How To Draw A Bunny Step By Step?

how to draw a bunnyMany tutorials teach you how to draw a bunny step by step, but the question is how easily? Often, websites teach us to draw a rabbit in the most complicated way that as a beginner or helping a kid with his or her drawing lessons seems hard. Considering this, here is a simple tutorial that will help you for sure.

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How To Draw A Bunny Step By Step?

Whether you are a beginner, assisting some kids, or just mastering the art of drawing a bunny, this step by step method will surely be useful.

Things Required To Draw A Small Bunny
  • HB Pencil
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Plain papers
  • Color pencils or paint or pastels

Tutorial: How To Draw A Bunny Step By Step?

Step 1: To learn how to draw a rabbit step by step, start by drawing two intersecting circles. Make sure that the upper or top circle is smaller than the lower or bottom one, as shown in the below figure. This is your base grid. Use HB pencil and keep this outline as light as possible so that it will be easier to erase in the end.

how to draw a small bunnyStep 2: With the help of the sketched outline, draw the face and body of the bunny as shown in the below picture.

how to draw a rabbitStep 3: On the upper circle, that is the face, draw the nose, mouth, and eyes of the bunny.

how to draw a rabbit step by stepStep 4: On the bottom circle, that is the body, draw the paws of the bunny.

draw a bunny step by stepStep 5: Erase the outline (the two circles you drew initially) properly.  Be careful while doing this. Then, draw the rabbit’s ears and tail as shown in the below figure.

how to draw a bunny step by stepStep 6: Add some more detail to the rabbit’s ears, paws, and eyes so that it appears realistic.

drawing-a-bunnyStep 7: Add a little creativity by repeating the same steps above to draw another bunny next to the sketched bunny. The only difference will be the bunny’s face and ears, making it appear as if it is looking at the currently sketched bunny. Draw an oval grass ground so that it looks they are sitting.

how to draw bunniesStep 8: Color the rabbits as shown below. One in pink and another in grey, appearing as if they are a sweet couple.

how to draw a bunny step by step

Tips To Note:
  • Initially drawing a rabbit might seem complicated. Hence, as a beginner, always practice drawing in rough papers before going for the final copy.
  • No matter what the object is, drawing it on paper can be made simpler by projecting it with the help of shapes.
  • If you are not good at drawing circles, use a coin, geometric compass, or pro-circles.
  • Come up with different color ideas to make the object look realistic.
  • Keep the outline of a drawing very light so that erasing it is easy. Also, it will not leave any impression on the paper.

Hope the tutorial on how to draw a bunny step by step has been useful. Tell us in comments about the experience.

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