How To Draw A Flower Step By Step?

Flowers are indeed beautiful and at some point or the other, we all must have tried to draw them. But then, how perfectly? It would not have come like the way we expected.  Perhaps, there wasn’t a good tutorial to help you draw flowers the easy way. Whether you are a beginner, trying to teach some kids, or just want to master the art of drawing a flower, this article will help you for sure. Learn how to draw a flower step by step.

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How To Draw A Flower Step By Step?

There are many ways to draw a flower, but the steps given here are easy for any beginner and kid to understand.

Things Required To Draw A Flower
  • White papers
  • Eraser
  • HB Pencil
  • Sharpener

Tutorial: How To Draw A Flower Step By Step?

Step 1: To learn how to draw a flower, start by drawing a straight line. Keep this straight line as your base and draw two diagonal lines to each side, as shown in the figure. Use the pencil lightly so that you can erase the outline in the end.

how to draw a beautiful flowerStep 2: From the central point of the intersecting lines, draw a small circle followed by a flat oval on the upper. Again, draw them lightly using a pencil.

how to draw a beautiful flower step by stepStep 3: Darken the lower small circle while creating a sharp point on the upper region.

draw a flower step by stepStep 4: Draw two petals on each side of the created circle.

How To Draw A Flower Step By StepStep 5: Extend two more petals on the drawn petals.

draw a flower easilyStep 6: Sketch the final petal in the center as shown in the picture.

how to draw a flower easilyStep 7: Decorate the main petal with a few stamens and highlight the others.

how to draw a flowerStep 8: Erase the base. Darken the flower’s outline. Color them and finish it with leaves.

How To Draw A Flower Step By Step

Tips To Remember While Drawing A Flower
  • If you are not sure of the sketch, or you are just trying to draw a flower, it is wise to use rough papers.
  • Keep the base or outline light so that it is easy to erase in the end. Also, there won’t be any impressions of the paper.
  • When drawing a flower using pen & ink, try changing the line weight – apply light, medium, and firm pressure. Use strong, darker lines as well as hatched shading at the dark regions while loose, light lines at the bright areas.
  • You do not have to outline all the petals. Give small strokes to detail the petal directions.
  • Come up with different hues to make the flower look even more realistic.

Hope you have now know how to draw a flower step by step and in an easy way. If you have any other simple trick than this, please share it in the comments section.

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