Funny Ways to Say Hello – 20 New English Phrases To Try

Funny Ways to Say Hello – It is a custom of every human to say a greeting when they meet a friend or an acquaintance. People tend to wave or even stop for a short talk when they see someone they know, just to acknowledged the other one’s presence. As a matter of fact, a simple hi or hello is the simplest form of being friendly… well, except perhaps if you’re a snob, right? Being a snob is a big no-no, especially if you want to gain many friends.

The greetings of hi’s and hello’s will make someone’s day great, especially if it is given with a genuine smile that is plastered on your lips. However, there really are some people who are not snobs but people think they are. This can be because they are too shy to wave or say hello to someone. Since people have different personalities – some are extroverts while others are introverts – it is a need to know how to rightfully approach or acknowledge an individual so that you will not be labeled as a “snob” or a “feeling close” person. Considering this, we have listed some Funny Ways to Say Hello!!. Read on.

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20 Creative Yet Funny Ways To Say Hello

Funny Ways To Say Hello

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, this list subjecting different and funny ways to say hello is perfect for you. Rest assured that after you finish reading this article, you will be equipped with the right amount of confidence and friendliness to acknowledge one’s presence through a simple hello.

1. “Hola!”

You can greet someone a hello by putting a different twist and use another language! Hola is the Spanish form of the word hello, and is most commonly used in greeting as well. When Spanish speaking people use the word hola, they are always lively and have a big smile on their faces. So to make this kind of greeting work, you should ensure that you also have that big smile and lively attitude when you greet someone.

2. “Yo!”

This is usually use in informal cases and is said as well as exchanged between friends who are in their younger years. So Yo is one of the funny ways to say hello, as long as you be careful to whom you use because this kind of greeting can insult if you are greeting someone, who is very senior to you. Yo may be a bit disrespectful to some adults. Hence, you might go for a formal greeting to be safe.

3. “Good morning / good afternoon / good evening”

These three greetings are used in relation to time of the greeting. It is more of a formal greeting, which is usually used in cases where you greet and acknowledge a person who is higher than you. Say for example, your boss or the elderly. These are also used in restaurants, hotels, and other establishments when they greet their customers. Some people use this greeting when they have to say hi or hello to someone they are just acquainted with, and not really that friends.

4. “Hey there!”

Another informal greeting or funny ways to say hello is hey there! This can be used between closed friends, buddies and with romantic partners. The ‘hey there’ approach shows that you are comfortable with the person you are greeting. There is no need for any formalities on your end. This is not only common in personal greetings but also in texts, e-mails and even phone calls with the same kind of persons that you have established a close relationship with.

5. “How are you?”

Yet another alternative and a good way to say hello is how are you? You may be asking a question, but this is also a form of saying hello. This is one of the different ways to say hi since you are already starting a conversation. It also shows that you are particularly keen to know more about the life of the one you are talking to. As you are asking how she/he is, you are also building a rapport and establishing a connection with the person. Mind you, the person will feel special when you ask how things are going on with her/his life.

6. “Hey! What’s up?”

Also related to ‘how are you’, the ‘hey! What’s up’ approach is more informal and one of the funny ways to say hello. It is used between close friends who are of the same age or have a close age-difference. This is a casual greeting, and men often say this greeting with a high-five.

7. “Howdy?”

If you say such greeting with a cowboy twang, then definitely, this can be one of the funny ways to say Hello. Howdy is a southern version of the word hello. Though there are only a few people who are using such way of greeting, howdy is slowly backed on the greeting-trend. Seriously, you can try this one for a cool approach.

8. “Why hello there”

Some women may get a lot of this form of hello, as most men use this phrase to get a woman’s attention. This can be a bit sexy and an attractive way of saying hello and opening up a conversation with someone that you are interested with. However, just make sure that you have the correct intonation and appropriate facial expressions, so that the woman you are talking to will not be afraid of your motives or think of something bad about you.

9. “Oh! There she/he is!”

Place an emphasis on the ‘there’ part of the sentence for a more dramatic effect. This is most commonly used in instances when you are looking for a person and you found him/her, or if you are already expecting to see that person in the area. Usually said with intense or exaggerated delight, this way of greeting is one of my personal choices if the person that I am about to greet is really close with me, and that I have a comfortable relationship with him/her.

10. “Hiya!”

The word is used in some martial arts, and maybe you have even heard this from karate when someone kicks or punches and she/he is taking his force and energy from blurting the word out. But hiya is also an informal way of saying hello to your friends. Be cautious of your facial expression though, you surely do not want someone to think that you are challenging them for a fight.

11. “Greetings”

The word in itself is very formal, but it is up to you if you have the courage and the humor to make it informal and funny. Since robots on TVs and movies are using this greeting, you may imitate their voice and say the word in such conviction of being a robot. Your robotic voice, facial expression and your gesture has it all – these 3 factors will definitely make a way for it to become one of the funny ways to say hello.

12. “You seem familiar. Have we met before?”

So okay, this line always cracks me up especially on occasions that I don’t know the person who just approached me because the conversation will usually end with “May I have your number?” For strangers, men in particular, they are using this line when they are interested with someone yet are shy or afraid to come up and introduce themselves. People use this greeting as a form of their hello. Also, it makes me laugh out loud when I use this line with people I approach that I seriously do know in person. They will either think that I have amnesia or playfully nudge me on the side saying, “So okay, now you forget after 10 years of friendship?” One of my favorite hello lines ever!

13. “Good to see you / great to see you / nice to see you”

Whatever you choose among the three, they all have the same notion that you are happy to see a friend. This is a safe greeting since it can be use either casually or in more formal occasions where you talk with your friends, families, workmates, colleagues, or even your bosses or someone with a higher position or age than you do.

14. “Giddyup!”

One of those informal ways of saying hello is giddyup. This word is used when you want to make a horse move or go faster. This is usually used when you are with someone who is of your age. The term is most common in teenagers and is usually used between closed friends or in groups.

15. “What are you doing today?”

This is a very casual greeting, yet a very great one too. With this kind of greeting, you can never go wrong because this shows that you are interested on the person you are talking to. If you are interested in someone, you can even offer her/him some of your help if she/he has some errands for the day. However, in doing so, just make sure that you have a free day as well since you don’t expect to start an errand and leave it unfinished in the middle of the day.

Other Unique Ways To Say Hello

Above are the different ways to say hello to someone, yet there are also other creative ideas that you can do if you really want to say hello in a grand and unforgettable way. These ways are usually reserved for those people that you are sort of being romantic with, or the person that you just want to surprise and make him/her have a nice way to start his/her day.

16. Print It

Print the word “HELLO!” in a crisp white paper and send it via the postal service! Seriously, this can get the person think that there are some hidden message on the paper because no one on their “right mind” will actually take the effort of sending a hello message and have it delivered by the post office – well, with the exception of you, of course!

17. Shave Your Head With “Hello”

Shave “HELLO!” in your head. Uhmm, okay, this might need some careful thought and consideration because growing your hair back will take quite awhile. So in case, you don’t want to go with a hello carved on your head for some time, better check out other options.

18. Sign Board

Have a sign that says “HELLO!” upside down and bungee jump on an overpass bridge. Take note that this is quite a dangerous stunt to pull up. You might need some serious help from bungee professionals here. Make sure that you are well-harnessed and that the length of the string is just enough for you not to be run over and hit by a car. If you really decide for this stunt though, also ensure that the words you wrote will be readable in upside down since you will be upside down too.

19. Pizza That Says Hello

HELLO Pizza delivery! Oh man, this is perhaps one of the best hello greetings in the world for me. Order a pizza and have the words hello written on it, then have it delivered to the person that you want to greet. Surely, it’ll earn a thumbs up sign from whoever you will deliver it to.

20. The Newspaper HELLO Greeting

This is definitely one of the most unique and different ways to say hello. You may even receive a good laugh for it because it’s also funny. Have your daily local paper print the hello message along with the person you want to greet for the day. Just make sure that you will have it printed on the paper that the person is always reading to guarantee that he/she can see your message.

Though there are many different ways to say hello – some funny, while some are not – the most important thing here is the sincerity that you have when greeting the person. Do not simply greet because you want to look friendly in the eyes of others, instead, you should greet because you want to be friends or maintain friendship with the person. There is a difference between the two, and I tell you that whoever it is that you are greeting, he/she knows when one person is genuine or not.

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