7 Tricks To Troubleshoot Microsoft Word Not Responding

If we had to talk about some of the most popular and stable text editors comprising of different handy features, “MS Word” is something that hits our minds. In fact, this application is used by millions and millions around the globe. However, just as a coin has 2 sides, every technology comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A very common error people face while using this text editor is – Microsoft Word Not Responding. So, how to fix this? Read further to know. But before we list you the solutions, it is important for you to know what is making this bug to appear.

Why Is Microsoft Word Not Responding?

There might be times when MS Word becomes too buggy and as a user, you find it extremely frustrating. So, the question is – why it freezes or crashes? Below are few answers.

This problem might occur due to the following conditions:
  • Malware or virus attacks
  • Closing the word document suddenly
  • Unexpected power surge
  • Excess 3rd party plug-ins
  • If the computer is connected to a mapped network

Microsoft Office Word Not Responding

There might have been a situation where you would have seen an error message appearing unexpectedly while using MS word, which usually says – “Microsoft Word Not Responding”. This is shown at the top left corner (above menu bar) along with an hourglass icon running constantly . You will not have any other choice other than to terminate or close the Word application and restart. Though this is a quick-dirty option, it might lead to data loss at times. Even worse, the application tends to do this repeatedly. If you are facing this problem, we have come up with few solutions. Check them out.

How To Fix The Error: Microsoft Word Not Responding?

Microsoft Word Not Responding

Trick 1: Disable Third Party Plug-ins And Launch Safe Mode

The reason why Microsoft office word is displaying such an error message is probably due to third party applications. Excess of these can make MS-Word to crash. So, a better solution is to just disable the entire 3rd party plug-ins and launch Microsoft Word in “Safe Mode”. To use the User-Initiated Safe mode, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office (Now, all the Microsoft applications shows up)
  2. Press the “Ctrl” key and keep holding it unless you have opened the required Microsoft application (for example, word, excel, powerpoint etc)
  3. Now, open command prompt and use the /safe option after you start the Microsoft application. This will run the application in Safe Mode
  4. To stop the User-Initiated Safe mode, just exit the application and then restart normally

The above steps will help you do whatever you want to in MS word and at the same time, it saves your work as well. You can then start activating the plug-ins one after the other to check its effect each time. If you encounter the same error again, know that the plug-in, which you have just activated is the culprit.

Though there are many reasons behind the error: Microsoft Word Not Responding, usually the 3rd party plug-ins and add-ons are reported to be the main troublemakers. Moreover, virus infection or malware can cause system malfunctioning too. Therefore, make sure that you have installed trustworthy antivirus software.

Trick 2: Update The Graphics Card

Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot the bug – MS Word Not Responding.

1. If you have graphics card installed on your computer, consider updating the drivers with the help of its official website or contact the vendor.

2. If the above-mentioned step fails, try opening MS Word in safe-mode (clearly given in Trick 1). Else, just follow the below:

  • Hold the keys: Windows + R
  • Either copy-paste or just type this command in the Open box: WinWord /safe
  • Finally, press Enter key
Note: There is a space between “WinWord” and “/”

Trick 3: Disable The Add-Ins

With the above-mentioned tricks, Microsoft Word should work properly. However, if it does not, then consider disabling the add-ins related with Word application and see if it works:

  • Click the menu option: File > Word Options > Add-ins Tab
  • Click on the button “Go” near the drop down box named “Manage: Com-in Add”
  • See if there is any add-ins listed, then click the checkbox, disable them and click OK
  • Open MS Word again and see if the error occurs

Trick 4: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Yet another quick trick to troubleshoot the bug — MS Word Not Responding is to disable the hardware acceleration. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Click File> Word Options
  • Click Advanced Tab from left pane
  • Under the section “Display”, you have uncheck the box named “Disable Hardware Graphics Acceleration”
  • Finally, click Ok

If the bug persists (even after opening in safe-mode), consider repairing MS Office and see if it helps. Here is the link to repair Microsoft Office.

Trick 5: Disconnect The Network Drives

Note: Use this trick only if your computer is connected to a mapped network. Since there are different Microsoft Windows versions, the steps given below to disconnect the network drives might differ. In such a case, read the user manual to complete the process.

  1. Right click on “My Computer” and choose “Disconnect Network Drive”
  2. Once you enter into the dialog box, click on the drive you desire to disconnect and hit Ok
  3. Repeat the above two steps until the entire network drives are disconnected
  4. If you aren’t sure regarding a specific drive, then follow the steps given below:
  • Click on Start > Run
  • Type: \\computer name\share name
  • Click Enter Key

If there isn’t any resource available, you will get an error message saying: “Network Name Cannot Be Found”. On the other hand, you can even try to see the entire drive contents from Windows Explorer.

Trick 6: Use The MS Office Application Recovery

If you are working on MS Word and in the middle, if you get the “Not Responding” error, then the below steps can help:

  • Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > MS Office Application Recovery
  • A list of applications appears, in which, you have to choose the document that is not responding
  • Click the option “Recover Application” and recover the document you were working on
  • A better alternative is to close the program by clicking “End Application”
  • You can even send an error report to Microsoft by clicking the option “send error report”

Trick 7: Install Word File Repair Tool

Yet another great trick to troubleshoot “MS Word Not Responding” bug is by installing the Word File Repair Tool. Follow the steps given below:

  • Download and install the Word File Repair Tool from this link
  • Once it is launched on your computer, choose the file location of your Word document and click on “Repair” to begin the repairing operation
  • As soon as the file has been repaired, save the Word file

Hopefully, these tricks help you fix the MS not responding error. If you have any other better solution, other than what we have listed here, please share it in comments.

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