How To Prank Call Someone Perfectly?

Have you been cracked in a phone? How was it? Were you killed with annoyance? Or were you blazing with anger because someone just disturbed you with a matter that deemed so important that you minded their concern and just ended up to be a prank? Do not fret. I feel you. Well, how about YOU make a prank? This time, you will be the one to dial a number, invent a situation, change your voice, maybe use a kazoo, and make fun. But before that, first learn, how to prank call someone.

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How To Prank Call?

how to prank call

You may be asking in your thoughts how you could ever initiate a crack call or perhaps, how to prank call someone so perfectly that they don’t even recognize that you are playing with them. Let this article make it easy for you. Here are some prank call tips for you to make a note of.

Tip 1: Make Yourself Prepared

First impressions are really important more than you think. That is why when making prank calls, decide first on what to do, what to say and how to make yourself sound over the phone. You do not want to spoil your set up by stuttering all because you went to war without your arms and weapons.

Tip 2: Do Not Be Serious

 Oh, come on! A serious prank call? That would not be prank at all. Never ever do that. You will be taking away all the fun. instead, be silly. Be annoyingly silly. There were some recorded calls that were to be actually pranks but ended with conversations with lines of funny inserts. That is not how you should do it. Try striking a problem and be very weird and silly.

Tip 3: Do Not Laugh

This mistake is something people do often. Pranks can be funny but you should not make it obvious, especially at the start of the call. That will be like defeating the purpose if you do so. You can laugh but make sure that you are on mute. Press that button and you are now free to express. When you think that the prank starts to fall apart, that is the time you can laugh to let your recipient know that you are just pulling his or her leg. Laughing after the prank has been found out to save you from false accusations and police encounters.

Tip 4: Play With Your Voice

This is the standard prank technique. You can be creative at this. You can use a deeper voice or play with a lot of accents. The main goal is to make the receiver not recognize you. This can make your call really silly.

Tip 5: Make The Call Sound Real

Be convincing and authentic. Imagine a real situation and go address that to your receiver. Be like a real person in the phone. Do not stammer. You may be mistaken to be a prank caller (which is actually true) if you do not master your stuff.

Tip 6: Keep Your Calls Short

Prank calls do best when they are short yet concise and right on target. It will be draggy if you prolong it. Also, long calls can be irritating and no person will bother to stay in long calls that make no sense. Remember, most people have short attention spans. Just make them in a term of 5 minutes or less. A 10-minute call will be nerve-wracking. How much more that it is a prank? If you are the type who records your calls, it will be catchy and it would not lose its fun if kept short. Listeners would usually not reach the end of the call if kept long.

Tip 7: Brace Yourself For Any Police Involvement

 Now, this may be the end of the game for you if you are not careful. But at times, even though you stick by the rules, there are some who would immediately call for the police and claim that you have threatened them.

Tip 8: Do Not Involve Emergency Services

Here is the one of the important rules to include in your list. Using emergency numbers can be a red flag to you because the police will surely chase after your prank calls and you may be fined and arrested. 911 will never be a good number to dial and play a joke with.

Tip 9: Do Not Make Threats

Threats can be dangerous. Threats, even when you do not mean it, can be accused of a crime. People will be scared and will try to contact the police to report the certain threat you imposed. Do not dare threat to kill someone, slap or blow up houses and cars.

Tip 10: Do Not Impersonate The Police

This move is illegal. You cannot pretend to be one officer of the police department or anyone from any hotshot institution like the FBI.The thing is that the police do not like citizens to act like them. For sure, they will chase after your prank calls and get involved in you.

Tip 11: Before You Call Anyone, Dial *67

 Welcome to the universal code for hidden identity. Now, if you do want to be caught with your pranks, have your caller ID be concealed by these 3 characters. Though this technique won’t protect you from police, just be sure to use this from a cellphone or your home phone. Take note that this will not work on Google Voice and Skype.

Tip 12: Try Using A Pay Phone

I know these are old, but this could be fun. You can dial up some random numbers from your local area. Be tactful though. Local police are on guard for those whom you caused trouble and anguish. Or better yet, wear some disguise mask or even change your clothing. And oh! Remember to wear gloves or mittens. With the technology today, you sure can be caught if you were not careful enough.

Tip 13: Use Another Person’s Phone

Another way not to get caught is to use a phone that is not yours. Of course, the owner of the phone you used will be the one to pay the price. Be mindful of that as well. The owner may accuse you for getting him into trouble. That’s a double jeopardy there!

Hope, you enjoyed reading this article and learnt how to prank call. Let me know in comments section if you think I have missed out something.

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