How To Draw A House Step By Step?

How To Draw House Step By StepWhen we talk about drawing lessons, the most common object kids start with is a house. Whether you are a beginner or helping kids, here is the simplest tutorial that will teach you how to draw a house step by step. Though there are many ways, you can sketch a house, the one given here is easy to depict on paper. So, let us get started.

How To Draw A House Step By Step?

Before you learn to draw a house, keep the followings ready.

Things Required To Draw A House:
  • Color pencils / pastels / watercolors
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • HB Pencil
  • Papers or a plain notebook
  • Sharpener
  • Black marker for the outline

Tutorial: How To Draw A House Step By Step?

Step 1: To learn how to draw a house step by step, think of an outline. Any object can be drawn on the paper with the help of shapes. In this tutorial, we will use lines using a ruler.

Based on the size of your house, draw a proper rectangle. The bigger the rectangle, bigger is the house and smaller the rectangle, smaller will be the house. Once this is done, draw a vertical line dividing the rectangle. Draw it in a way that the left portion of the rectangle is lengthier than the right portion. Make sure to extend the vertical line a little out from the rectangle. Refer the picture given below.

Note: Keep the outline light so that it is easy to erase in the end using an eraser.

How To Draw A House Step By StepStep 2: Using a ruler, draw three vertical lines on the left, center, and right side of the rectangle, as shown in the picture (see the green lines).

Next, draw two diagonal lines in a way that they meet each other at the central line (which you have done in step 1). Refer the picture below.

Draw A House Step By StepStep 3: Use a ruler and draw the shape of the house.

how to draw a houseStep 4: Finish the look of the house within the rectangle outline.

how to draw a houseStep 5: Draw the chimney and door of the house.

how to draw a house step by stepStep 6: Draw the lamps and windows of the house. Design the roof of the house.

How To Draw A House Step 7: Complete the house by drawing green bush in the corners.

How To Draw A House Step By Step

Step 8: Make the house look realistic by painting it with attractive colors. The final picture will look like this.

How To Draw A House Step By Step

Extra Tips To Note:
  • Always keep the outline light, as this will be easy to erase in the end without leaving impressions on the paper.
  • Any complicated object can be portrayed on paper if one uses the right shapes as an outline. Pick some basic shapes to make up the overall picture. Draw various shapes and sketch the contours (or outlines).
  • Use different color hues to make the picture look realistic.
  • If you don’t want to use colors or pastels, try different pencil shades for an extraordinary look.
  • Make sure to begin and end a drawing in the same approach or style. Say for example, if you are drawing gestural and loose, kept it in that way. Or if you are drawing is precise and tight, complete it that way.
  • If you don’t have highly dark shadows in the picture, and it is rather light, make sure to check with the pencil you are using. Is it a number two HB pencil? If yes, then it will be difficult to draw (though a 2-HB pencil is good for very light shading). Get a 2B, B, and 4B pencils for darker shadows.

Hope, the tutorial on how to draw a house step by step and the additional tips given here were useful to you. Share your house-drawing experience in the comments below.

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