50 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World That Are Extraordinary

Mother Nature has given us some of the most beautiful flowers to admire. If you were given a chance to pick the prettiest among the list of most beautiful flowers in the world, which one would you prefer? It might be too hard since every flower is beautiful on its own. Though there are many wonderful flowers, here is an article that lists you the top 50. If you know any other flower prettier than these, feel free to tell us in the comments section.

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50 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Have you heard this saying – “Flowers are one of the sweetest gifts ever made by God & forgot to drop a soul in it”…?  Even though there are different types of flowers in the world, below 50 flowers are known for their beauty. The pictures of beautiful flowers have been arranged in reverse chronological order just to keep up your curiosity as to which occupied the top positions. However, if you cannot wait to see, which flower has topped this list, just scroll down and click the last page.

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50. Sunflower

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Sunflowers are a sign of loyalty, adoration, and faith. They are the only flowers that have the word “flower” in them. Fascinated by these flowers, a man named Melvin Hemker planted about 837 sunflowers in 2001 at Saint Charles. You will also be surprised to read the fact that the spiral development of sunflower seeds follows a Fibonacci sequence. There are over 60 sunflower varieties in different shades. However, the yellow ones are classic.

49. African Daisy

best Beautiful Flowers In The World

African daisies (Osteospermum) are yet other beautiful flowers, which belong to the family Calenduleae. There are roughly about 50 species of African daisies whose colors ranges from purple, pink, yellow, cream, white, and mauve. They are native to Africa and thrive in warm, sunny habitats.

48. Persimmon

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Persimmons are deciduous trees that belong to the family ebony. They originate from China and are known to have 2000 varieties so far. They were originally introduced to Japan, Korea, Pakistan, and India but in the nineteenth century, they were spread to USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. People grow persimmons for ornamental and cuisine purposes. On the global scale, China is one of the greatest producers of persimmons.

47. Daffodils

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Daffodils are usually long stemmed, golden-yellow flowers that bloom in spring. In England, they are more familiar with the name jonquils. Daffodils symbolize freshness. Once decorated in the house, they tend to bring hope and encouragement to any grieving or sad person. These pretty flowers have many meanings to it. It mainly stands for forgiveness, forthrightness and honesty.

46. Pink Lotus

prettiest flowers in the world

Pink lotus signifies wealth, fertility, purity, and prosperity. Pink lotus is the national flower of Vietnam and India. It is not only one of the most beautiful flowers in the world but also has multiple health benefits. All the parts of a lotus – that is the flowers, seeds, roots, and young leaves – are edible. In fact, they are popularly used in Asian cuisines. The beauty of lotus is also celebrated in the form of festivals in Japan, China, and Korea.

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