50 Most Romantic & Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Calling your beloved with some sweet names is not new. In fact, people have been doing this since a long time. It is a way of showing how much you love your partner and how much he or she means to you. If you are a guy, who is confused with what nickname to keep for your girlfriend, then this article is something you need to read. Admit or not, every girl loves it when her boyfriend calls out with some cute and sweet names. Perhaps, you could call her my little sweetie pie or baby? But this has become very common these days. You need something new, fresh, different and cute names to call your girlfriend. Keeping this in mind, we have listed top 50 nicknames that can make your relationship even stronger. Read further.

Best 50 Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend

Many studies have shown that a nickname can make a person feel positive. Since it is your girlfriend, whom you want to name now, choose the best one from our list and tell us in comments section why you liked the particular name. Or, if you have a better name for your lady love, share with us and other readers about it. Let the world know how much she means to you.

We usually nickname someone, who is very close to us. It symbolizes love, care and affection towards the person. A nice sweet nickname can build the bond even stronger. It all comes down to how your girl will like it. Is she a sweet bubbly girl? Then you could name her honey bunch. Or is she delightful? Then go for peach. Keep “personality” in mind when choosing some cute nicknames for your girlfriend because this can either hit your love gesture right or can turn to a big embarrassment. For every name listed in this post, we have given a short description so that you can select a nickname for your girlfriend based on how she is (by nature). So, let’s get started.

1. Angel Eyes

There couldn’t be a better name for your beloved than this. It shows how special she is to you. You are relating her to something precious and heavenly. When she hears this from you, she is certainly going to feel on top of the world.

2. Honey Bunny

This nickname is cuddly, sweet yet cute and she surely won’t be offended after hearing this. Instead, she will pour some more love on you.

3. Gorgeous

If you want to play it safe, then there couldn’t be a better word than gorgeous. We know that this is a bit common but a girl will still love to hear that from you. Won’t she?

4. Bubble Butt

If she is a little naughty, an easy-going type woman or someone, who takes things not seriously, maybe you can try calling her this but the risk is on your shoulders, my friend. If you are not sure, don’t ever play with this name because it can even ruin your relationship. And trust us; there is no chance you can get back with her if she gets mad.

5. Beautiful

We don’t have to explain this name. It is an enduring classic.

6. Babe

Babe – Well, this is something our favorite. It is reserved for privacy and if you call a girl babe without knowing who she is, she might get offended.

7. Babylicious

It is the combination of 2 words: baby & delicious. It is like defining her something to as cute as a baby and equally delicious.

8. Cutie Pie

This is yet another cute nickname to call your girlfriend. Yes, it is quite popular and common but you will be safe if you use this. It is like telling her that she is attractive. If you say it with the right gesture, you can earn some love points. Who knows?

9. Care Bear

Another affectionate name on this list is Care Bear just like Teddy Bear. Might be a great rhyming word to use when writing a love poetry for her.

10. Blue Eyes

Well, this nickname only works if she has got them.

11. Doll Face

Yes, this is like an oldie but not to mention, a cute name to call your girlfriend. Perhaps, doll or baby doll? This is appreciating her beautiful facial features, just as a doll.

12. Cuddle Bug

This is again a safe bet. When you call her with this name, it is like bringing that cute moment, where she will want to just hug and cuddle up. Cuddle Bug is a name, which most girlfriends love to hear. In fact, it is an open invitation for making love on the couch.

13. Darling

Which girl will not want to hear this? This is an evergreen nickname, ideal for any girl, regardless of her nature.

14. Dummy

To be honest, girls don’t really respond well after hearing this nickname. But the reason why it’s on our list is because if you say it with right gesture, few girls might still love it. But don’t end up losing her if you are unsure about it.

15. Honey Bunch

Can any other name be sweeter than this? Obviously, we have the word Honey here. But, use it occasionally because if you use it more often, this word might lose its value.

16. Lemon Drop

This signifies sweet and adorable.

17. Dumpling

When it comes to some tricky yet cute names to call your girlfriend, Dumpling is one such that can put you in trouble. As a guy, you might be completely okay to give her this sweet nickname but think again because your girl is certainly not thinking the same as you. She might feel as if you are mocking about her being overweight. You may be saying – “Oh, my sweet little dumpling” but she may perceiving it as – “Oh, my big fat dumpling”. So, be extra cautious with this.

18. Fruit Loop

This nickname might sound naive when she hears it first but if you keep calling her fruit loop again and again, she might take it in the other way – mentally unstable. Do you really want to make her think that?

19. Pancakes

A nice nickname but hope she does not think that you are meaning her bra size!

20. Baby Doodle

Chances are that you haven’t heard of this nickname before, but sounds cute for a quirky girlfriend.

21. Chickadee

This is one of the new, fresh, unique and cute names to call your girlfriend. Try it.

22. Queen

Just tell her – Baby, you are my queen and see what happens. She is certainly going to jump out of joy once she hears this phrase from you. Of course, all girls will want to be treated like a queen from their men.

23. Daisy

You are referring her to one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. So, daisy is never going to go wrong. It is like telling her how delicate she is.

24. All Mine

This is something most honest girls will want to hear from their boyfriends. Now, even if you are not one of those possessive guys out there, this could still be a nice pet name.

25. Cherry Pie

Whatever ends with the word “pie”, it works great for a nickname, especially for girls. No matter how tough she is, she will still throw you a cute smile once she hears it.

26. Dream Girl

Many dream about their dream girl but in reality, it is only a few lucky men, who get what they desired for. If she is the girl of your dreams, then why not express it with a nickname like “Dream Girl”?

27. Sweetie

This nickname works on almost all girls. We know that this is common but this is classic. And names like this can’t be replaced.

28. Beloved

This name dates us back to those good olden days when men used to call their wives with the word – beloved. You can even tease her and make her laugh.

29. Love Of My Life

One of the priceless and cute names to call your girlfriend is none other than “Love Of My Life”. As beautiful as it sounds, there are no hidden meanings or misunderstandings. So, don’t just use it on any girl you meet. Save it for the special one.

30. Little Dove

This can actually strengthen the bond you share with her. Also, it works great after a depressing fight.

31. Sexy

There is no harm in calling your girlfriend “sexy”, as long as she is. But save this one up for special occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day, first night and so on…

32. Bright Eyes

This is an extremely unusual name to call your girlfriend. It signifies attraction, cute and beautiful.

33. Brown Eyes

This is a sweet nickname for a sweet lady.

34. Bubbles

This is perfect for girlfriends, who have friendly and bubbly personalities.

35. Canoodle

Your girl will probably love this unique name.

36. Gummie Bear

For a long-time relationship, nothing could be a better nickname than Gummie Bear.

37. Butterfly

We haven’t heard guys use this as a nickname for their girlfriends, but it may potentially work.

38. Butterscotch

If your girl has light brown or blonde hair, butterscotch might sound good.

39. Kitten

Kittens are one of the cute names to call your boyfriend. Undeniably, kittens are cuddly, playful and adorable. If that suits your girl, then this is exactly the name to use.

40. Sweetheart

Another classic nickname for your girlfriend is sweetheart. Though this common and old, it still conjures images of being naive, straightforward and childhood love.

41. Cupcake

For that weekend fling, nothing could be as perfect as cupcake.

42. Firefly

We hope you know what a firefly is. It is an insect that gives out natural light. So, when you call her a firefly, it indicates that she is bright and gives light in the dark. Isn’t that a sweet way of complimenting her? You will also be surprised in reading the fact that many parents these days name their babies – firefly.

43. Cherry

Is she is someone, who completes your life, then cherry is the perfect nickname for her.

44. Precious

If she is too valuable and you do not want to lose her, just like Gollum and his precious ring in the Lord of the Rings, then name her precious.

45. Sunshine

If she is someone, who lights your day, sunshine is something you should name her.

46. Pink

Is she is too girly, pink would be the apt name.

47. Pretty Lady

Many girls love to hear this word from their boyfriends, as this signifies gentleness and delicate.

48. Magic

If she is someone, who makes your life amazing, then name her magic.

49. Lady Bug

There couldn’t be a better cute nickname for your girl than this.

50. Love

If you feel love, the each time you look at her, what could probably be the ideal word than Love itself?

Selecting Some Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend? – Here Are 5 Things To Keep In Mind:
  1. Make sure that the nickname you choose for her, goes well with her personality
  2. Ensure that she loves the name you keep
  3. You can even come up with a sweet name from her actual name. Say for example, Sandra can be Sandy
  4. Avoid using sexual nicknames in public, as this could be a little offensive
  5. Do not use names from books and TV shows. This won’t make her feel special
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