Top 10 Perfumes That Smell Like Baby Powder

The burden of turning into an adult can often make you long for those babyhood days. You wish you had become a cute baby again, snuggled happily inside a cradle with the smells of pleasant baby powder around you. The best way to bring back those lovely days in your life is a perfume. Yes, there are scents that can remind you of those days. You don’t have to research about them. That’s time-consuming. The work is already done. Here are 10 best perfumes that smell like baby powder. You just have to pick the best.

If you love the smells of sweet powder or more of an outdoor person, a baby powder scented perfume would suit the best.

10 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Baby Powder

The trend now is to either smell like edible candy treats or clear, clean babies. You will be surprised in reading the fact that scientists have tested different fragrances on women to check what scents increase the blood flow in their bodies. Besides mint, lavender, cucumber, and chocolate, the smell of baby powder did the job impeccably well.

So, here are a few baby powder fragrances to choose from:

1. Loukhoum Eau Poudree by Keiko Mecheri

baby powder sprayPrice: $110

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Notes: Orris powder, White Rose, Vanilla, Narcissus, Violet leaves, Sugar, Almond, and Musk

For that perfect baby powder smell, this perfume is just the right pick. It is an airier and lighter version from Keiko Mecheri. The scents smell more like fluffy puff rather than sugary. It has a calming and soft milky feel just as babies do.

The powdery notes come from the orris & almond, which is then lightened by violet leaves, white rose, and narcissus. It is a subtle fragrance, which can be worn for everyday use. Its gentle and creamy nature makes an idyllic comfort perfume for someone who loves vanilla and almond but doesn’t prefer the strong amber qualities that usually are seen in other Oriental-styled perfumes.

2. Curve Crush by Liz Claiborne

perfumes that smell like baby powderPrice: $20

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Top Notes: Citrus, Floral, Tea, Milk, Sugar | Middle Notes: Cardamom, Pepper, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger | Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk

Liz Claiborne launched the perfume Curve Crush in the year 2003. It is a nice, baby powder perfume with the notes of sweet flowers, sugar, vanilla, and musk. The aroma not only leaves a fantastic romantic aura around but also the delicious smell is sure to earn multiple compliments.

What fascinates many users to buy this perfume is its logo at the front side of the perfume bottle. It gives a fun, energetic, and youthful vibe, gearing more towards teenage girls. The cheerful effervescences make this fragrance confident and girlish. It smells feminine and carefree. Besides all this, the price makes this is an ideal delight to both budget and senses. Also, men love this kind of smell on women. Hence, it is a great way to leave an impression on a guy.

3. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

perfume that smells like baby powderPrice: $53

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Top Notes: Bulgarian rose, Blackcurrant, Hawthorn, Orange | Middle Notes: Rose, Parma violet, Opoponax, Jasmine | Base Notes: Incense, Vanilla, Musk

Kenzo Flower is one of the best perfumes that smell like baby powder. Launched in the year 2000, this fragrance is a wonderful example of how a unique and well-designed perfume should be. The scents are sensual, floral, and powdery, giving it a perfect yet subtle balance.

It is neither a revered classic from the twentieth century nor difficult-to-find niche. Even after so many years after the launch, it is still one of the best-selling perfumes in Europe. With a remarkable silage and fantastic lasting power, Kenzo Flower is pretty popular among women. It retains a radiant, soaring quality, making it unexpected for a floral oriental mixture.

4. Teint De Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi

Best Perfumes That Smell Like Baby PowderPrice: $75

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Top Notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Powdery notes | Middle Notes: Tonka beans, Jasmine, Rose, Floral | Base Notes: Rose, Heliotrope, Sugar, Musk, Jasmine

Released in the year 2000, Teint de Neige perfume takes you to the world of baby powder, heliotrope, rose, ylang-ylang, and musk right after you spray it. If you had tried Hypnotic Poison, then Teint will surely remind you of it. Both share bizarre, lactonic-floral undertones. It also makes you remember of the whiff of nice cosmetics. It also makes you feel nostalgic and evokes the early childhood memories.

Wearing Teint is an incredible experience. You feel as if you are being smothered in a big avalanche of baby powder. To some, this smells vintage and formal. It can remind someone of sweet cakes, powdered wigs, fashions, and sets from the movie Marie Antoinette. Just as that movie, Teint is very precise and exhaustive when it comes to style. The best things about this perfume are that it lasts long, has great diffusion, and be worn by both men & women.

5. L’Instant Magic by Guerlain

perfume that smells like baby powderPrice: $69

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Top Notes: Bergamot, Anise, Lemon | Middle Notes: Rose, Freesia, Violet, Carnation, Mimosa | Base Notes: Iris, Vanilla, Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Almond, Musk

If you truly need a baby powder bomb, then Guerlain’s L’Instant Magic is what you should have in your beauty wardrobe. It has a distinctive orchestration, which features a fizz of gentle and cocooning musk with a completely addictive and astounding trail.

As soon as you spray this fragrance, it sends you to a beautiful dream world. With its instant identifiable aroma, it exemplifies how a dream can suddenly turn possible. The perfume notes are soft and light.  The exceptional projection and texture of the scents united with the qualities of the former L’Instant have made this a stunning romantic perfume.

6. Baby Powder by Demeter

demeter baby powderPrice: $20

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Notes: Powdery, Floral, and Musk

True to its name, this is a perfume that smells like baby powder. Often Demeter’s Baby Powder is described as a clean, baby-smelling fragrance, which still holds the essence of fresh notes. As fresh and clean as this fragrance gets, it appears as if a freshly powdered baby is behind. Once sprayed, Demeter’s Baby Powder sends on a journey of pleasure and innocence of childhood.

The story behind this perfume’s creation is amusing. Back in the 1980s, Johnson & Johnson Corporation was one of the leading companies in making antiseptic medicinal plasters. However, they began shipping sweet smelling Italian talc along their plasters in order to reduce irritation.

Eventually, the demand for this talc from customers increased. This scented talc was then sold as a baby powder, making a strong link between fresh cleanliness and the scents of baby powder. That fresh scent has inspired Demeter to come up with a nice bottle of Baby Powder.

7. Sweet Honesty by Avon

perfume that smells like baby powderPrice: $17

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Notes: Honey, Musk, Vanilla, Hyacinth, Lemon, Lily of the Valley, Rose

The moment you open this perfume bottle and smell it, you are bound to fall in love. Launched in the year 1973 by Avon, this classic floral fragrance will remind you of various periods in life. The notes are light, soft, lovely, and yet clean with a beautiful powdery touch. You feel as if you are floating in white fluffy clouds like a baby.

Overall, the perfume is fresh and girly. The way the notes are structured is different. It remains on the clothes and doesn’t mix with the air outside. Thus, making it last longer. It is perfect for office and daytime wear. The perfume is neither too sticky nor does it irritate the skin. Hence, you can use it blindly on pulse points.

8. Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari

perfume that smells like baby powderPrice: $28

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Top Notes: Bergamot, Sicilian orange, Brazilian Rosewood | Middle Notes: Rose, Sunflower, Chamomile | Base Notes: Powdery, Iris, Vanilla, White Peach

Bvlgari launched this attractively soft oriental perfume in the year 1998. It has an exquisite aroma and is intended for kids. However, if you want to a perfume that smells like baby powder, and even if it is designed for kids, there is no harm in using it. Well, who is going to know? As long as you smell good and get some compliments for that babyish whiff, nothing wrong!

This is truly a baby powder but except that, it is in a spray form. As soon as you spray some, its quintessential and soft scents make you feel as if you are just out of a bath. Whether it is daytime or a night party, this perfume is what you need to have. However, if you are not fond of baby powder, this isn’t your cup of tea.

9. Love’s Baby Soft by Dana

clean smelling perfume like baby powderPrice: $12

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Notes: Lavender, Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, Rose, Jasmine, and Geranium

If you are on a budget and yet desire to own a clean perfume with baby powder scents, then Dana’s Baby Soft is what you need to have. Perhaps the feminine product to have ever existed in this world is the Love’s Baby Soft.

The beautiful packaging with pale pink & frost and soft curves was marketed originally for pre-teen beauty queens. It smells exactly like babies. It is light, gentle, and powdery. This perfume was released in the year 1974 with a controversial and provocative ad:

 “Because innocent is sexier than you think!”

However, it possesses the scents of being sexy and mature. It is not only an old perfume but also was the first fragrance girls used to have back in those Christmas days to smell exceptional on special occasions. Marketed with a bold ad, this perfume from Dana is powdery, flowery, and fluffy. It makes you experience the joy of floating on a pink cloud. There is soft floral, rosy powder, and a bit of clear musk. It suits every skin type, last long, and perfect for daily wear.

10. Love by Chloe

perfume that smells like powderPrice: $66

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Top Notes: Mate, Green Tea | Middle Notes: Woody notes, Sweet pea | Base Notes: Powdery, Musk

Love was launched in the year 2010 by one of the most renowned perfume brands – Chloe. The fragrance fantastically blends floral notes with ozonic accords. This is exclusively designed for women who strongly believe in feminism. The moment you smell this, it lets you take a breath of refreshing air, giving it a gracefully classy facete and delicate aspects of the original formula.

The opening notes offer irresistible scents of green tea leaves and sweet pea, which is then followed by sophisticated powdery notes at the base. Enjoy the joy of smelling powdery and soapy at the very first spray.

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