20 Most Popular Board Games For Adults And Kids That Can Enhance Thinking Ability

People these days, especially the young ones, are more adept in playing video and computer games. They tend to love those new technologies and the digital advancements brought about by it. Young generations of today prefer to download games and apps to ease their boredom and make their life livelier. However, what happens if there is a sudden power block-out and they have no battery left on their cell phones, tabs, and other gadgets? Or they are completely tired of fiddling with those gadgets? Can they still play? I believe not. This is exactly when the original pass time comes to the rescue – some of the most popular board games. Yes, you heard me right, board games. Due to the rise of recent technologies, it is pretty much safe to say that only a very small portion of the young generation knows how to play one or two board games. Most of them would consider playing board games to be boring and uninteresting since they are already accustomed to playing digital games.

However, these little ones should know that most popular board games are there to keep life interesting in simple ways. As a matter of fact, most of these board games are being transferred digitally through softwares and applications so that they will be able to generate more players than ever. These board games are also created to help practice and enhance your thinking and strategic abilities in order to win a game.

Top 20 Fun, Best & Most Popular Board Games For Kids And Adults

To ensure that you are able to play games that will not make you tired and unexcited, I have rounded up the top 20 most popular board games of all time, which are fun and will very much test how smart you actually are.

1. Chess

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This board game is still quite popular and well played even by the younger generations today. Chess is timeless and classic. It helps stimulate your mind while you are playing. It is believed that the game started in India before 7th century. Then it was brought to Spain during the late 15th century, and rules were finalized in the 19th century. The game is played by two people on a chess board which has checkered 64 squares positioned on an eight by eight grid. There are 16 pieces for each player: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and 8 pawns. These pieces are moved differently with the queen as the strongest and the pawn being the weakest. The pieces should be moved in a way to protect the king. The game ends once the king is cornered or can’t move any longer. The 1st World Chess Champion is Willhelm Steinitz who was proclaimed in 1886.

2. Checkers

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This is also called draughts. This was developed in alquerque and its name comes from the verb which means to draw or to move. There are a lot of checker forms, as it varies from one place to another. However, the most popular form is probably the English draughts (American checkers) which is played on an 8×8 checkerboard. Russian droughts are also played on an 8×8 board, while the international draughts are on a 10×10 board. Canadian checker is also popular and is played on a 12×12 board. The mechanics of the game requires all your pieces to move diagonally, and capture your opponent’s pieces by jumping over them.

3. Scrabble

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Believe it or not, Scrabble is still one of the most popular board games for kids as well as adults. If you are smart enough in words, then scrabble is the ideal game for you to play. The reason why people still prefer to play this game is because it does not only allow 2 people to play the game, but it can extend to as much as 4 players in a set making it a perfect game for the entire family. The scrabble board is a 15×15 grid, where you need to pick up a certain number of tiles. Once the game starts, you should place the tiles on the scrabble board by forming words (should be found in dictionaries) in a crossword formation that goes left to right, and downwards. The game is indeed a member of the most popular board games since it has already been translated to 29 languages and sold in 121 countries. As a matter of fact, 1/3 of American households have a scrabble set and the game has sold approximately 150 million sets worldwide.

4. Monopoly

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Originally from United States of America, the game was developed in 1903. The game promotes Henry George’s economic theories including taxation and women’s rights. It also shows that an economy geared towards wealth creation is far better than monopolistic ways. The game is played by players moving on the game board, buying and trading properties. They can also develop their properties by having houses and hotels. Players can also collect rent from their opponents. The game is geared to achieve monopoly by one winner and making the rest of the opponents go bankrupt.

5. Risk

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This is a game for two to six players. The regular version of the game is played on a Risk board showing a political map of the earth which was divided into 42 territories and grouped into 6 continents. In order to win the game, you need to occupy every territory while eliminating your opponents. Each player has their armies which they use to capture enemy’s territories.

6. Clue

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Clue is yet another most popular board game, which goes around murder and mystery. It is also referred to as Cluedo in places outside the US. Originally published in Leeds, England on 1949, the game was devised by Anthony E. Pratt. Players move around the game board, which depicts a mansion, and collects clues to know who among the suspects actually murdered the victim: Mr. Boddy (Clue) or Dr. Black (Cluedo). The game also forms a chronology, and several extended series has been released while adding new characters and different plays.

7. Snakes and Ladders

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Sometimes known as Chutes and Ladders (commercial version by Milton Bradley), the game originated from India and since then became one of the most popular board games of the world. The game can be played by at least 2 players. The game board features squares with corresponding numbers. Snakes and ladders are scattered along the board, and connects two squares. You need to reach the end from the starting point while staying away from the snakes and hoping to climb up the ladder to reach your destination. The game is actually popular with children years ago since it’s simple and easy to understand.

8. Othello

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Also called as Reversi, this is a board game that requires strategy in order to win. Othello is played between two players on an 8×8 uncheckered board. Each player will have their own discs (one side is light and the other one is dark), and they will take turns in placing the discs on the board which corresponds to their color. The disc of an opponent’s color on a straight line bounded by the disc you just placed and another of your disc at the end will result for the entire line to be transferred to your color. The game’s objective is to have the most number of discs on the board until the last square is filled.

9. The Game of Life

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Created by Milton Bradley in 1860, this game is America’s first ever-popular parlor game. The game can be played by two to six players, however, if some variations are made, it can be played by eight to ten players. The game depicts a person’s life’s journey throughout life. This journey includes his/her college experiences to retirement. In-between includes job, marriage and children in the way. The modern version that we are playing now has been established a hundred years later in 1960 after the game was first developed.

10. Cranium

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Developed by Richard Tait and Whit Alexander in 1998, the game is considered as a party game. The game is actually dubbed as “The Game for Your Whole Brain”. Cranium was brought about when Richard had spent one weekend playing games with a family and realized that there should be a game, which involves a lot of skills. Hence, he left his job in Microsoft and asked his friend, Whit, to help him create Cranium. The game was manufactured by Hasbro with subsidiary as Cranium, Inc. The Cranium board is presented as a circuit with different color spaces that corresponds to one question card category.

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