10 Free Cracked Screen Apps For Android & iOS

Dropping the phone and having the screen cracked is something most of us face in our day-to-day lives. The particular moment can be shocking. But, how about playing a prank on someone with the same concept? Download any of these free fake cracked screen apps and fool your friends or family members. Most broken screen apps you see in the stores don’t look realistic. However, the prank apps listed in the article guarantees to make the phone’s screen appear cracked naturally.

The cracked screen apps in this article are divided into two categories:

  • For Android
  • For iOS

So, let us get started.

A. Free Cracked Screen Apps For Android

cracked screen app

1. Crack Your Screen (5.2 MB)

Cracked Screen Apps For Android

Download Here

With a user rating of 4.2, this is by far the best cracked screen app for Android. It is one of the perfect ways to prank someone. The app lets you crack the screen in three ways. One: Shake the device to crack, Two: Touch the device to make the screen appear broken, and Three: Set on auto-crack mode; meaning the screen will automatically crack after 5/10/15 seconds so that when you are fooling someone, it appears 100% natural and not fake. Also, the app gives you different options as to how you want the cracks to appear on the screen.

2. Broken Screen (4.5 MB)

cracked screen apps

Download Here

Another overrated broken screen app is this one. The user ratings are at 4.3. The app features amazing glass-breaking sounds and realistic cracked wallpapers. To crack the screen, all you need is to shake or touch. Other effects include electric screen and fire screen. The cracks are designed in a way to look realistic; making it easy for you to prank somebody.

3. Broken Screen-Crack App (3.3 MB)

free cracked screen app

Download Here

This cracked screen prank app is from the same developers of app #2, except that this is an earlier version of the above (however, lacks a few features – fire & electric screen). The app replicates the picture of broken screen in such a way that the glass or the LCD screen appears shattered. It displays transparent cracks on the apps as well as on the wallpaper. The interface is user-friendly. Just tap on the app to start the fun or just close it to remove the cracks from the phone’s home screen. It is as simple as that.

4. Time Bomb Broken Screen (7.4 MB)

fake cracked screen appsDownload Here

If you want to have some entertainment during the prank, this app is aptly developed for you. It is more like a game, which simulates time bombs to burst as well as crack the screen. Once the bomb explodes, it gives out strong sound effects and right after the explosion, you can show the broken screen to your friends. The app features two bombs – clock and digital. The explosion looks realistic and gives a real cracked screen effect.

5. Crack Your Mobile Screen (9.3 MB)

Free Cracked Screen Apps For Android

Download Here

This is another best cracked screen app, which lets you prank someone perfectly. The app features cracked screen sound effects and gives three modes to help your screen look fractured. Shake the phone to create the break effect, set the timer after how many seconds you want the screen to crack, or just touch it. Shake the device again to remove the broken effect. Besides this, the application also offers live wallpapers and widgets.

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