8 Updated Good Numbers To Prank Call

Pranking someone is certainly one of the best ways to get you and your friends on fits of laughter. However, there are instances wherein you just don’t know how to prank people, or you already finished all pranks that you can think of. But there are still some amazing ways one can prank people. Here are some new ideas to make a note of.

A Word Before Commencing This Article…

Before I list the different numbers to prank call, I would like to tell you that the article has been updated. Due to negative comments the post received a few days back, I thought of changing them in a different perspective. Since a few readers found listing down the numbers of other people offensive, I thought it is better to avoid posting phone numbers and rather explain the various ways one can prank call. So, I have just written them in the form of conversations. Again, this is not meant to hurt or upset someone. If you have any other funny ideas where one can prank call, share in the comments section.

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Best 8 Good Numbers To Prank Call

Before pulling these jokes off, keep some prank call numbers handy. Since posting the numbers of others isn’t good and readers might find them offensive, it is better you choose them.  Either it can be someone you know (friends, family, relatives) or some random number. If you are playing the prank on someone you know, understand the limits. The chances are that he or she might get mad at you. Not all humans are same. Some people may take it lightly while some may not. So, it is all upto the way you speak and the kind of prank you perform.

good numbers to prank call

1. Call A Friend And Pretend That You Are From A Radio Show

This is one of the best prank phone calls you can do to your close friend.

  • YOU: Hello Michelle, this is (insert any name) from (insert radio station). Congratulations! Your number has won an electronically raffle draw. You get a chance to win an exclusive date with (insert an artist here – but make sure your friend is an avid fan of the artist).
  • MICH: Really? Cool. How can I?
  • YOU: You just have to answer one simple question correctly.
  • MICH: Great! What’s the question?
  • YOU: If we count sheep to sleep, what do they count?
  • MICH: I don’t know!
  • YOU: Oh, you only have 10 seconds… 10, 9, 8…
  • MICH: I’m not sure. A shepherd!
  • YOU: Oh sorry, that’s not the correct answer. You just lost your chance. Bye. (Hang up)

2. Dial Someone’s House And Ask For The Wall’s Family

Though there are many phone numbers to prank call, it would be better if you pick someone who is close to you, maybe your uncle, aunt, or anyone, who is close to your family, and follow the conversation written below. Later, when they are annoyed, tell them the truth and have a hearty laugh.

  • YOU: Hello, can I please speak to Mr. Wall?
  • LINE: Sorry, there is no Mr. Wall here.
  • YOU: Can I talk to Mrs. Wall instead?
  • LINE: Uhmm, there’s no Mrs. Wall here too.
  • YOU: (act as if exasperated) Can you please give the phone to Lucy Wall instead?
  • LINE: Lucy Wall is not here too!
  • YOU: Then, are there any walls in your house?
  • LINE: Sorry, there are no walls here.
  • YOU: So what keeps your house standing then? (Hang up)

3. Pretend To Be A Cop

One of the best good numbers to prank call is to call any random number (but would be great if you prank someone you know) and act as if you are a cop.

  • YOU: Good afternoon, this is (insert fake name) from (insert police station). Is this (insert your friend’s name)?
  • LINE: Yes, speaking.
  • YOU: Sir, I just want to inform you that a woman named Mrs. Susan Scott has come here and says that you hit her on the face earlier this morning and she is here to report.
  • LINE: What? No! I have not hit or hurt anyone!
  • YOU: Sir, this is what she reported about.
  • LINE: No, I think there must be some kind of a mistake here!
  • YOU: Sir, it would be best if you go here in person now to settle the issue. Thank you and see you soon. (Hang up).

4. Choose Your Own Prank Call Numbers And Play The 31 Game

This is one of the best ways to prank call someone. Rather playing this on random people, try doing it on someone you know, as the reactions will not only be funny but also you can share with others and enjoy.

YOU: Congratulations! This is (insert name) calling from 31 flavors. If you can name 31 flavors in 31 seconds, you will win 31 thousand dollars! Ready go!

** Check if he or she can beat the challenge and hang up after. Even if he or she manages to name all the 31 flavors, just imagine how the reaction would be when you hang up without giving the reward?

5. Pick Some Good Numbers To Prank Call And Pull This “Illegal” Joke

As mentioned earlier in this article, I would not be posting any phone numbers on this list. So, keeping that in mind, I would just write the prank that you can pull. You can select some numbers to prank call on your own. Perhaps, someone close to you or anyone you like.

  • YOU: Hi, is this Ms. Amanda Baker?
  • AMANDA: Yes, speaking.
  • YOU: I am (insert name) calling from (some company) to inform you that your order for 10 packets of weed has already been processed and shipped. It will arrive today at your home.
  • AMANDA: What? No, there must some kind of a mistake! I haven’t ordered anything such!
  • YOU: You did, miss. In fact, the product has already been paid for.
  • AMANDA: No way. Don’t deliver it, my parents will get mad at me!
  • YOU: I am sorry, Miss Baker. I just checked on the system and it was already dropped by our courier on your house some 5 minutes ago. (Hang up)

6. Make A Fabulous Bachelor Party More Fun With This Prank Call

This is one of the best funny prank calls that you can do.

  • YOU: Hola! This is (insert fake name) calling from Exotica. May I please know if you can push through with your booking for exotic Mexican dancers on your bachelor’s party?
  • ROBERT: What? No, no, no! I haven’t booked anything of that sorts.
  • YOU: You did, sir. The booking is under Mr. Robert Smith and it is scheduled Saturday of next week.
  • ROBERT: I am Robert Smith and my bachelor’s party is scheduled on Saturday, still I haven’t done the reservations! My fiancée would never approve that!
  • YOU: Sir, the reservation has already been paid for. As a matter of fact, the reserved dancers for you and your group are the best of our dancers here. Shall we cancel instead?
  • ROBERT: *silence*
  • YOU: Sir, are you there?
  • ROBERT: Oh, yes, I am. Sorry. You said that it has already been paid for, right?
    YOU: Yes, sir.
  • ROBERT: “Best dancers”, is that what you said?
  • YOU: Definitely, sir.
  • ROBERT: Hmm, I didn’t reserve anything because my fiancée will never like that… But okay, I’ll take it.
  • YOU: Okay sir. Thank you for confirming. We will now inform Miss Leila Beautrand (name of the fiancée) that you confirmed the booking. Have a great day ahead. (Hang up)

7. Play This Prank

Call a random person in a residence and hang up. Then, call after sometime claiming to be that person someone looked for earlier.

  • YOU: Hi, may I please speak to Paul?
  • LINE: Sorry, there is no Paul here.
  • YOU: Oh, can I just please leave a message for him then? Please tell him that I will be waiting at Room No. 1215 of the same hotel tonight. Thank you! And hang up
  • LINE: (Err!)

(Call back after 15 minutes using a different accent)

  • YOU: Hi, is Keira there?
  • LINE: Sorry, but you got a wrong number.
  • YOU: This is Paul. Any message for me instead?
  • LINE: Uhmm, yeah, someone called and left a message saying she will wait at Room.no: 1215 of the same hotel tonight.
  • YOU: Oh great! Thanks. (hang up)

Note: The person from the other side may not converse exactly what is written. So, speak or converse accordingly. Have a presence of mind to act right while playing a prank.

8. The Final Prank Of This List

Have some numbers to prank call ready in hand and then make a prank call confession.

  • YOU: Hello, Keith! Please help me, people are running after me now. I don’t know what to do anymore.
  • LINE: I am sorry but this ain’t Keith.
  • YOU: What? Where is Keith?
  • LINE: I don’t know anyone by the name of Keith.
  • YOU: You are lying. I know you are just hiding Keith away from me.
  • LINE: I am sorry. But I really don’t know anyone by the name Keith.
  • YOU: *fake a laugh* Tell Keith that we can never go away with murdering John! If people are looking after me now, he will be the next victim!
  • LINE: Murder? What? Wait, what murder?
  • YOU: Crap! I already see some people tailing me. Just tell Keith that, I know I am going to die tonight, and he will be next. (Hang up)

After a few minutes, call the person back and confess that you were playing a prank because he or she might have already freaked out.

Hope you liked these prank call ideas. If you have something else to share, write in the comments section.

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