Top 10 Health Benefits Of Red Bell Peppers (Red Capsicum)

Bell peppers come in different colors like green, red, orange, and yellow. Talking about the red variety in specific, they are packed with goodies. To name a few health benefits of red bell peppers, it helps absorb iron, prevents hypertension, acts as a diuretic, reduces bloating, and boosts metabolism.

What Is Red Bell Pepper?

Red bell pepper (red capsicum or sweet pepper) is a vegetable that belongs to the capsicum family. It is the less-pungent variety, meaning that the white seeds and ribs inside the deep red covering can be consumed.

Fact: Red bell peppers are the ripe versions of green bell peppers (or capsicums).

Unlike chili powder and cayenne peppers, bell peppers taste sweet rather than hot. This is because they lack in the primary heat compound called capsaicin. With their brilliant colors and robust, sweet flavors, roasted bell peppers have become common ingredients in many cuisines around the world.

health benefits of red bell peppersDid you know that just 1 serving (25 calories) of red bell peppers is equal to the number of calories you burn during:

  • 22 minutes of sleeping
  • 2-3 minutes of running (6 mph)
  • 4 minutes of wood chopping
  • 4 minutes of stationary rowing

So, there are valid reasons to munch this brightly-colored vegetable. Red bell peppers are otherwise known as red capsicums. Botanically, they are fruits but as per the culinary texts, people consider them as vegetables. Comparing with the green bell peppers, the red variety is sweeter and contains twice the amount of vitamin C.

Nutritional Facts: Red bell peppers (scientifically known as Capsicum annuum L) are a rich source of Vitamin A, C, B6, E, K, iron, folate, fiber, phosphorous, calcium, and potassium.

10 Health Benefits Of Red Bell Peppers

Refreshing and crisp, with essence ranging from mildly astringent to delicately sweet, bell peppers are one of the most versatile vegetables. Though all the varieties of bell peppers are nutritious, the red ones are the best bet. They not only offer amazing natural flavors but are also packed with multiple benefits:

1 Hair Growth

Vitamin C is the best nutrient that helps the hair to grow better and stronger. It helps produce collagen, which not only promotes growth but also maintains its healthiness. Vitamin C absorbs iron and makes sure that the tresses are healthy & smooth.

It improves the blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. It acts as a shield to the hair follicles and defends it from harmful effects of DHT. Further, it prevents other hair problems like dryness, split ends, and roughness.

2 Stops Hair Graying

The folic acid in red bell peppers can help stop premature hair graying. A lack of this nutrient not only slows the way your hair grows but also turns them gray.

Adequate quantities of red bell peppers prevent premature hair graying but not the one that naturally comes with age because that is something that is natural and cannot be reversed. Once the folic acid levels in the body go back to normal, the gray hair turns to the original color they once had.

3 Clears Dandruff

The one most common hair problem we all face is dandruff, which often leaves the scalp itchy, dry, and flaky. If left untreated, this can worsen over time. This usually occurs due to the vitamin A deficiency.

Beta-carotene is a provitamin A, which when digested converts to vitamin A and the liver carries out this activity. So, when you eat colored vegetables like red bell pepper, the amounts of this vitamin is sustained and prevents dandruff.

benefits of red bell peppers

4 Treats Skin Burns

Several studies suggest that adequate amounts of vitamin C in the body can help heal wounds and burns at a much faster rate if there are any. It reduces the ventilation requirements in patients suffering from severe burns. Other than this, the essential antioxidants in vitamin C also heal lesions.

High doses of vitamin C have the ability to reduce even the capillary leakage that occurs before a burn injury. Since vitamin C promotes the development of new skin and tissues, it works amazingly to heal wounds and burns.

5 Facial Glow

Dull, dry, and pale skin with dark circles are common symptoms of anemia that occurs due to the deficiency in iron. Iron deficiency causes the hemoglobin to decrease, thereby reducing the production of RBCs as well.

When there is a low oxygen flow, the skin eventually deprives of its texture, color, elasticity and makes it appear sallow (or yellow). However, a healthy amount of iron from red bell peppers in your everyday diet can provide the skin with a perfect pinkish glow.

6 Youthful Skin

Though there are multiple health benefits of red bell peppers, this is something important to make a note of. Out of all the bell peppers, the red variety has the highest amount of beta-carotene. It is the reddish-orange pigment seen in fruits & plants and is more commonly found in dark-colored vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, etc.

Once you consume dark-colored veggies and fruits, the liver converts the beta-carotene into A-vitamin (retinol). This, in turn, promotes younger-looking skin, healthier mucus membranes, better eyesight, and stronger immune system.

health benefits of red bell peppers

7 Maximum Vitamin A

Adding freshly chopped red bell peppers can do a lot of good to the overall health and that’s because they have the maximum vitamin A content. A sufficient amount of vitamin A promotes 20-20 eye vision and prevents deadly problems like night blindness.

Besides this, vitamin A also regenerates the tissues and cells in immune system, skin, and bones. It produces healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissues so that you feel energized. Every cup of red pepper (chopped) contains 4,665 IU of vitamin A, enough to fulfill the recommended everyday intake.

8 Prevents Diseases

One of the best health benefits of red bell peppers is that after vitamin A, they are enormously packed with vitamin C as well. Just 1 cup of freshly chopped red bell peppers contains a 190 mg of vitamin C. This means that even if you eat half-a-cup, it is adequate to satisfy the recommended daily dosage.

According to science, vitamin C is the powerhouse antioxidant. This means that whenever the body feels weak, dull, and aged, the first choice to fight against all these and other free radicals is vitamin C. It is also vital for activating the enzymes in the cells, including the ones that the body needs to build collagen (a protein that maintains stronger tissues). To top it all, high levels of vitamin C are associated with low risk of fatal diseases like cancer.

9 Lose Weight

Another benefit of eating red bell peppers is that they assist in losing weight. Just 1 small cup of red bell pepper contains 31 calories. The best part – they are free from fat or cholesterol. They burn calories by increasing the metabolic and activating the thermogenesis. Their mild thermogenic effect enhances the metabolism without raising the blood pressure or heart rate like other pepper varieties do.

10 Improves Mood

Adding red bell peppers in your daily diet can enhance your mood and reduce stress as well as anxiety. Vitamin C is more than an antioxidant. It plays a vital role in producing a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. This directly affects an individual’s mood and make sure that other critical brain cells are functioning properly.

The other red bell pepper benefits include reducing anxiety, lowering the blood sugar levels, boosting the microvascular function, reducing stress, preventing flu, reduces cardiovascular diseases, enhances brain functions, and fighting against oxidative damage.

Avoid Red Bell Pepper:

  • If you are allergic to it.
  • If you are on prescription drugs for lowering cholesterol.
  • If you are on weight-control medications.
  • If you have liver problems.

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