How To Lucid Dream Instantly?

You certainly might have heard about dreams. Obviously, you get them at nights but have you ever heard of the concept called “Lucid Dreaming”? If not then this is the right article to learn about it. It explains about what is lucid dreaming and how to lucid dream instantly. Read on.

So, What Is Lucid Dreaming All About?

How To Lucid Dream Instantly

If you are not aware of the term “Lucid Dream”, then let me quick you a quick introduction.

Lucid dream is a dream, wherein one is completely aware of what he or she is dreaming about. This normally happens when a dreamer experiences strange things. When they stop themselves to question reality, it’s the time they realize that they were actually dreaming.


A lucid dream happens naturally in any occasion. Some people might have them more naturally than others. I hope you have understood what lucid dreaming is all about. This definition certainly sounds simple but trust me there are still many misconceptions and mysteries surrounding it.

Before I tell, you how to lucid dream instantly, you might want to know why you should lucid dream right? Well, below are the listed reasons.

5 Reasons Why Should You Lucid Dream?


1. It Creates Escapism & Freedom

This is possibly the one main reason as to why people have a lucid dream – it’s to have an imaginary sex with his or her secret crush but there can be many other reasons too. Perhaps, imagining as if they are flying like a bird and so on. We humans certainly have many unfulfilled desires… And lucidity can be a great way to feel them. While lucid dreaming, a person is free to imagine anything and experience things that are extraordinary or out of his or her reach in reality. If you aren’t lucid dreamer, then just think of escapism or distracting yourself with a movie / novel.


2. It Reveals Your Brain Power

If you had never experienced a lucid dream then it’s time to do it. It actually increases your brain power too and improves your imaginative skills. When you are conscious of your dream state, there is an astonishing opportunity to feel a tangible and vivid dream world (that isn’t real).


3. Creates Excitement & Adventure

Dreams of course, offer chances of adventures. Each time a person dreams, he or she enters a world wherein anything imagined is 100% possible. If you have ever desired visiting a place through a movie, video game or book – it can be possible with this trick. And how to lucid dream instantly will be explained shortly below.


4. Makes Creative Inspiration And Artistic

Dreams have consistently been inspiring humans to be creative and artistic. The world’s creative and greatest sculptures, musical compositions, stories, scientific discoveries and paintings were actually made after being inspired their dreams. Even though the current era may not believe in them or find them useless but its only through imaginations & dreams, a person gets more creative.


5. It Stops Nightmares

Yes, lucid dreaming also stops nightmares. We usually find our nighttime very peaceful since it puts you to sleep but hold on – there are even people, who are too scared to get to sleep because of their horrifying nightmares. If you are someone, who often experiences nightmares then lucid dreaming can help you greatly. It supports in a positive way to overcome all your nightmares. As you completely get lucid with your nightmare, you will actually realize that those fears of yours can’t harm you. In fact, you will be easily able to face your nightmare.


How To Lucid Dream Instantly?

Lucid dreaming is a great way to trick your body to believe that the mind is actually sleeping (even if it isn’t). When this trick happens, one would actually be entering into a dream world while preserving his or her consciousness at the same time. Once entered, you are free to dream anything you want to and there is no one to stop you there.

So, how to lucid dream instantly? Well, just enter into the bed and then follow the below listed steps & within 20 to 30-minutes, you will have a lucid dream, doesn’t this sound amazing? Read on then.


1. Lay Down & Relax Yourself

The initial step on how to lucid dream instantly begins by releasing all your muscle tension. You need to do this with 1 part of the body at one time. Begin with your head & end with your toes. Feel your tension fading off and begin breathing deeply and slowly. You need to keep relaxing.


2. Don’t Move The Body

Each time you make a move, time to get into a lucid dream delays and resets. Again, you have to start over. There are possible chances to get urges to move but that is actually the right sign — it signifies you’re on the right path. Just ignore all your urges and soon your body begins to imagine that your mind is actually asleep. This leads the individual to enter into a “sleep paralysis state” (this is exactly we want).


3. Maintain Your Consciousness

To learn how to lucid dream instantly or fast, you need to note this point. Be aware that you will be entering a dream & reaffirm that you’re dreaming. If failed maintaining your consciousness – it ends up with a usual dream.


4. Observe Your Weird Sensations

After you enter into your lucid dream, you will begin observing some flashes of pictures and your body starts to feel numb or light. There are even possibilities that you may see moving colors, hear sounds and voices or other possible weird things. Do not worry as these are completely natural and happen each time while lucid dreaming. You have to be CALM & passively observe things happening around. You need to keep doing it until the image flashes becomes vivid and strong.


5. Enter Into The Dream

The final step on how to lucid dream instantly is to enter into the dream. Explore all those vivid pictures you imagine. You require using all your senses so that you will be forming a story. Best to think — as if you are moving (can be walking, flying, swimming or running). Then just explore all your sensations – feel those movements, wind, sounds etc.

Soon, those sensations become highly real and vivid. Now, you have entered a phase called “WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)”.

Here is a video explaining how you should be lucid dreaming…


Why & How This Approach Works?

This approach works since it takes complete care of every aspect, which you are connected within your lucid dream. This is a very important trick used for lucid dreaming.


5 Steps Of Optimal WILD Approach

  1. Learn to do a WILD
  2. Learn also about MILD & then integrate it with WILD
  3. Learn WBTB & then integrate it with WILD
  4. Optimize the body & brain chemistry
  5. Optimize the brainwaves

Detailed Description Of The Above Listed 5 Steps


This is abbreviated as Wake Induced Lucid Dream. It is a trick, wherein a person makes the body think that his or her brain is sleeping while sustaining consciousness. In this method, your brain sleeps first & then your body follows. At this stage, the body goes into the mode of sleep while your consciousness being 100% awake.

How to do WILD?

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Step 1: Prepare

  • Ensure that you won’t be interrupted by anything or anyone
  • You will have to darken your room & isolate from external sounds
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Step 2: Relax

  • Lay down with your back straight & make yourself with comfortable position since after 20-30 minutes, you shouldn’t move. Even slight irritations causes distraction and you may not be able to lucid dream. Again, you have to reset the process. If you really want to know the secret behind how to lucid dream instantly, just relax and be comfortable.
  • Relax one body part at one time
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Step 3: Concentrate Internally & Don’t Move

As said earlier, there will be great urges that can make your body move but don’t do this. You require being calm and try exploring what you are imagining.

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Step 4: Enter The Dream

  • Option 1 = once you begin experiencing SP (Sleep Paralysis) sensations, you realize that everything that you imagine immediately materializes. Think of your desired destination & you will be right there in that place. You soon realize that you are actually the observer watching that location.
  • Option 2 = At times, after your SP, you may experience transparent eyelids effects. It’s the time when your dream body and physical body is stuck overlapping. If you try moving, then you may end waking yourself.
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2. MILD = Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dream

This is abbreviated as “Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dream”. This is a trick to increase a person’s certainty and intention while lucid dreaming. There are multiple ways for doing this. However, the ones that works right for an instant lucid dream includes

  • Strong affirmations
  • Increasing desires
  • Having a proper plan as to what you will be actually doing in the lucid dream


3. WBTB = Wake Back To Bed

This concept depends on your consciousness or alertness once you wake from your sleep. The most favorable conditions for the WILD & lucid dreaming generally are 6-hours sleep & then 1-1/2 hours wakefulness. It works for the reason that you have adequate sleep * you’re absolutely alert to maintain your consciousness while you are back in your bed.


4. Optimizing The Body Chemistry To Lucid Dream

A fresh orange juice helps in relaxing your body while keeping your brain 100% active. Before 30-minutes of going to your bed and lucid dreaming, drink a glass of fresh orange juice.


5. Optimize The Brainwaves To Lucid Dream

When our brain is actually introduced to two distinct sound frequencies of every ear, it creates 3rd frequency for leveling them out. A new technology known as “binaural beats” manipulates the concept of lucid dreaming. It creates a particular frequency to alter the mind’s state, as desired by the person. This may seem complicated but it truly works.


Additional Tips On How To Lucid Dream Instantly & Optimally?

Below are certain additional tips on how to lucid dream instantly. Make sure you follow them too. You may skip these steps but for a successful lucid dream, you certainly require implementing them.

  • Sleep on your regular time & set your alarm that makes you awake after six hours
  • Stay awake for at least 1 ½ hours
  • Drink a glass of orange juice
  • In last 30-minutes, you need to read about dream journals, lucid dreaming, techniques and then write what you exactly desire dreaming about
  • 5-minutes prior going to bed again, ensure that you won’t be interrupted
  • Do 2-minutes affirmations – “I’m lucid dreaming” & “visualize”
  • Perform the WILD trick
  • Be calm and explore your dream deeply


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