20 Cute Short Haircuts For Women For A Gorgeous Look

Women love their hair so much that it is one of the most and well-taken cared parts of their body. A woman treats her hair to salons, undergoes numerous spa treatments and does few haircuts to keep it cool and at the same time ensure that her hair is healthy, shiny & beautiful. Most women tend to prefer long hairs considering that longer the hairs are, the more it can be styled. However, some women would still prefer shorter hairs (some even like it cut as short as a man’s hair). And contrary to what most people think, short hair is surprisingly beautiful. In fact, some of them are far beautiful than a longer hair. But the question, which short hair style will suit you and which will not? This can be quite perplexing. To help you out, today, we have listed the 20 best and cute short haircuts for women to try. And believe us, these can never go wrong. It suits every personality.

20 Cute Short Haircuts For Women

Short hairs do not make a woman look like a man nor does it make you any less than a woman. It is just simply a new trend, a new fashion, a new choice that only the daring and the bold have the courage to choose. If you want to have a fresh new look, you can definitely try to cut it short. As long as you are able to find the perfect cut that goes well with the contour of your face, nothing will go wrong and you will achieve that fabulous look you are dreaming to have. There are a lot of cute short haircuts that you can definitely try for yourself, and you might get surprised of how fantastic and different you will look.

So, here are few hairstyles for women which we believe are a must-try. These top 20 cute short haircuts for women will definitely make you wow.

1. Mohawk Style

Looks Great If You Have Heart-Shape Face & Fine Hair

top cute short haircuts for women

So okay, you may wonder as to how on earth will Mohawk be great on a woman when some men having the same style look like an escaped convict. Well, believe it or not, a mohawk style on a woman looks quite fab… as long as you know how to act cool about it. Take Rihanna for example, that girl was daring and bold enough to wear the cut. As long as you have the confidence in you and it suits your personality and taste, then you must try it out. If you have a fine hair and a heart shape, then this is the cute short haircut that is fitted for you.

2. Layered Razor-cut Haircut

Looks Great If You Have Long Face & Silky Hair

cute short haircuts for women

A layered razor-cut is somewhat messy and generally unbalanced to look at. However, it served its purpose of looking trendy especially for those women having long faces. This is one of the cute short haircuts for women since it helps you make your face look shorter considering that it breaks up the long straight line when you cut a full fringe diagonally across your face.

3. Cutting Asymmetrical

Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Any Type Of Hair Texture

cute short haircuts for women

With an asymmetrical haircut, you actually choose to go casual. It’s simple yet classy despite the imbalance on the lengths and cuts of your hair. Most asymmetrical cuts are perfect for any hair texture so there is no fear that you will ruin your hair. Even celebrities with the likes of Rihanna, Paris Hilton and one of the Olsen twins supported such look, which they did with a great bang and a thumbs up. However, if you have a round face shape, then definitely this is one of the best hairstyles dedicated for you. So better visit that salon now and ask your image stylist to cut it fashionably irregular.

4. Layered Short With Bangs

Looks Great If You Have Wide Forehead & Normal Hair

best short haircuts for women

Once you go to your favorite salon and you don’t have anything in mind, why not keep it down to simplicity? Have a short layered haircut and ask the one who cuts your hair to cut some bangs just to add some style. The layered cut will add a bit volume to it and the bangs will make your haircut trendy. For ladies who have a wide forehead that they are a bit conscious about, having bangs will hide it and you will be conscious no more.

5. Short Cut And A Middle Hairline

Looks Great If You Have Square Face & Normal Hair

cute short hair styles

If you are one of those women who have a square face, you might consider parting your hair in between (ensure that it is really in the middle) and have it cut short. The middle hairline will do wonders to your square face and you will look both classic and neat.

Bobs never go out of style… literally. Ever since time immemorial, bob cuts are being sported both by celebrities and normal citizens. This fact alone is already an evidence that this cut is great and trendy because if it is not, we are pretty sure that no one will wear the bob cut look ever again. But since it is not the case, you might try having a bob cut because it is certainly one of the cute short haircuts for women and girls. Many celebrities sported the look such as Kiera Knightley, Ashley Greene, Emma Roberts, and Jessica Alba among many others. These bob cuts generate wows and several glances on streets and in any public areas due to the fact that they are very cool and trendy to look at. You might wish to go over with these cuts and you’ll be surprised that you can find something to your liking with these cute short haircuts.

6. Straight Bob Cut

Looks Great On Any Face Shape & Hair Type

cute short haircuts for women

With a straight bob, you will look as simple yet as hot as you can be. You keep styling and volume to a minimum. However, if you want to, you can always add on some volume to it by using some tested hair sprays that cannot damage your hair. What is best for this type of bob cut is the fact that all face shapes will go well with it, hence, the lesser chance of imperfection.

7. Pointed Short Bob

Looks Great If You Have Square, Round Face & Heavy Wavy Hair

cute short haircuts for women

Contrary to the straight bob cut, these tapered short bob will be cut right in your chin and will be ironed out to give you that pointed tapered look. This is best for hair types that are straight to a little bit wavy. For those who have naturally heavy wavy hair, it is best if you try another cut. For the shape of the face, this cut is best for round and square shapes.

8. Straight Bob With Bangs

Looks Great If You Have Pointed Face & Straight Silky Hair

cute short haircuts for women

Best for pointed face, a straight bob with bangs highlight your face’s features because it only shows what needs to be seen: eyes, nose and lips. The cut exudes the aura of confidence, glam and strength that every women should possess.

9. Wild And Layered Bob

Looks Great If You Heart-Shaped Face & Wavy Hair

cute short haircuts for women

A bob cut accentuated with short and shattered bangs as well as textured layers and multi-colors create a different view. It’s wild, it’s sexy and it’s ultra chic. This cut is good for heart-shaped faces. This is also good for hairs that are medium to thick in volume, and straight to wavy in texture. However, if you have this haircut, it is important that you have regular bangs appointments. It is best that you squeeze regular bangs trimming in between your haircut appointments.

10. The Lady-Like Soft Bob Cut

Looks Great If You Have Round Face & Straight Thick Hair

best short haircuts for women

This type of bob cut has long bangs that accent the curve in your face. At the back view, your hair will fall right just above your shoulders as it swoop down to a long curve at the front which provides you an elegant look. This elongated bob looks great on people with square and round face shapes. It is also important that you have a straight thick hair if you really want to achieve this kind of look. If you have a very thick hair though, it is best if you opt for a cut that has more layers to make your hair light.

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