10 Flowers That Represent Strength and Courage

Like pictures, even flowers speak more than a thousand words. There are times when your beloved might be feeling low due to his or her life hardships. An ideal way to boost power, courage, and strength is certainly flowers. However, each flower has its meaning. So, make sure to give the right flowers that represent strength.

Top 10 Flowers That Represent Strength

Whether you want to admire a person’s strength or just want to bring back the vigor, these flowers make the perfect gifts.

10. Gladioli Flowers

Symbolize: Strength of a character, Faithfulness, and Power.

flower that represents strengthGladioli symbolize strength. However, do not give the pink versions, as they are among those flowers that represent death. Give the purple or red ones instead. These flowers appear like long spikes, each ranging from 2 – 4 feet in height.

They look amazing in floral displays and come in different colors like pink, purple, yellow, red, white, green, orange, etc. The word gladioli is derived from the Latin term gladius, which means sword. Though the flower is extremely beautiful, you will be surprised to read the fact that its bulb is poisonous. Once the sap gets into the skin, it causes extreme irritation.

With gladioli, one doesn’t have to include cards expressing his or her emotions, as the flowers themselves carry a symbolic synonym to a recipient. The red gladioli convey passion, while the white indicates purity, and the yellow denotes friendship.

9. Sweet pea

Symbolize: Vigor, Power, Blissful pleasure, Risk taker, and Thank You.

flowers that represent strength

Sweet pea is not only one of the world’s most beautiful flowers but also well admired for its rich fragrance. However, the seeds of sweet peas are toxic. If consumed, it gives rise to a disease named odoratism, whose symptoms are much similar to scurvy. Sweet pea is native to the eastern Mediterranean but later spread to North America and Great Britain, where they are claimed as the “Queen of Annuals.”

The origin of this flower dates back to the seventeenth century in Italy when a monk named Franciscus cupani sent some seeds to England. Later a Scottish gardener named Harry Eckford crossbred and created ornamental, sweet-scented, colorful sweet pea we see today.

8. Rosemary Flowers

Symbolize: Healing, Strengthener, Good Luck, Invigorating, and Devotion.

flowers that symbolize strength

Another flower that represents strength is none other than “Rosemary.” It is a perennial, woody herb, which is well liked for its fragrance and needle-shaped leaves. It originated from the Mediterranean region and often come in different hues – purple, blue, pink, white, purple, etc. The word rosemary is derived from the Latin term Rosmarinus, where ros refers to dew and marinus refers to sea.

The origin of the flower dates back to the ancient Greek mythology where the Greek goddess named Aphrodite was draped around with the flowers when she was rising from the sea. According to the legend, the Virgin Mary spread out her beautiful blue cloak on the white rosemary bush, which then the blooms turned blue; thus, the shrub was known as the “Rose of Mary.”

7. Daisy Flowers

Symbolize: Innocence, Encourage, Purity, Self discovery, and Inner Strength


Daisies are known by different names like horse gowan, ox-eye, moon penny, etc. There are about 124 species of daisies, and each has different meanings. The name Daisy has made into many phrases and slang words. A popular phrase was “ups-a-daisy”, which was used in the 1800s to encourage a kid to get up when he or she fell. Later, this slowly transformed to “whoops-a-daisy” or “oopsy daisy” – an exclamation that is made after a mistake or stumble.

6. Snapdragons

Symbolize: Power, Strength, Graciousness, and Deception.

flower meaning strength

According to the researchers, there are roughly around 40 flower species of dragon plants or snapdragons. They belong to the genus Antirrhinums. The clustered blooms and erect growth of a Snapdragon plant signify strength. However, the flower also means concealment or deception. When this beautiful flower is softly squeezed, it makes it appear like a dragon’s head.

Snapdragons are also called by other names like calf’s snout, toad’s mouth, and lion’s mouth. You will be fascinated in reading the fact that only big insects such as bumblebees can easily pollinate the snapdragons because their heavy petals make it difficult for the tiny insects to drive apart. Snapdragons originated from America, North Africa, and Southern Spain but later spread throughout the Europe.

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