How Many Times Can You Take The ASVAB?

ASVAB is an abbreviation for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test. The test package comprises of multiple choice questions, and the selection is based on the cut-off criteria. The need for the test is to evaluate your potential to enlist for the armed services (Military Occupational Posts).

How Many Times Can You Take The ASVAB?

What Does ASVAB Measure?

The test is used to measure the knowledge and skill of the candidate. The test is used to evaluate the ability of the individual in 10 areas of specialization.

The ASVAB test must not be mistaken for an IQ test. But, ASVAB will help the army to make an assessment with regards to the jobs that are ideal for the applying candidate.

Preparing For The ASVAB

No additional preparation is needed for the applying candidate to take the ASVAB. All you need is a healthy mind and a good night’s sleep. Being punctual for the test is another important aspect.

Who Authorizes The ASVAB And Where The Test Location?

The federal government authorizes the ASVAB test and test administrators will mediate the process on behalf of the government. ASVAB test is conducted at the schools. You must consult your academic advisor to express your interest in the enrollment test. Your school will authorize the location for the test to be conducted. You must check with your academic advisor for extra information. If you aren’t at school, yet you wish to take the test, you must consult your recruiter.

The Structure Of The ASVAB Test

The ASVAB test is segregated into ten sections. The total test duration allowed for the completion is 3 hours. Prior to taking the test, you will be briefed about the instructions and the remaining test time will be regularly updated to you by the test administrator.

But, before you start you will have an opportunity to answer some of the practice questions to help you prepare briefly before the commencement of the actual test. You can also seek clarification for your doubts regarding the test prior to the test commencement.

The Type Of Questions Asked On The ASVAB?

The questions posed in the ASVAB are extracted from the topics like arithmetic reasoning, paragraph comprehension, coding speed, word knowledge, auto and shop information, electronics, mathematics, and mechanical comprehension.

How Are Marks Allotted And What Is It Score Evaluation Pattern?

It is compulsory to have a minimum score of 31 in your ASVAB test to qualify for the enlistment process. Your ASVAB scores will be delivered to you via report (ASVAB Student Results Sheet) along with additional information that illustrates your score.

How Many Times Can You Take The ASVAB?

So, how many times can you take the ASVAB? Once you apply for the ASVAB, you will have to wait for duration of 30 days to reattempt the test. If you are unable to clear the test the second time, you will need to wait another 30 days before reattempting again. But, if you are unable to clear the test the third time, you will be allowed a chance only after six months. Your ASVAB scores will remain valid for two years from the date of test.

Decoding The ASVAB Test

ASVAB is a spate of tests that are created by the Department of Defense. US Army is the authority for the test that determines the eligibility to enlist for the services. The test is primarily used to measure the aptitude of the applying candidate as well as to analyze the proficiency in the occupational specialties. The test is taken either online (computerized) or paper version. The online version of the test will be conducted at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). The paper version of the test will be carried out at the Military Entrance Test (MET) sites around the US.

Classification Of The Test Topics

  • Arithmetic – Evaluation of math skills and ability to solve arithmetic word problems.
  • Paragraph Comprehension–Case study from a written material.
  • Word knowledge– Ability to reckon the meaning of words based on the synonyms.
  • Auto and Shop Information–Evaluation of the capacity to understand the automobile functions, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Electronic Information–Testing the skills the individual has on current, circuits and electronic component configuration.
  • Mathematical Knowledge–testing the applicant for skill in math and applications.
  • Mechanical understanding– Understandability of mechanical properties, materials, and structural support.
  • Assembling Objects– Assessing the skills to solve special relation problems.

ASVAB Scores

The most important of the ASVAB scores is the AFQT score. It is the deciding factor whether or not you are eligible for being absorbed into the armed forces. But, ASVAB scores will be split into well-defined scoring areas like the line scores. Here are the parts of ASVAB that affects your line score.

  • General Technical (GT)
  • Skilled Technical (ST)
  • General Maintenance (GM)
  • Clerical (CL)
  • Surveillance and Communications (SC)
  • Combat (CO)
  • Electronics (EL)
  • Field Artillery (FA)
  • Mechanical Maintenance (MM)
  • Operators and Food (OF)
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