How To Draw A Panda Step By Step?

Learn how to draw a panda step by step from one of the easiest tutorials on the internet. Pandas appear more like bears except that they are in black & white instead of brown. They are one of the best cartoons to draw on paper but only if you know how to. Drawing a panda bear from a realistic picture can seem a little complicated for kids and beginner artists. So, to keep it easy and simple, here is a step by step guide to help. But before, that learn a few facts about pandas.

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Interesting Facts About Pandas
  • Pandas are found in thick, dense bamboo forests of central China.
  • Pandas are solitary animals who spend about 2/3rd of their day feeding, while the rest of the time relaxing.
  • Pandas have a height of 1.2 m to 1.5 m and can weigh between 75 kg & 132 kg.
  • At the time of birth, a baby panda is just the size of a pencil (about 15 cm) and are completely pink.
  • It is very rare for a panda (female) to give birth to twins. Even if she does, the 2nd cub is doubtful to survive.

How To Draw A Panda Step By Step?

Here are eight simple steps to draw a cute panda bear.

Step 1: Any complicated object can be drawn on paper through a simplified outline or a shape. To learn how to draw a panda step by step, first start by keeping a base in mind. Here, we will use a little wide circle, each of which is inverted inwards at their center. This will serve as the outline for the panda’s face. Refer the below picture.

how to draw a pandaStep 2: Draw the ears of the panda bear, as shown in the below figure. Make sure they are placed rightly on the left and right side.

how to draw a panda bear step by stepStep 3: The main characteristic of a panda is its eyes. The black patches around its eyes are something that makes this animal unique. So, draw the patch, outline it this way as shown in the picture. Simultaneously, sketch the nose and mouth of the panda.

how to draw a cute pandaStep 4: Draw the panda’s eyes and tongue. Next, we will draw the panda in a way as if it is sitting happily. So, we will sketch its hands now. Starting from both sides of the neck, draw the hands, as shown in the figure below.

how to draw a cute panda step by stepStep 5: Now, comes the body part. Leaving a little space on both the sides, draw the body of the panda. At the center, draw its legs (which are in the shape of eggs).

how to draw a panda step by stepStep 6: Add some detailing to the panda’s paws and hands. Draw the tail as well.

how to draw a panda bearStep 7: To complete the panda drawing, add a few bamboo trees and leaves on the side.


Step 8: For an attractive look, color the drawing with crayons or color pencils.

how to draw a panda step by step

Tips To Note While Drawing:
  • A difficult picture can be made simple with the help of an outline or a shape.
  • Though colors make a picture look attractive, opt for pencil shading techniques.
  • With right pencil grips and different strokes, you can make a drawing look realistic.
  • Pencil shading is an art and can be mastered with good practice.
  • Whenever you use outlines for a picture, keep them as light as possible. This will prevent from leaving impressions on paper after erasing.

Hope the tutorial on how to draw a panda bear step by step has been helpful. Share your experience in the comments section.

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