8+ Insanely Weird Questions To Ask A Girl

When we meet a person, whom we want to be friends with, we open up conversations to get to know him or her better. We chat about anything under the sun, as long as the topics are general and not awkward. It is important to move with the right topics, especially when we have just started to know the person.

Now, one of the exciting situations in both girl’s and guy’s life is when a guy approaches a girl whom he doesn’t know and tries to make friends with her. It is exciting because none of them know what the outcome will be: would both exchange numbers and decide for a next meeting? Or it would be a recipe of disaster that they could embarrass themselves? Whatever it can be, it all boils down to the right questions being asked. Then, there are also moments when you are already together for a long time now but still some questions are yet to be spoken with the right timing and not just to be blurted out casually.

If a guy asks a question to a girl, he should know that it must catch her interest and not those questions that will raise her eyebrows or make her go away. In short, there are lots of weird questions to ask a girl. These weird questions can either be your ticket to her heart, or your exit pass to the back door… it all depends on how you deliver the question to her.

8+ Weird Questions To Ask A Girl

It is important to know what some of these weird questions to ask a girl are, so that you will be able to know how to deliver such line without looking odd.

1. Did you ever try peeing while standing up?

weird questions to ask a girl

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Surprisingly, you might get several direct answers of a “yes”. But then again, you’d better save this question as a last resort to open up a conversation considering that this is both a very weird question to ask and a personal one for that matter.

2. Is your best friend single?

weird questions to ask a girl

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This is one of the worst questions that you must stay away from asking a girl. When you approach a girl and make conversations with her, she would think that you are interested on her. But then again, you would pop up the question. What would you think she would feel? Since you have the guts to approach her and ask, why don’t you have the courage to ask the girl you are eyeing for instead? Man up!

3. You like me, don’t you?

weird questions to ask a girl

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Never assume! Girls are typically and naturally sweet that they tend to be friendly with everyone. Do not ever assume that when a girl eyes you from across the room, she likes you already (though there is a big chance that she might be into you). If a girl looks at you just approach her casually and open up a friendly conversation. Never ask this “You like me, don’t you?” question directly.

4. Are those for real?

Insanely Weird Questions To Ask A Girl

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Natural or not, never ask a girl if her assets are real since she would feel bad about it. More likely, she would feel embarrassed and you won’t even get the answer that you want because girls would just simply deny it.

5. Have you ever had any long lasting disease, cured or not?

Insanely Weird Questions To Ask A Girl

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This is truly one of the weird questions to ask a girl. Medical histories are too personal to ask even if you already know the girl for quite some time. If she had any, she will tell you only when she is comfortable and trusts you enough. Before that, it is a big NO to this question.

6. Do you want to have a kid with me?

weird questions to ask a girl

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Though this question is too bold, most girls are not ready to answer it on the spot. If you are already together for some time now, you’d better assess her personality and her readiness to have a family with you before you ask this strange question. Girls are giving hints that they want to settle down and you must be aware of what these hints are before you pop the question.

7. Do you own a house or how stable is your job?

weird questions to ask a girl

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If you ask this to a girl, she might think that you are just after her status and not into her at all. Though having a house and a stable job is quite a bonus, you should remember that girls should be treated like a princess and not some form of an ATM machine that you can withdraw money from.

8. How much do you usually spend on shopping?

weird questions to ask a girl

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It is no surprise that girls love to shop. But asking how much she spends would make her uncomfortable. She would feel that her shopping habits would create a gap between the two of you.

9. Did you get your nose done?

weird questions to ask a girl

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Noses are one of the best assets that a girl can be proud of in her face. If a girl gets a nose job, it only means that she wants to look better for other people to see that she is beautiful and pin-pointing that out will not help on her confidence.

10. How big is your bed?

weird questions to ask a girl

This question clearly gives a signal what you are curious about. Talking about beds is too personal. After all, why do you want to know it? Are you interested on joining her sleep in there?

11. Do you have any weird habits?

questions to ask a girl

Asking for weird habits is also one of the weird questions to ask a girl considering that strange habits are usually being kept as secrets since people find them abnormal. And girls are just too shy to admit what their weird habits are.

12. Will you ever sleep with a girl?

strange questions to ask a girl

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For some, they would consider this question mild and might end up playing with the answers. But there are girls who are traditionalist and well-reserved that they feel awkward answering this question. Hence, it is better if you just keep this question inside your head instead of blurting it out.

13. You will call me after this dinner, right?

strange questions to ask a girl

Do not lead the girl. You want the girl to come to you on her own and not just because she is pressured, right? If you ask that question during your date, she would feel entitled to call you even if she doesn’t want to. Come on, you’re a man. If a certain girl won’t like to call you, move on, and find another. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

14. What do you think is the word that starts with f and ends with u-c-k?

strange questions to ask a girl

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For the green-minded, the answer is not what you think it is. It is actually “firetruck”. But never ask this question to a girl, especially if you just met her because even if you only want to humor her of the joke, she would take it differently and perhaps will feel insulted.

15. Why are you still single?

strange questions to ask a girl

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Girls stay single because they have their own personal reasons. If they are comfortable with you, they will be the one to open up their dilemma when it comes to relationships. But if they don’t, never ask them because they might get offended.

16. Is it okay if I sleep over?

weird questions to ask a girl

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A weird question, especially for a guy whom the girl he had just met. But even if the two of you are already long-time friends, it is still a weird question to as a girl because she might think that you are up to something.

17. Can we go Dutch?

weird questions to ask a girl

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It is okay for girls to go Dutch. But then again, directly asking her to pay for what she eats and buys is like a way of saying that “I can’t support you. So you’d better work for yourself”.

18. Have you put on some weight?

weird questions to ask a girl

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When you say that a woman puts on some weight, she’ll definitely be on her panic mode. Always remember that weight gain is one of the woman’s greatest enemies that they want to stay away from.

19. Why are you fat/skinny?

 weird questions to ask a girl

Whether a woman is fat or skinny, you don’t have the right to press it on her. You will definitely get a glare or a sad smile in return. Some girls would play it cool though, but you won’t know that they feel really bad inside because they’ll take it as an insult.

20. Do you think your family will ever like me?

weird questions to ask a girl

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The question is actually good to hear considering that you are worried if you would be accepted by her family or not, which only proves that you are all into her. But then again, it is not for your girl to answer but for her family. So you’d better show up your best when you face her family instead of bugging her to answer this question.

21. During what stage does a girl become a woman?

weird questions to ask a girl

When you ask different girls to answer this question, you will receive different answers too. Since girls have different perspectives in life and different age, there answers will depend on their current perspective and age which will change along the way as they get older too.

There are also other questions that are better off left unsaid, especially if these questions involved more private lives such as sex.

1. Have you ever cheated on someone sexually?

Obviously, a very weird question to ask a girl. Who on their mind would ask such a question if they totally respect the girl? Again, there is a really big chance that the girl would just deny the truth in order to protect her name too.

2. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy with me?

Come on! Do not be a thick-face to ask a girl that. If she had sexual fantasies with you, please leave it up to her. If she did not, then you just made a fool out of yourself.

3. Was sex better with your ex than with me?

Never ever compare yourself with the exes of your girlfriend because it will make you look like an insecure guy, and you won’t like that, do you? Whether the ex is better in bed than you, who cares? What’s important is that you are already with your girlfriend and she is loyal to you.

4. Sex in the morning, afternoon, or night?

While it is good to know the sex preference of your partner, it is still important that you put into consideration her comfort in discussing such situations.

5. Do you own a porn magazine, or X-rated movie CDs?

It is a given fact that boys are very open about discussing porn stuffs with their friends, but keep in mind that it is not the same with girls. Though there are girl porn stars, most girls are still not comfortable discussing such matters. Some may have porn magazines and X-rated clips but they keep it a secret from friends, families and even their partners.

6. Where is the weirdest place you would want to have sex?

It is weird enough to ask the weirdest place that your girlfriend or the girl you just met wants to have sex with. Unless you want to fulfill that fantasy, shut your mouth and keep the conversation to a more wholesome level.

7. Have you ever caught having sex?

This is a very weird question to ask a girl since you are asking if she was caught having an intimate act with a person. Whether it happened or not, the act of sex should be kept private between the persons involved and it is definitely a shame when they are caught.

8. Are you masturbating?

Though masturbation is common in men than women, a number of girls are also doing it… secretly. But it is best to stay away from this question because it is very weird to ask your girlfriend if she’s doing a “selfie”.

9. Did you ever use something other than your hand to masturbate?

Since this question still tackles about masturbation, enough said. Girls are not really open to talking about such stuffs and you’d better leave the question in the deepest corners of your mind.

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