How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last?

Hairs are one of the vital parts of a human body. They provide thermal regulation and helps in protection. With such importance, it should not be taken for granted, right? But then again, due to the evolution of beliefs and trends, people have taken into account that hair removal is good. However it is not!

Some shave, some thread while others wax. There are many ways to remove hairs all over your body, and people – often women – tend to remove hairs on their underarms, eyebrows, upper lips, legs, arms, genitals… basically, all over their bodies.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last

The methods of hair removal vary widely from cultures and different periods in history. However, it is often a personal choice. As said earlier, girls are more keen and fanatic of hair removal compared to boys, and they have a very good reason for it. Who would want to see some underarm hairs when they wear sleeveless, or see some pubic hairs when they are in their bikinis?

If you are a girl, you may be conscious of how you look and how men perceive you. Hence, you are undergoing hair removal to help enhance your physical look and become more presentable. In this case, one of the areas that you want to come clean is the removal of hairs in your pubic region. You won’t look good in a bikini without removing those unwanted hairs because they will just distract people looking at you. Hence, you will certainly opt for those pubic hairs to be removed.

Types Of Bikini Waxing

One of the very popular and most sought after method of removing the hairs in your pubic area is through waxing. There are different types of bikini waxing that you can choose from:

American waxing is the removal of hairs that are being exposed in the swimsuit, and it is usually trimmed shorter.

French waxing removes all hairs with exception of a vertical strip in front which is usually called the landing strip or a Playboy strip.

Brazilian waxing leaves no hair at all because it will remove all the hairs in your pubic area, be it in the front or back.

With these three types of waxing, most ladies go for Brazilian wax considering that it removes all hairs including on parts near your anus, perineum and vulva. Brazilian waxing is also called in different names such as ‘full Brazilian wax’, ‘full bikini wax’, ‘Hollywood wax’ or ‘Sphinx’. So, the question is how long does a Brazilian wax last? Read below.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last?

The result of the waxing varies. The answer to the question how long does a Brazilian wax last depend on each person’s rate of hair growth. Some people would have fast hair growth, while some are slow. In most cases of waxing, the first appearance of hair growth will be seen within 2-3 weeks time. There will be minimal growth that is often invisible to the naked eye during the first and second weeks, but it will eventually become noticeable during the third and fourth week.However, if your previous waxing session was ages ago or if you are a first timer, the appearance of stubbles may be visible in just 8 days because some hairs may have stayed under the skin.

How Long Does The Brazilian Waxing Procedure Last?
There is no definite time for waxing to be finished because it all depends on the amount of hair that a person has, and it also depends on the gender. For a woman, normal waxing should take between 30 minutes to 1 hour whereas for men it can extend from 45 to 90 minutes.

Before Your First Try…

If you are new to Brazilian waxing, you should expect it to be painful. Prepare yourself to meet the pain and have the courage to face it. If you have a low pain tolerance, then we strongly recommend that you choose a different approach if you want those unwanted hairs to be removed.

There is a hair length that is ideal for waxing, which is a quarter-inch. Usually, a quarter inch hair length in the pubic area can be achieved with at least three weeks of being shave-free.

Since you need to show your private parts, you will be required to remove your undergarments. However, there are some ladies who already prefer to wear skirts beforehand so that they can just lift it up and get the procedure done.

Once On The Table…

When you are ready for the whole procedure, you will be asked to get on top of the waxing table/bed. You will then assume a position that they call as the ‘butterfly pose’, where you will have to keep a your feet together with knees apart.

You will also have to assume a position wherein you need to bring your knees up to your chest to give more access to the one who is doing the waxing to remove unwanted hairs that are not easily accessed.

Pain is obvious during the procedure. It is greater for people who are on their first times. This is due to the fact that the first timer usually have bigger bulb than the pores that you are taking the hair away from. These bulbs tend to become smaller during on a course of regular waxing because this will help make the hair grow fine.

One of the best ways to ease tension, nervousness, boredom and even pain during your waxing treatment is to keep the atmosphere light and lively by conversing with the person who is attending to your needs. This will help distract your thinking away from the procedure.

Expect After…

Once you are done with your Brazilian waxing procedure, you are already free of those pubic hairs. However, it will leave the area a little sore, redder, and somewhat bumpy. In order to address this issue, some waxers and waxing salon will recommend special creams that can help soothe the pain for you.

Factors That Affect Hair Growth

1. Weather

When it comes to how long does a Brazilian wax last, weather has an added effect. Hair grows quickly during the summer season compared in winter because heat stimulates hair growth.

2. Food

Even food is a major culprit when it comes to hair growth. If you eat foods that are high in omega-3 such as salmon, beans and nuts, this will result to a more rapid hair growth. And you would need to meet with your waxer again after a short time if you are eating these foods.

3. Age

Another key factor for hair growth and on how long does a Brazilian wax lasts is your age. Due to the aging process, the hair growth in older people decrease, hence, a Brazilian wax is best for them. But if you are still young, you can expect to meet your waxer every now and then considering that you have a high rate of hair growth. However, when you wax regularly, it takes more time for the hair to grow.

The Benefit Of Regular Waxing…

Regular waxing is beneficial when it comes to lengthening the rate of hair growth. If you undergo regular waxing, your hair follicles may take more time to replenish what is lost. Hence, increasing the time frame in-between waxing. It takes 8 weeks for some people for their hair to grow even after several continuous waxing treatment, while some do not even grow hairs at all. Cool isn’t it?

Keep These Things In Mind While Doing Brazilian Waxing…

Though there are many who said that they have positive experiences through waxing, there are still a few who said that they will not recommend such thing because of the side effects that they have to endure. As they say, not all things you want to indulge yourself in can be actually good to your body.

Since there can be redness and a few irritation, there are few things you need to know and understand to avoid or lessen break out points – as hair may break during waxing. These tips are as follows:

  • Refrain from heavy exercises after you waxed for at least 24 hours.
  • Never use exfoliating products and loofas on the waxed area for at least 24 hours after you have waxed as it can lead to skin irritation.
  • Avoid and stay away from steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools and some other heated or steamed sources for the next 48 hours.
  • Stay away from tight clothing on the waxed area after waxing. If you are a girl, a skirt will be a good thing to keep it light and breezy. You should avoid these tight clothing because it can lead to ingrown hairs and skin irritation on your newly waxed area.
  • You may exfoliate the area after 24-48 hours since it can help remove the dead skin that blocks the hairs from growing. If your hair cannot surface out from the pores and grow, it can result to an ingrown hair.
  • Never wax if you are taking accutane as this is only good for treating acne. Accutane makes your skin thinner which makes it prone to tearing during a waxing procedure. You should always be honest with what you are taking in as medications and foods, as well as your medical history, because it is important for your waxer to know your general health.
  • Alcohol and other stimulants are a big no-no when you are planning to go and get waxed. Alcohol and stimulants like caffeine and chocolates can affect your skin turgor. It will also affect the accuracy of your waxing as it will tighten the pores making the procedure difficult and slow.
  • Never ever wax if you have sunburn as this will only add further injury to the skin.
  • Another important thing to consider is to stay away from beaches. Since you are newly waxed on a sensitive area, it will react sensitively to the salt water and the sand. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from that help minimize and avoid skin irritation.
  • Avoid waxing during your menstrual period because you are most sensitive during that specific time of the month. Your pain tolerance may also decrease making the procedure more painful for you.
  • Pregnant women should also take into consideration their status before undergoing the Brzailian wax procedure as pregnancy will also increase pain sensitivity and reflex.


No hot bath, nor hot shower and oral sex after Brazilian waxing within the next 10 hours after. This is mainly because of the fact that the pores on that area are still open making it susceptible and defenseless to irritation due to the hot temperature and the presence of bacteria.

Knowing all of these stuffs, I hope that you are now fully equipped with the knowledge and understanding that you need if ever you want to have a Brazilian wax. How long does a Brazilian wax lasts means that it is helpful in saying ‘so long’ to those unwanted hairs for some time. The procedure is quick and also promising because it can give you weeks and months (for the very few and lucky) pubic hair free time.

If ever you already made up your mind that you will really do this, ensure that you have the confidence to bare it to your waxer because if you are not confident enough, your waxer will have a hard time getting the hairs out, especially on those inaccessible areas.

It is also important that you look for professional waxers, so that you will have the peace of mind that the one who is handling you is a certified or licensed waxer. But then again, if you want to do it yourself because you are not comfortable letting someone see that private part, there are still a lot of DIYs waxing products and tips that you can use and take advantage of.

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