How To Use Roll On Deodorant Properly?

Has anyone taught you how to use roll on deodorant? Or you just learned it through TV ads and YouTube videos? Applying a roll-on deodorant might sound simple. Just open the lid, wipe on your arms, and close it back. But this isn’t the proper way to apply one. To make sure that your roll-on is effective for the entire day, it is important to use it in the right way.

How To Use Roll On Deodorant?

Here is the step-by-step guide to learn how to use a roll on deodorant correctly and effectively.

1. Choose A Roll-On That Has Natural Ingredients

Though many roll-on deodorants claim to be the best, it is vital to look at the ingredients they use. Most of them will have aluminum, parabens, alcohol, and other harsh chemicals that tend to irritate the skin and darken the underarms eventually. So, it is best to pick a good natural roll-on deodorant which is not only skin-friendly but also lasts longer.

2. Clean The Armpits Properly

how to use roll on deodorant

It is important to clean the underarms before applying a roll on deodorant. You can have a shower or if you have already had one, just clean your armpits with soap and then wash with water. Finally, pat dry with a towel.

3. Shake The Roll-On Bottle A Few Times

how to use roll on deodorant

The ingredients in the bottle often are separated inside. However, when you shake it, all the ingredients are remixed. This ensures that your armpits obtain an even coat of them.

4. Remove The Cap Of The Roll-On Deodorant

how to use roll on deodorant

Open the cap or lid of the roll-on deodorant. If it is a new pack, it might have a special plastic casing, which needs to be removed.

5. Apply The Roll-On Deodorant Evenly On The Underarms

Apply The Roll-On Deodorant Evenly on all sides of underarms

This section needs a little care. Slow down while applying and just don’t do it in a hurry with a few straight swipes. That’s not correct. Make sure to give the underarm region an even coat of the product with adequate pressure.

Raise your arm. Start rolling the deodorant from the armpit’s center and then apply throughout the entire region in circular motions. Do this 2 – 3 times and not more because the excess liquid will run down your arms, making you feel uncomfortable.

6. Leave The Deodorant To Absorb

how to use a roll-on deodorant

After you apply the roll-on deodorant, allow it to air-dry. This might take a few minutes. However, if you are running late, use a napkin and gently pat it so that the skin feels dry but don’t wipe off the whole thing.

7. Wear Your Clothes

Once the deodorant is dry, you can then wear your clothes.

8. Reapply If Required

how to use roll on deodorant

At times, deodorants might not last that long, and a reapplication might be required. Follow the same steps once again to reapply.

Hope, the tips to use a roll on deodorant was useful to you. But there are two frequently asked questions, which we would like to answer as well. Here are they:

When Is The Best Time To Apply A Deodorant?

The best time to use a deodorant is after a shower.

How Much Deodorant Is Too Much?

This is a little tricky to answer, as it is an individual’s choice of how much he or she wants to apply. However, a good sign that you are using a deodorant in excess is to look for stains in the clothes. If you see residue on them, use your deodorant less.