boyfriend rocks your world too! Hence, calling him a rock star is a perfect nickname.
  82. Romeo – he be called Romeo, and you be called Juliet. What a perfect combination and long lasting love it could be.
  83. Sexy – mouth-watering abs, muscles all over, and a too die for body? No one best deserves to be called sexy other than him.
  84. Sexy boy – if you’re boyfriend’s body is envied not only by other girls but by guys on the gym as well, then he definitely is one sexy boy.
  85. Snugglie – if you love to snuggle and snuggle and snuggle, then calling him your snugglie is a cute endearment.
  86. Snuggle bear – teddy bears are huggable, and so is your boyfriend. When you just can’t get enough of hugging him just like how you hug your teddy bears, call him snuggle bear.
  87. Soul mate – soul mates mean that you found your perfect much, and in such cases it means that you compliment him just as he compliments you.
  88. Superman – he is your superman and you are his kryptonite, which means that you weaken him by your charm.
  89. Sugar – too sweet for a relationship, but the sweetness add to the spice in everything that you do.
  90. Superstar – for a guy who loves the limelight, calling him a superstar is the perfect fit.
  91. Sweetie – he is such one sweet dude that gives you the romance and passion that you ever need in your dull and boring life.
  92. Sweetheart – he is inside your heart, and you should be on his too. Calling him your sweetheart may be common but it is timeless and classic.
  93. Sweet cakes – cakes are sweet, that’s for sure. But your boyfriend is also as sweet as your favorite cake can be.
  94. Tarzan – This is one of the good, bold, sexy yet cute nicknames for your boyfriend. Since it is a famous jungle book character, I don’t think this requires any explanation.
  95. Teddy bear – as said earlier, teddy bears are huggable. Calling him a teddy bear means that you love hugging him and that you think of him as cute.
  96. The love of my life – when you call someone the love of your life, you should ensure that what you feel is really real and long-lasting because this nickname means that you find him as the person to whom you will feel the greatest love of all.
  97. Tiger – tough, brave, strong? If your boyfriend is all these three, then you can call him a tiger.
  98. Wonderboy – if he knows everything that he needs to do or if he is the jack of all trades, then he definitely is a wonderboy.
  99. Wicked – wicked is a teasing nickname for your boyfriend when he does something, which you think is rude and warrants calling his attention.
  100. You’re mine – label him that he is yours to ensure that no one can take him away from you.
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