How To Draw A Dolphin Step By Step?

how to draw a dolphin easilyLearn how to draw a dolphin step by step in an extremely easy way. Whether you are training some kids with their drawing lessons or a beginner artist, this tutorial will surely help you. But before that here are some quick interesting facts about this intelligent sea animal. Teach the kids to not only draw dolphins but also explain how interesting these sea creatures are.

Interesting Facts About Dolphins
According to science, dolphins are one of the friendly and intelligent sea animals on earth. They are found in almost all the major oceans and are classified into 40 different species, ranging from 4 – 30 feet in length.

  • A dolphin can swim at 23 – 25 miles per hour.
  • A dolphin can do tremendous leaps and acrobatic jumps. This is due to its pectoral fins and spindle & sleek body.
  • A dolphin feeds on live squids, fishes, sardines, herrings, and mackerels.
  • A dolphin is claimed to have evolved about ten million years ago.
  • A dolphin has share eyesight, both inside and outside water.
  • A dolphin can hear frequencies that are 10 times above the limit of a human hearing.

How To Draw A Dolphin Step By Step?

Now, let us learn how to draw a dolphin jumping in just six simple steps. Before we begin, keep these things ready.

Things Required To Draw A Dolphin
  • HB Pencil
  • Compass / pro-circle
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Water colors / color pencils / pastels

Tutorial: How To Draw A Dolphin Step By Step?

Note: If you are a beginner, practice using a rough paper first.

Step 1: To learn how to draw a dolphin step by step, start by drawing a circle at the center of the paper. This will act as the outline. If you want the dolphin to be big, draw a bigger circle. Else, draw a small circle. Use a pro-circle or compass for this. If you are drawing a big dolphin, it is better to use compass.

Once the circle is done, draw a semicircle a little above from the circle’s central point, as shown in the picture below. This semicircle will act as the base for the jumping dolphin.

how to draw a dolphinStep 2: With the help of the circle’s & semicircle’s upper portion, draw the dolphin’s body and nose. Follow the picture.

how to draw a dolphin jumpingStep 3: Erase the part where the circle and semicircle intersect each other. This is on the right side. Now, draw the dolphin’s tail, as shown in the picture.

drawing a dolphinStep 4: Next, draw the fins of the dolphin in a way to make it appear as if it is jumping and about to take a dive.

drawing a jumping dolphinStep 5: Draw the eyes and add a detail to the dolphin’s nose, mouth, and fins at the same time.

how to draw a dolphin step by stepStep 6: Erase the outline and color the dolphin in grey color. Border the outline in black to make it look more attractive. Draw sea waves at the bottom to finish the sketch. Don’t forget to add water splashes at its tail.

how to draw a dolphin step by step

Tips To Note:
  • Use a HB pencil to draw the outline. Keep it very light so that it is easy to erase in the end. Also, this will not leave any impression on the paper.
  • No matter how complicated an object is, one can make it easy by keeping shapes in mind. Shapes make the perfect outline while drawing (just as we used circles to draw a dolphin).
  • Come with different color options to make the sketch look attractive.
  • Erase the outline after you complete the drawing but be careful while doing this because you might end up erasing the actual picture.
  • Even if you don’t have color pencils or do not wish to use colors, you can experiment with pencil shades.
  • If you are using different pencil shades, ensure to use an additional piece of paper under the hand so that your drawing is not smudged.
  • If you are left-handed, begin shading from the right side and then move to the left. If you are right-handed, begin shading from the left side and then move to the right. This will give a clean look.
  • Sometimes it is good to keep the shades subtle, smoother, and less sketchy because pencil lines do not blend flawlessly unless you are careful.
  • If you want to create a mirror image of a sketch, use a tracing paper. One of the best advantages of using a tracing paper is that, it can be flipped over to see how a drawing looks in the reverse angle.

Hope, you are now clear how to draw a dolphin easily. Tell us your experience in the comments section.

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