8 Creepy & Scary Numbers To Call If You Are Brave Enough

Phone calls make our communication easier, and almost everyone in the world – whether young or old – can no longer live a day without their phone. No matter how helpful it can be, there are still some scary moments that phones brings. Be it an unknown call from a stranger, a prank call, or worst, the call that can send shivers down your spine.

If you remember the horror movie, One Missed Call, or perhaps the action movie of Liam Neeson, Taken, then you no longer need to imagine how phones can be used to inject frustration and scare people who owns it.

Some would even have a phobia and won’t answer calls from unidentified numbers. However, there are also some people who tend to have the courage and call some numbers just to keep themselves entertained. If you are curious to try too, here are 8 most scary numbers to call if you are brave enough.

Top 8 Scary Numbers To Call

Scary Numbers To Call

Several years ago, there were hotlines you could call to hear scary personas talking to you! Yes, if you have a child whom you have a hard time putting him/her to sleep, you may actually dial Freddie Krueger himself and hear his scary message.

Let’s see if your child won’t go to sleep just then. However, these landlines do not come in free! You need to pay for the scary services offered. These scary numbers to call were really popular back then, that some marketing strategies were patterned from it such as the famous Carrie hotline for the movie, “Carrie”.

The list of 8 most creepy numbers to call has the ability to give goose bumps. Don’t believe? Try it and share us in comments as to what happened.

1. Freddy Krueger Hotline

With the tag line “Call Freddy!” in red letters and the number 1-900-909-FRED posted on TV screens, can make you experience your own nightmare on Elm Street! And kids during the late 1980’s really scared themselves off, especially if they saw or dreamed about that red-and-green sweater man coming after them. You can talk and hear the horror stories brought about by Freddy Krueger when you dial that hotline, though you need to pay-per-minute just to hear it.

2. Journey Into Terror

Now if you want to journey until your heart races and you scream “I wanna out!” you might have dialed 1-900-660-UGLY during your younger years. This particular hotline was able to make little kids scream and grab over their blankets to hide them from the unknown forces that might scare them through the night.

3. Creep

Creep is one of the scary numbers to call since there are a lot of things that can make your vocal cords out! Basically, if you want to have a good night sleep, I advise you to never take this call, as it might give you nightmares after nightmares not only for one night, but for weeks. However, if you really want to have that eye bags on you, then Creep’s hotline is definitely the one for you, 1-900-909-CREEP.

4. Al “Grandpa Munster” Lewis Vampire

Vampires no longer scare the hell out of us now, right? Blame it on Edward Cullen for having girls fall in love with his diamond glittery skin and golden eyes. If I was Bella, I will also definitely marry Edward Cullen regardless of his fangs! But believe it or not, these immortals were able to scare the wits away from children – and adults – way back several years ago when Grandpa Munster was still on the line. If you really want to know more how vampires sucked blood and how scary they can be, then the best hotline for you to call must be 1-900-909-4300.

5. Creep 2

Since Creep was popular and was always on the trend to scare people, another hotline was set up for 1-900-490-CREEP. “When you call us, the terror begins!” This welcoming line alone will make you lose your courage and should have stopped you to dial such number. But then again, if you really want to talk to ghosts, ghouls and other of these elementals, then I tell you that the previous hotline should have been perfect for you.

6. UFO Hotline

Want to talk about aliens, you can’t find someone to talk it too? Or perhaps you just want to connect with these unworldly beings and talk to them? If so, then the UFO Hotline with numbers 1-900-909-UFOS is probably the perfect choice for you. This is one of the scary numbers to call since you will be dealing with the extra-terrestrial, and who knows, you might find a best friend from one of them… that is if they really are that kind of friendly bunch.

7. Call Carrie

Do you remember the movie Carrie starring Chloe Grace Moretz? Well, if you do and you have seen the trailer of the movie, then you must have remembered the hotline flashed at the end — call carrie — which encouraged you to dial and call 207-404-2604.

Many who called it can guarantee that it was indeed scary, but then again, the drawback is that it will cost you, as it was simply just a part of their marketing strategies. Nevertheless, the call was somehow worth a try if you really want to scare the hell out of yourself when you deal with Carrie. Geez, the movie plus the phone call will really put you over the edge of your seat with the horror that lies ahead.

8. Unknown Number

We found this number at a thread being posted on scary phone numbers to call, along with those government hotlines that you might wish to pass. The number 126-743-65025 had been personally called by the one who posted the number on the thread, and he/she swore that he/she heard a baby crying and a woman screaming. Well, if you have seen those scary movies involving a baby and a woman, then I am sure that you will also find dialing this number creepy. Who knows? Maybe the one you heard from the phone actually does not exist in this human world anymore.

With all of these numbers listed, will you still have the courage to grab your phones and call numbers that you deemed are pretty scary for you? If you are still unconvinced as to how phones can be as scary as hell, then these two stories of people who received anonymous and scary phone calls may actually persuade you that there are something different and weird going on with phones.

Real Story 1: An Impossible No Battery Phone Calling Another Phone

The strange incident happened during Christmas. The husband placed his phone on the top of the dining table and it was turned off for the night, while the wife’s phone – which was still on – was inside her purse placed on their library. At that time, the husband was in the library playing a computer game with her daughter when the cell phone rang. He picked it up and saw that the call was coming from his phone, and all the while he was thinking that it was his son pranking him.

He went to the room where his son and wife was to tell him to stop calling, however, the weird thing was the fact that both the wife and the son never left that room at all. They did not have the husband’s phone with them on that room.

So the husband went to the dining table where he placed his phone earlier to check on it. As strange as things can be, cell phone was still there – still off as he had left it earlier. No one was in room with the phone, so who called?

Real Story 2: Grandma calls

Julia was in the kitchen with her then five year old son. Her son suddenly looked at the phone as if it was ringing. He quickly picked up the phone and started talking to someone on the other end of the line. He told the other line what his name and was, and said “yes” after which, he looked up at his mother before handing the phone over to her.

Julia was shocked and asked her son to whom he was talking to.

He replied, “Grandmom”.

Julia asked her son, “What does she want?”

“She wants to talk to you. She wants to say good bye”.

In that instant, Julia took the phone from him. But she heard nothing at the end of the line. The strange thing about the call was the fact that her mother died five years ago from the time she posted the story in the internet.

Julia’s son had never played nor pretended with the phone, and they have also not spoken to him about his grandmother since they felt that he was too young to understand then. Another thing that made them wonder was the fact that was the first time her son ever said her mother’s name. Could it be that a call was from the afterlife? Let us in comments what you think about it?

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