How To Draw A Bear Step By Step?

Learn how to draw a bear step by step from the easiest tutorial on the internet. Drawing a bear isn’t that complicated as it sounds. Whether you are teaching some kids or desiring to master the art of sketching a bear, this step by step process will surely help. Before we list the steps, make the drawing session of kids even more fun by telling them these interesting bear facts.

Interesting Facts About Bears
  • A bear is a highly intelligent animal. It has an excellent memory, higher navigation skills, and an amazing brain.
  • A bear can run as fast as 40 miles in an hour, which is fast enough to catch up a running horse.
  • The polar bear is the biggest land predators, standing more than 11’ in height and weighing more than 1700 lbs.
  • A bear has the most powerful sense of smell — in fact, much better than a dog or any other mammal on earth.
  • If a human consumes a polar bear’s liver, he or she will die because a human cannot handle so much of vitamin A.
  • A polar bear can smell its prey 32 km away (20 miles) even on the ice.

How To Draw A Bear Step By Step?

Before learning to draw a bear, keep the following things handy.

Things Required To Draw A Bear:
  • White papers or a notebook
  • HB Pencil
  • Color pencils / pastels / watercolors
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Compass or a pro-circle

Tutorial: How To Draw A Bear Step By Step?

Step 1: To learn how to draw a bear step by step, you need to sketch an outline first. Shapes are one of the best ways to simplify an object while drawing. So, to draw a bear, we will use rectangles and circles.

Based on the size of the bear, draw a square. Keep in mind that the bigger the bear, the bigger the rectangle and smaller the bear, smaller the rectangle. Inside the rectangle, draw two circles – one bigger (this will serve as an outline for the body) and one smaller (this will serve as an outline for the face).

Note: Keep the outline as light as possible because you can easily erase after the drawing is complete. Also, this will not leave any impression on the paper.

how to draw a bearStep 2: With the help of the circles, draw the legs, face, and body of the bear. Refer the image given below.

how to draw a bear step by stepStep 3: Draw two other legs and ears of the bear. Make sure not to extend beyond the rectangle you have drawn. Everything has to be inside the outline.

easy-ways-to-draw-a-bearStep 4: Sketch the bear’s eyes, nose, and mouth in a way that it is turning and looking somewhere. Add a detail to the ear, as shown in the picture.

drawing bearsStep 5: Erase the outline using an eraser. Complete the bear drawing by detailing some lines on the body. Highlight the paws as well.

a drawing of a bearStep 6: Since the bear is usually brown, color it nicely to make it look attractive. Add some green grass below its legs to make it appear as if it is standing.

how to draw a bear step by step

Tips To Note:
  • Make sure to keep the outline as light as possible so that it becomes easier for you to erase once the picture completes. This will also not leave impressions on the paper.
  • Though coloring a picture makes it look attractive, pencil shades are even better. If you are an artist, try playing with shades to make a picture look realistic and rich.
  • If possible, draw from a realistic photograph.
  • Any complicated object can be projected or simplified on paper with the help of shapes.

Hope the tutorial on how to draw a bear step by step has been easy for you to learn. Share your drawing experience in the comments section.

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