20 Most Dangerous Places In The World You Should Never Visit

It is a dream of most of people to travel around the world and explore its beauty. There are a lot of beautiful sites that are waiting for you to visit them. There are a lot of sceneries that might make you think you are off on another planet simply because of their unworldly beauty. The world is full of various yet colorful cultures that you might want to know and experience. Our planet is indeed one of the best creations by God considering that there are a lot of magnificent things that will amaze us. However, no matter how beautiful the world can be and no matter how nice the attractions of various places are, there are still some destinations that are better left off our travel bucket list considering that they are the most dangerous places in the world. Travel aficionados should know about the places that they can and cannot visit. It is of utmost importance for a traveler to research the place that he is going to beforehand to ensure his or her safety. No one wants to go to a place and not go back, or go back with a terrible experience, right? So, today we will talk about such 20 places on earth that are extremely dangerous to visit.

Top 20 Most Dangerous Places On Earth

The most dangerous places in the world are laced with wars and high criminal rates. Some of them are dangerous because of high sickness rate of a particular disease, while others are dangerous because they are hot spots for natural disasters. Places that are very toxic due to chemical leaks and pollution are also considered very risky to visit. Thus, it is important for you to know about these most dangerous places on earth so that you can scratch them off from your travel list as early as now. So, let’s get started with the top 20 most dangerous places in the world:

1. Place: Mt. Everest

Location: Mahalangur mountain range, Nepal

most dangerous places in the world

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Being dubbed as the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest is one of the most dangerous places on earth considering that it already took a lot of lives specifically those people who wanted to reach the summit. Most deaths are caused by avalanches, injuries, lack of oxygen, exposure to extreme temperature and other conditions brought about by the mountain. Though it is a goal for most mountaineers to reach the summit of the mountain, the risks are too many that the chances to be able to reach the top without any untoward incidents are very slim.

2. Place: Santiago de Cali

Location: Colombia

most dangerous place in the world

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Santiago de Cali, or most commonly called as ‘Cali’, is considered as one of the most dangerous city, if not the most dangerous in Columbia. Crime is very much prevalent in the city and it is also a home to drug trafficking cartels such as the Los Rastrojo, Cali Cartel and the Norte del Valle Cartel. The place is unsafe enough that it prompted the US State Department to issue a travel warning for those who wanted to go to the place in 2012 due to the increasing rate of crimes and terrorist activities.

3. Place: San Salvador

Location: El Salvador, Central America

most dangerous places on earth

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

San Salvador is yet another most dangerous place in the world. Capital city of El Salvador and with over 2,000 murders in just the first half of 2015 alone, who won’t think that it is not dangerous? The homicide rate of the city is 45 kills in every 100,000 population. Can you believe that? San Salvador has been penetrated by several gangs such as the 18th Street gang (Barrio 18) and the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), whose hostility toward each other is one of the main causes of the increased crime rate.

4. Place: La Oroya

Location: Peru

dangerous places on earth

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

With approximately 33,000 populations living on the small city, it is a home to a smelting operation that made the city a dangerous place to go. Due to the smelting operation on the city, the area is greatly polluted and it even earned a spot as one of “the world’s worst polluted places” in 2007 as reported by Blacksmith Institute. The place is covered with so much soot that 99% of the children living in the area have high blood levels that is greater than the accepted range for lead poisoning.

5. Place: Karachi

Location: Pakistan

dangerous place in the world

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Considered as the most dangerous metropolis, Karachi is the provincial capital of Sindh (Pakistan’s largest city and 2nd most populated city in the world). The place is lined with beautiful tourist spots and beaches. However, there is political instability and terrorism. Crimes such as robbery, murder, kidnapping, and terrorism are considered normal as no days go by without any recorded crime. We bet you don’t want to go on a vacation and just be worried of crimes occurring on your surroundings.

6. Place: Detroit

Location: United States of America

most dangerous city in the world

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Though there is what we call as “American dream”, where most people wish to go and experience America with all its superiority and tourist attractions, there are still parts of it that are best left off from our travel bucket list. Detroit is America’s most dangerous city with crime rate of 2,072 for every 100,000 individuals. Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why this is such a case in Detroit, 38.1% of its population live below poverty line which is probably the major grounds for all crimes, recorded and not.

7. Place: Sana’a

Location: Yemen

Most Dangerous cities In The World

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

It is a common knowledge that Yemen experienced great setbacks during the destabilization of its government way back in 2012. It led to population uproar which increased crime rates on the country, most especially at Sana’a. Even after 3 years, cry of terror can still be heard due to constant killings, bombings and other forms of terrorism.

8. Place: Mogadishu

Location: Somalia

Most Dangerous city In The World

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Somalia became famous recently due to a Tom Hank’s movie, “Captain Phillips”, which depicts Somali pirates. One of the most dangerous places on earth, Somalia has no real government to lead its people. Hence, the rise of civil wars. Even people who were rejected by Al-Qaeda attempted to take control, which they actually achieved for some time, but they were thrown out by African Union fighters.

9. Place: Ciudad Juarez

Location: Mexico

most dangerous places on earth

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Tagged as the ‘murder capital of the world’, there is no doubt that this particular city is included as one of the most dangerous places on earth. The city is run by drug traffickers and quite obviously, there is no law when it comes to drug-related crimes. No police and government agencies can stop the illegal dealings as they are also being paid by drug lords to back off. So, do you wish to visit such a place this holiday?

10. Place: Baghdad

Location: Iraq

world's most dangerous place

What Makes This Place Dangerous?

Iraq never shied away from being one of the most dangerous places in the world. The people of Baghdad had lived off several of their years with constant bombings, murders and other acts of terrorism. In 2014 alone, 12,282 civilians were killed due to the rise of ISIS, which is obviously more dangerous compared to the wars that broke out on the place during the stay of US.

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