Top 10 Perfumes That Smell Like Cotton Candy

Most women desire to smell sweet. That’s why we have special perfumes that smell like cotton candy. The primary notes of these fragrances have a sweet treat whose accords can attract anyone who walks across. But with so many perfume brands, it is hard to pick the one that suits your personality, and research can be time-consuming. To narrow your search, here are the ten best sweet smelling perfumes to choose from.

cotton candy perfume

Fragrances in the recent years have gained a lot of popularity. The overall fragrance market has three categories deodorants, perfumes, and essential oils. Talking about perfumes in specific, the current global market value is $28.95 billion and according to statista, the demand is going to rise drastically in the coming years. By 2022, the fragrance industry is anticipated to reach $51 billion.

Facts About Cotton Candy

facts about cotton candy perfume

  • John Wharton, a candy maker from Nashville invented cotton candy in 1897. Cotton candy is prepared from heated sugar and spun into thin threads, making it look like a heap of cotton.
  • Cotton candy is seen sold or served at circuses and fairgrounds. It mainly constitutes air and little amounts of sugar. With a distinctive sweet flavor, cotton candies are served on sticks, and rapidly dissolve in the mouth.
  • Earlier, cotton candies used to be an expensive treat. But today, they cost very low.
  • Gradually, the idea of making perfumes with a smell of cotton candy turned into a reality. This was possible through a compound called ethyl maltol, a white crystalline powder that has a sweet, candy or fruit-like aroma.
  • Most cotton candy fragrance bottles will have their primary note as ethyl maltol with a few other natural ingredients.
  • The other names of cotton candy are spun sugar, fair floss, candyfloss (used in Ireland & UK), & barbe a papa.

10 Perfumes That Smell Like Cotton Candy

As kids, we would have all gone to the carnivals and indulged in some sweet foods. Invoke those beautiful memories back into your lives by applying any of these cotton candy perfumes.

1. Pink Sugar by Aquolina

perfume that smells like candyPrice: $60

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Pink Sugar is one of the top-selling perfumes with an incredible smell of cotton candy. The moment it is sprayed, it takes you to the world of sweets and offers the aroma of fruity candyfloss. The perfume embodies nostalgia and innocence, which reminds us the carnival rides of former days.


  • Pink sugar smells like sweet, fruity candyfloss. It is perfect for both girls and women.
  • Its top notes include bergamot, orange, raspberries, & fig leaves.
  • Its middle notes include red berries, strawberry, lily of the valley, cotton candy, & licorice.
  • Its base notes include vanilla, sandalwood, musk, caramel, & tonka beans.

Though this composition is ideal for any girl, it makes it a delightful option for even adventurous women. Launched by Aquolina in the year 2004, Pink Sugar is infused with divine sweet scents that blend fruity essences of bergamot, orange, fig leaves, cotton candy, and raspberries.

2. Ralph Love by Ralph Lauren

cotton candy scented perfumePrice: $50.79

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Neither does Ralph Lauren needs an introduction nor can its quality be questioned. The scents of Ralph Love open with a fresh fruity note followed by the rich scents of cotton candy and roses. This composition is inspired by the excitements you once got with your first crush.


  • Ralph Love smells fresh, sweeter, and warmer. It is great for women who are fun, loving, and full of energy.
  • Its top notes include red apples.
  • Its middle notes are made with cotton candy.
  • Its base notes are pink roses.

Introduced in the year 2016, Ralph Love is exclusively made for enthusiastic women. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Ralph Lauren, this will surely change your mind. The realistic notes of cotton candy, red apples, and roses are sure to garner compliments. Its sweeter and warmer scents last for 4-5 hours.

3. Fantasy by Britney Spears

perfume that smells like cotton candyPrice: $22.49

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Britney Spears’ fantasy is more of a magical love potion than a perfume. It is great for women who prefer the smell of cotton candy yet want to be charming, elusive, and seductive. Released in the year 2005, it was Britney’s second perfume at that time. However, the scent is rocking the market even today. This sophomore fragrance is what you want an exemplary pop star perfume to be.


  • Fantasy is cloyingly sweet. It smells as if you are applying a hot pink lip-gloss for the first time.  It is the perfect perfume for women who desire a matured, sweet, enchanting, and seductive scent.
  • Its top notes include kiwi, quince, & red litchi.
  • Its middle notes include white chocolate, jasmine, orchid, & cupcake.
  • Its base notes include musk, orris root, & woods.

With notes of red litchis, kiwi, and quince, fantasy comes packed in a magenta bottle with Swarovski crystals. Once applied, the scents take you to an intense sweet land, where you will experience the essence of white chocolate with tangy, fruity notes following right after.

4. Rue Rocks by Rue 21

sweet smelling perfumePrice: $19.91

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Rue 21 is a renowned American retail company that sells accessories and apparels for both men & women. They create fragrances that have sweet, fruity, and floral aromas. Though they have a wide range of perfume collection, the one that has the smell of cotton candy is the Rue Rocks.


  • Rue Rocks smells sweet and citrusy-candy. It is ideal for women and girls who love sparkle & shine.
  • The notes include pink cotton candy, dewberry, and Madeleine.

Most expensive perfumes promise to last long but often they don’t. However, the case of this composition is very different. It stays longer and offers the newest essence. As soon as it is applied, it opens with brilliant notes of pink cotton candy & juicy dewberries, which is then followed by a delicate and light Madeleine. True to its name, it does rock!

5. Pink Happiness Delicate Moments by Revlon

best sweet smelling perfumePrice: $39.95

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A renowned brand like Revlon doesn’t need any introduction. They are well admired for their beauty products and the kind of quality they offer is impeccable. Talking about sweet-smelling perfumes in specific, this one steals the heart. It offers subtle candy-floral scents and smells similar to flowerbomb. It lasts longer and is great for summertime, workplace, or parties.


  • Pink Happiness smells pleasant. It has a nice, powdery finish and isn’t too sweet. It is the best cotton candy perfume for women who believe in feminism.
  • Its top notes include cotton candy, red berries, & bergamot.
  • Its middle notes include white lily, jasmine, freesia, & bamboo.
  • Its base notes include vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, & chocolate.

Despite being admired so much by the customers, the only problem with this perfume is that it is truly hard to find online. There is no online store so far that sells this version and that’s why we have linked only to the product’s official page. So, you might have to head to a nearby physical store to get it.

6. Pour Elle Sparkling by Lacoste

perfume that smells like cotton candyPrice: $43

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This is another best perfume that smells like cotton candy. Sweet smells can easily go wrong but this one gets everything right. It is the perfect candy-coated summer fragrance to keep spraying it on. There are three versions that Lacoste offers: sparkling, natural, & elegant. Sparkling (this version) smells sweet, Natural has soft-woody scents, and Elegant has floral notes.


  • Pour Elle Sparkling smells super sugary, delicious, and yet light. It is great for women who want something young, saccharine, blast, and bold in their summer perfume bottle.
  • Its top notes include red apple, blackberry, orange, & spices.
  • Its middle notes include white cotton candy, lily of the valley, & macarons.
  • Its base notes include vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, & cashmere wood.

In short, sparkling from Lacoste is cute, sweet, and girly. It opens with the notes of blackberry, oranges, red apple, and a few spices, which then takes you to the world of sweet-smelling cotton candies. You almost feel as if you want to eat it. The base notes then balance the scents and make it even more palatable. It is more like that dish, which balances both savory and sweet ingredients.

7. Cotton Candy by Demeter

candy scented perfumePrice: $19.05

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Demeter is one of the best perfumes that smell like cotton candy. The packaging and the bottle design is kept simplistic. Unlike other perfumes, this does not use top, middle, or base notes. The entire composition is made from a linear structure and employs only cotton candy as its primary note.


  • Cotton candy from Demeter smells sweet and sugary. It is a light, summer fragrance and works on women who look forward to casual scents.
  • There are no top, middle, and base notes. This perfume is created from a linear structure. True to its name, it only uses cotton candy as its main note.

The brand Demeter initially started making perfumes in 1996, and since then, the firm has launched more than 200 fragrances. The brand is well known to use natural ingredients for making scents. Flowers and fruits are usually their common notes. However, they find inspirations from cakes and drinks too.

8. Daily Perfume Cotton Candy by Karadium

body mist that smells like cotton candyPrice: $10.99

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This perfume is manufactured by a Korean brand called Karadium. Though K-beauty is quickly growing and being patronized everywhere, not all brands make it to the top. However, the case with Karadium is different. Their cosmetic products are often praised; and talking about fragrances, they are exceptional as well.


  • Daily Perfume Cotton Candy holds sweet, fruity, & floral scents. This is great for women who want to smell like a cloud of yummy sugar.
  • Its top notes include grapes & strawberry.
  • Its middle notes include rose & jasmine.
  • Its base notes include vanilla, musk, pumpkin, & woody.

Karadium offers multiple flavors but this version is something that smells sweet. With floral and fruity notes, it smells extra sweet. It gives a cozy, warm sensation with a tinge of berry and grape. So, whenever you wear it, be ready to hear some amazing compliments. The best thing about this product is that it can be used as a hair mist,  everyday perfume, and dress perfume.

9. Cotton Candy by Body Fantasies

perfume that smells like cotton candyPrice: $12.79

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This composition from Body Fantasies was launched back in the year 2000. With yummy scents, body fantasies signature is just the right perfume that smells like cotton candy. Whether it is summer or spring, this fragrance works ideally for daytime, casual occasions.


  • True to its name, Cotton Candy smells like a sweet candyfloss. This is great for women who are energetic and want to smell like a cloud of yummy sugar.
  • It has the notes of cotton candy, strawberry, sugarcane, musk, raspberry, and vanilla.

It is an exclusive scent designed for energetic and young women. Its playful fragrance brings tender memories of a childhood surrounded by friends, family, and fun. The notes unite a mixture of spun sugar and creamy vanilla, which then blend with berries & musk.

10. Delicious Cotton Candy by Gale Hayman

perfume that smells like cotton candyPrice: $29.26

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As soon as you apply this perfume, it smells like cotton candy, followed by the notes of vanilla, caramel, sugar, and plum. The scents are not too overpowering and once sprayed, you don’t have to keep reapplying it. It lasts for more than 5 hours and is great for the workplace.


  • Delicious cotton candy possesses the wonderful smell of candyfloss. This is just the right perfume for women who strongly believe in feminism. It is mild (without overpowering scents) and lasts long.
  • Its top notes include cotton candy, orange, lily of the valley, bergamot, & Clementine.
  • Its middle notes include sugar, fig leaves, strawberry, licorice, & plum.
  • Its base notes include vanilla, musk, cedar, & caramel.

Though the packaging might not be as attractive as the other perfumes on this list, it has something sweet that you might really need. It works perfectly on whimsical women who are looking for subtle aromas with a sweet flavor.

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