Best 100 Good Yet Cute Cat Names (Both Male & Female)

Cats can be found in almost every household. The reason why cats make the best pets is because they can be easily domesticated and tamed. Cats come in different size – right from fat, tall, skinny, small and big. Even though they have different appearances, they are still cats which need a name, an owner and a home. If you brought home a new kitty and wondering what to name him or her, here are 100 cute cat names to choose from. It includes both girl cat names and boy cat names.

Top 100 Cute Cat Names

Cute Cat Names in the world

Cats are affectionate, playful and loyal pet animals. Personally, I have 3 pet cats whose names are Hotdog, Chowking and Siomai.

For cat owners, one of the hardest things, apart from raising their pet cats, is choosing a name for your pet. Yes! There are numerous good cat names but finding the best name for your pet cat is hard. So, to help you narrow your search, let us check below list and ponder on these names whether it fits your cat or not.

The Most Popular and Best Cat Names with the corresponding number of cats which had these names are as follows:

Boy Cat NamesGirl Cat Names
Max – 1, 095Chloe – 1,160
Tigger – 1, 094Bella – 1,073
Tiger – 959Lucy – 1,025
Smokey – 921Kitty – 921
Oliver – 890Princess – 877
Charlie – 784Molly – 810
Jack – 772Sophie – 783
Buddy – 771Lilly – 758
Simba – 714Angel – 739
Shadow – 702Sassy – 695

Cute Cat Names In The World

Female Cat NamesMale Cat Names

Best Good Cat Names

For Those Who Love TheatersFor History Lovers


For Mystery LoversFor the Lord of the Rings Lovers
Miss MarpleThéoden

The lists of best, cute and good cat names above may not be all the names that are given to cats but I hope that the list is already enough for those pet cat owners who are having difficulties in choosing what name suites best for their cat.

10 Countries with the Most Population of Pet Cats

CountryNumber of Cats
USA76, 430, 000
China53, 100, 000
Russia12, 700, 000
Brazil12, 466, 000
France9, 600, 000
Italy9, 400, 000
United Kingdom7, 700, 000
Ukraine7, 350, 000
Japan7, 300, 000
Germany7, 700, 000

The Largest and Smallest Cat in the World


world's biggest catCredit: guinessworldrecords

Hercules is the name of a Liger which is the living largest cat in the world and weighs 922 pounds. He is the offspring when a tigress and male lion are crossbred. Hercules lives in a wildlife preserve located in South Carolina. At the shoulder, he measures 49 inches tall and 131 inches long.

Tinker Toy

world's smallest cat


Opposite to Hercules’ size, Tinker Toy is the name of the smallest cat. He was a male Himalayan-Persian that was born on December 25, 1990. However, when he was just six years old, Tinker Toy died in November 1997. In his full grown age of 2.5 years, Tinker Toy only measures 19 cm long and 7 cm tall. Katrina and Scott Forbes is the owner of this rare small cat who lives in Taylorvill, Illinois, USA.

30 Fun Facts You Don’t know About Cats

  1. Even if your cat is not hungry, they will still continue to hunt for food.
  2. Cat’s eyes are equally big when exposed to a low – light environment.
  3. Most house or indoor cats have a tendency to be nearsighted while the outdoors cats are likely to be farsighted.
  4. Cats are just one of the minority mammals which have deficiency in tasting sweet food.
  5. They get their daily energies from the protein they eat instead of carbohydrates since cats are coercing carnivores.
  6. Whether cats are pet or not, Chinese cats like any other house cats come from wild/ untamed cats which are Felis silvestris lybica.
  7. Cats are being kept on ships for good luck charms and for rodent or pest control.
  8. The cartoon Hello Kitty was questionably the richest cat in the world which earned and received more than one billion dollars in royalties and sales in the year of 2012.
  9. Cats can detect earthquakes. The cat’s pads on their feet are very sensitive. Although it is not yet proven, some people consider that cats can sense the Earth’s vibrations using their feet pads.
  10. Cats can eat and absorb the food they eat without the need of chewing. Lil Bub was the name of the naturally teeth less cat which became famous on the internet.
  11. Cats can really dream. Most people do know that cats only nap but they fall into a deep sleep when they are very relaxed too. When they sleep, cats generate similar brain waves to us humans when we are dreaming.
  12. Cats can purr constantly as they are inhaling and exhaling. They started doing this during one-week old.
  13. Cats can also get ill or possibly die when they eat chocolates just like what is happening in dogs. There is an ingredient that is present in chocolate which is toxic and poisonous for their body.
  14. If you want your cat to have teeth and gums that are healthy, provide them a small piece of uncooked meat every day. Acceptable meats for cats are boneless beef, poultry or even rabbit.
  15. Cats can put up heat very well. The reason is because the cats’ ancestors were animals that are living naturally in desert.
  16. The cat’s sense of smell is very sensitive.
  17. Cats are very manipulative. They adjust their vocalizations in order for them to manage your behavior towards them. That is why if your cat is hungry, they can make their meows sound more insistent for you to hurry.
  18. Unlike humans, cats cannot comprehend if you punish them. So if you want your cat to behave properly, you need to praise them and give them rewards such as food.
  19. Humans shake hands while cats sometimes bump their noses with each other. This kind of behavior is rare for cats especially if they are still new to each other. However, through this, they get information about their fellow cats and aid them to verify other cats’ identity.
  20. Usually, when your cat purrs, it means that he is contented. But there are also times that cats purr because they are in pain. So it is important to know your cat very well as this can help you distinguish if they are in pain or not.
  21. If your cat accidentally makes an eye contact to another person, they flicker their eyes and narrow them. That is why if you want to make friends with stray or new comer cats, you need to blink flicker your eyes and look away when you happen to make an eye contact with him.
  22. The cat’s pulse is among 160 – 240 beats per minute. However, it depends on their age. So the younger your cat is, the faster his heartbeat is.
  23. Humans only have 6 muscles that control the outer part of the ear. However, you cannot imagine that cats have 34 muscles which manage their outer ear.
  24. For 15 years in Talkeetna, Alaska, would you believe that the mayor of this city is a CAT? Believe it or not but it is actually true. Mayor Stubbs is the honorary mayor of the place up to this very year.
  25. 70% of a cat’s life, the only thing they do is sleep.
  26. When the body is stretched out fully, 1.23 meters or 48.5 inches is the measurement of the longest cat in the world.
  27. In order for adult cats to converse with humans, they only meow.
  28. According to studies, cats distinguish the voices of their owners but it seems that they just do not care about it.
  29. Would you believe that cats have three eyelids? In fact, that is true. Better check your cat’s eyes after this.
  30. In a world record, a cat named Dusty has given birth to 420 kittens during her entire breeding life.
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