How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online?

If you have built an enthusiasm to use those popular dating websites or apps for the first time, obviously you will have the curiosity to know how to start a conversation with a girl online. A few years back, you would have frowned if you said someone that you met your beloved on an online dating website. But time has changed. This is a very normal thing now. In fact, people would be more shocked if you tell them that you met your girl without the help of technology. Now, to make sure that she is in your arms, you have to start it right. And this all comes down to the right conversation. Unless this sets off well, other things won’t work out. The first conversation can either break or make it to your ultimate first date. So, to help you out, here are few things to make a note of.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online?

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

When it comes to online dating or online chatting, understand that you need to be unique from other guys. Start by thinking why should a girl choose you? There is an art in writing the first message. Repeating the same old phrases, which other guys always use on girls, is never going to make you win her. You will be surprised to know that 95% girls do not prefer this and they will never be interested to reply. Here are some tips to help you start a conversation online so that she is impressed.

1. A Perfect Subject Is What Matters

So, how do you start a conversation with a girl online? This is how people begin with – they set up their profile, add an amazing photo and write few interesting stuffs about themselves. Then, they start hunting for some amazing profiles of girls. Even you must have done that. Yes, of course this is how it all begins but what next? You pick the best profile of a girl and decide to write her. Though saying the right words are important, there is one thing every girl will look before she reads your message. This is none other than your “subject line”. This might seem silly. However, it is the most vital and tiny detail that can create an excitement to read your message. If you are ignoring this, you are certainly making a big mistake! You have to be more creative rather just writing “You Are Pretty” or “How Are You”… For a perfect subject line, be playful and funny. Just tempt her to open your message. Say for example – I smile each time I look at your picture… On a scale of 1 to 10, you are 9 and I’m the one you need….. You have such a beautiful face but why are you so shy….?

2. Don’t Be Typical

Usually guys start the conversation with a girl online saying that – “Hey there, how are you? You are very pretty and just wanted to get along and wave a hi…”. Now, keeping your subject line perfect isn’t just enough. Content also matters. When she opens your message and finds that you have written the same old statements, you are making a huge mistake. Opening and reading a message like this (which she must have already read it 1000 times before) is never going to work. Don’t even dream that she will reply to your crap text. This isn’t the best way to start a conversation with a girl online. In short, don’t be typical. Think different. Start personalizing your message a little.

3. Compliment Works Like A Wonder

There is no doubt how girls blush once you praise them. Since you are not going to repeat the same old messages a guy tells a girl, you have to think hard on what you could actually do to have her heart thump. Honest compliments work like a charm but in online world, you got to be more creative. A girl, whom you compliment and approach directly on the street saying that she is very beautiful, will surely be excited and flattered because no man has the guts to do so. However, in the internet world, things are different. Men are less scared to write to women, whom they are actually talking in real life. This means an average girl on any online dating website gets more compliments than real. According to survey reports, the 2 common compliments are – “you are very beautiful” and “you are so cute”. We would like to clear you that a woman, who is actively hunting for a partner online, must have already heard this million times. If you want her to reply, try something new. To do this, just look at her profile and think of some creative words to compliment her. Something that no one has ever said before. Say for example, she has amazing lips, friendly smile, blue eyes and silky hairs – use these elements to come up with a perfect compliment. This shows how much you have observed her. Prove that you have really read her profile. Warm compliments are great on first messages; however, superficial ones might give a reverse effect. So, stick to factual.

4. Be Self-Effacing And Humble

For guys on online dating sites, this is almost like life and death at the same time. Women can smell haughtiness easily. Self-effacing shows humility. However, it also recognizes the obvious: it is little awkward to get in touch with someone unexpectedly. Hence, your first message or conversation with a girl has to be concise and direct. Be more humble because this is what a girl looks forward in a guy.

5. Utilize The Details She Gives You

Take enough time to study her profile. Just telling her what attracted you is never going to make her feel special. Very few guys tell a girl that her hobbies and personality have made them choose her. If you have never done this before, try and see how greatly it works. A woman’s online dating profile speaks and reveals a lot of things than you would have imagined. It shows how you have done your homework. If her profile clearly says that she has traveled to eight countries last year, you would be really dumb if you wouldn’t comment something on this. Just tell that she is truly bold enough to travel around the world and this is something amazing.

6. Humor Works Like A Treat

A woman also wants someone, who can make her laugh. But avoid being very cheesy though. Your jokes should be on something you both have in common. Maybe, a movie you both find funny? Or how about a movie quote?

7. Start With Some Shared Interests Too

Sharing some common interests can pave the way for an interesting conversation. Look through her favorite foods, music interests, jobs and try to spark up the conversation based on what she is into. When she reads that even you have a common taste in what she does, it creates an eagerness to reply. So, this is your chance!

8. Give Her A Strong Reason To Respond

Now that you have made it very clear that you are not only attracted to her beautiful looks but also that she is a smart and interesting person, next you should give a valid reason for her to respond your message. We will explain this with an example. Consider that she has traveled 8 countries last year and you just tell her that she is well-traveled without connecting this feature to yourself. She may easily judge that you are saying this only to impress her. So, you need to tell why exactly you love this traveling thing about her. Share your experiences and interests with her. Giver her an answer “why should she reply?”. Tell her where you have traveled so far and you also dream of embarking a trip to Europe. This will make her realize that she can talk a lot when she meets you in person and assuring that she is never going to get bored.

12 Great Tips To Help You Start A Conversation With A Girl Online

Here are some guidelines to initiate real conversations with a girl online. These are important examples and approaches as to what you should do and what not to.

  1. Never say the first thing that comes into your mind. Think twice before you start that first conversation. Forget saying that hey, hello, hi because this is what 95% guys do. Try something new.
  2. Do not make statements like “You are beautiful, You are gorgeous” because women tend to hear such compliments all the time. According to studies and surveys, messages that include words like “beautiful, cutie pie, hot and sexy” have received very less response. Girls are not listening to stuff like that, so stop staying it.
  3. If you are trying to be cocky or cool, then stop it because girls just hate that arrogant behavior. Use words like “probably”, “sorry”, as these will make you look little vulnerable.
  4. Online conversation is ideal for lighthearted teasing. This will help you know her better, when you meet in person.
  5. A woman always chooses to have a positive and an outgoing man. Obviously, even you are not going to like a negative or narrow-minded person to be with you.
  6. Never expect for a quick response. Even if she doesn’t responds, relax. It is completely okay and normal in online world. You don’t have to chase her. There are still plenty of fish in the sea. Find another good profile. As simple as that!
  7. Ask her questions and show some enthusiasm to know her.
  8. Always use good grammar. Surveys reports claim that messages that include slang words like “ur, u, ya, cant, hit” get very less response. So, avoid using them.
  9. Be very specific when you speak about her interest. Tell her clearly what you liked in her profile, what literally attracted you and why.
  10. Understand that online dating does not work for all at the very first time. If you don’t succeed, learn from your own mistakes. Experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.
  11. Keep in mind that your goal is to meet the woman in person. Hence, avoid keeping the online conversations too long. But at the same time, don’t push it too soon.
  12. Don’t drag the conversation too long. To be honest, girls find long messages hard to respond. Keep it simple, fun, creative yet impressive.
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