How Often Should You Change Your Mattress & Pillows?

You must have used your mattress and pillows years and years for now — which often makes you wonder how often should you change your mattress? Below is the answer.

how often should you change your mattress

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?
According to Sleep Council, you should change your mattress once in every 5 – 7 years. However, if it is in a good condition, it can be changed or replaced in every 8 – 10 years.


How Often Should You Change Your Pillows?
The case of your pillows is entirely different. If you are keeping your favorite pillows for too long, then pay attention. Pillows must be changed every 6 months. We talk how nasty our mattress gets — however, pillows are more often forgotten.


I hope are clear with the answer to the question — how often should you replace your mattress. However, this is not the end of this article. There are still few important things, you should know.

“Sleep Council” recommends replacing your mattress every seven years. Much like other appliances in your home, even mattresses will not last forever. Thus, changing then could really make a big difference.

Tip To Sustain Your Mattress’s Longevity
Turn the mattress often to extend its life. Whenever you do this or when you replace its sheets, take time to check for your mattress properly. Consider evaluating its condition. Look at the box spring too.


Mattress companies used to advice you to change your mattresses every 8 – 10 years but then later changed it to 5 – 7 years once. Though this is true but more often depends on the condition of your mattress. So, you got to check how it is and judge when to exactly change your mattress. When I say “judging your mattress” – it literally means the below:

  • Is your mattress still comfortable for you to sleep on it?
  • Is it torn somewhere?
  • Has it been years and years of use?
  • Are there bed bugs on it? (If yes, please change it immediately)

To explain things better, I have listed them in points. Read the below section

13 Signs That Clearly Says Your Mattress Requires Replacing

So, how do you exactly know if a mattress is still in a proper condition? Did you know that we spend about 1/3rd of our lifetime sleeping. Therefore, it is very important to know if your mattress is doing its job well. I often hear people asking how often should you replace your mattress. Though the answer is given to you in the beginning of this article, there are still few things that can make you clear.

Though questioning about how often should you change your mattress could be easy but is hard to determine. Even though experts recommend it to be between 5 to 7 years, it more often depends on how it is. There is no point in wasting money and changing your mattress if it is still giving you complete comfort or is still in a good condition. However, mattress that are 10+ years old are not advised for further use. You require a brand new mattress, when you see the below signs:

1. You Start Getting Neck Or Back Pain After You Wake Up

If this sounds more like you, then know that your mattress is the culprit. If left unnoticed, your old mattress has the ability to cause severe health problems for you. If you are often getting back and neck aches after getting up from bed, then it means that your mattress is not supporting the body correctly. So, have it replaced at the right time.

2. You Get Up With Stiffness

Chances are that your body is only been supported by a part of your mattress whereas other parts might have broken or sagged.

3. Check Your Mattress Condition

If the mattress looks very old, then it should be changed with a new one. On the other hand, if you find any dips on the mattress, sags along its sides / in the middle, or has worn out, then know that it is time to replace your mattress. Yet another great way to check your mattress’s condition is by sitting on its sides. Does your mattress support properly or just collapses? Suppose, it collapses down or you feel its coils while lying on it, then it is a sign, which clearly says REPLACE IT. Also, if you find any of its stuffing sticking out or see your mattress shifting / creaking then you should probably start shopping around for a brand new mattress.

4. Your Lifestyle Could Also Call For A “New” Mattress

Sometimes even your lifestyle can make you buy a brand new mattress. Chances are that you might be spending a lot of time on your mattress – probably sleeping, sitting, reading a book or working with your laptop. May whatever the reason is – the more you use it, its time to replace becomes closer.

5. Your Body Changes Might Also Ask You To Replace Your Mattress

Our body changes as time pass, which in turn affects your mattress’s longevity too. Gaining and losing weight is deeply connected with your mattress. In fact, it can shorten / lengthen your mattress time. Pregnancy also modifies the stress put on a mattress, just the way kids jump on it. Often the way our body behaves tells us to get a new one. Say for example, if you have developed a back pain, then it is mostly your mattress to be blamed, which clearly says it needs replacing.

6. Check How Comfortable Is Your Mattress?

Since the question is about how often should you change your mattress, it is important for me to write about “feeling comfortable”. Now, you don’t have to watch out for a nice, cozy and comfortable spot on your mattress to sleep on. Most importantly, you must wake up fresh. Even if you don’t find any warning signs, which says it is time to change your mattress, you’ll be still surprised to see how much comfortable you feel after you get a new one. So, you will realize this only when you shop around and sit on a new one.

7. Check Its Duration

So, when was the last you changed your mattress? Has it been more than 10 years? If yes, then pay attention. If your mattresses are 7+ years, a new one is more likely to improve your night’s sleep. Also, observe your body or lifestyle changes, which might have occurred after using for a long time by now. If you’ve developed back aches, noticed increased / decreased activity levels, then your old mattress might no longer suit you.

8. You Feel More Comfortable On Mattresses Other Than Yours

If you happen to sit on your relatives or friends bed and find out that their mattresses are more comfortable than yours, then know that there is something wrong and its time to replace one.

9. Your Mattress Is Noisy Or Creaky

Pings and creaks coming from your mattress is yet another sign that it is getting old. At the same time, if you are finding it hard to have a proper sleep or develop pain while waking, then replace it before the problem worsens.

10. You Begin Feeling Its Springs

A very clear sign, which tells that your mattress has broken or degraded and requires replacing is when you feel those springs on your body. Don’t wait for all those springs to pop up. Consider pocket-sprung matters – it gives maximum comfort.

11. You Start Waking Up At Nights

Yet another sign that makes you replace your mattress is when you start waking up at nights. You are obviously uncomfortable, which is why you are lacking sleep.

12. You Observe A “Dip” At Its Middle

If you happen to see part of your mattress worn out, broken, or probably observe a dip in the middle, then know that you got to change. This ensures that you have a comfortable sleep all night.

13. Check With Your Spouse

If your spouse is turning and tossing all night, then it possibly means that your mattress is no longer giving the support like it should. When your partner does this tossing & turning most of the time at night, even you are not going to get a good sleep either. So, change it.

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