How To Draw A Bird Step By Step?

Learn how to draw a bird step by step in the simplest way possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner artist or helping kids in their bird drawing lessons, this tutorial will surely help. Before we show the step by step pictures, make the drawing sessions more fun by telling the kids some interesting facts about birds.

Interesting Facts About Birds
  • About 20% of the world’s bird species travel long distances each year.
  • The chicken is one of the most common birds found worldwide.
  • The world’s oldest bird is claimed to be an Archaeopteryx. It is said to have plenty of feathers and is the size of a raven.
  • The only recognized poisonous bird is hooded pitohui from Papua, New Guinea. Well, the poison lies in its feathers and skin.
  • An owl can turn its head in a complete circle (that is 360°), but it cannot move its eyes.
  • A kiwi bird is blind. Hence, it hunts with the help of smell.

How To Draw A Bird Step By Step?

Before learning how to draw a bird step by step, keep the following things handy.

Things Required To Draw A Bird:
  • White papers or a notebook
  • HB Pencil
  • Pro-circle / coins (of two different sizes)
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Watercolors / color pencils / pastels

Tutorial: How To Draw A Bird Step By Step?

Step 1: Any complicated picture can be simplified with the help of shapes. So, this applies for drawing a bird as well. To learn how to draw a bird step by step, keep circles as the base.

We will be drawing two birds in this tutorial. So, draw two small circles on the paper — one smaller and one bigger. You can use either coins or a pro-circle for this. Draw the bigger circle a little upper and right side of the paper while the smaller circle a little left and bottom side of the paper.

Note: Keep the outline (that is the circles) light so that it is easy to erase in the end.

how to draw a bird step by stepStep 2: Now starting a little bottom from the center of the circle, draw the body of both the birds. Refer the picture given below.

drawing birds step by stepStep 3: The next step is to draw the beak of both the birds. For mother bird, sketch the beak as shown whereas for the baby bird, keep the mouth open to make it look as if it is calling for the mama bird.

how to draw a bird step by stepStep 4: Draw the wings of both the birds, as shown in the image below.

how to draw a bird for kidsStep 5: Giver feather-like appearance for the wings you have drawn.

simple ways to draw a birdStep 6: Add a few more detail to the wings and complete the body with the help of the outline you drew. Sketch the eyes too.

how to draw birdsStep 7: Finish the look by drawing a nest for the baby bird and a tree branch. Draw a small worm on the mama bird’s mouth to make it appear as if she is bringing food for the baby bird.

Draw A Bird Step By StepStep 8: Come up with different colors to make the birds look realistic. The final bird drawing will look like this.

How To Draw A Bird Step By Step

Tips To Keep In Mind
  • Make sure to keep the outline as light as possible so that it is easier to erase in the end without leaving any impression on the paper.
  • Coloring the picture looks creative but only at the kids’ level. As an artist, add elegance and richness to an image with the help of different pencil shades.
  • Drawing is not a magical activity. It is never that only some people with amazing ability can do. Drawing is a skill, which can be learned (by practice) and even taught. If you desire to draw, always try to draw better and like a professional.
  • Drawing an object is all observing, concentrating, and portraying.

Hope, you liked reading the tips and learning how to draw a bird step by step in an easy way. Share your drawing experience with us in the comments section.

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