Top 10 Differences Between Roll On And Stick Deodorants

It is hard to tell the difference between roll on and stick deodorant unless you have been using them for a while or know what purpose they serve. Though both roll-on and stick deodorants have a similar function, they have a few distinguishing features.

What Is The Difference Between Roll On And Stick Deodorant?

Here are the differentiating features of a roll-on and a stick deodorant:

NoRoll-On DeodorantStick Deodorant
1.The bottle has a rolling applicator or a rolling ball that dispenses the liquid uniformly and smoothly.The bottle has a twister at the bottom to help slide the stick up and down.
2.It comes in liquid or gel form.It comes in non-sticky, soft-solid form.
3.It leaves a cool, wet sensation after applied to the skin.It does not leave any wet sensation after it is applied.
4.It helps prevent bacterial growth.It helps prevent bacterial growth.
5.It comes in both scented & non-scented packages.It also comes in both scented & non-scented packages.
6.It uses antimicrobial agents like triclosan, alcohol, and parabens.It uses antimicrobial agents like DEA (diethanolamine), (triethanolamine), FD&C colors, parabens, and alcohol.
7.The gel-based roll-ons are less likely to leave white stains on the clothes than the liquid ones.The stick deodorants are more likely to cause stains on the clothes.
8.It takes some time to absorb because it is in its liquid form. However, alcohol helps in this to some extent.It takes less time to absorb. Since it is a non-sticky solid, smearing it on is easy. The Silica helps absorb the product better.
9.If it has antiperspirants, it will help control sweating.If it has antiperspirants, it will help control sweating.
10.It leaves the skin fresh even after sweating.Its wax-like solid starts to crumble, flake, and then produce small balls on the skin once a person sweats.

So, the next time someone asks you to list the difference between roll and stick deodorant, you will be able to tell what they are.