15 Rose Color Meanings To Know Before Giving Them

Undeniably, roses are one of the world’s beautiful flowers. With so many bright tinted roses being bloomed every year, have you ever wondered what do the color of roses mean? We all have heard that roses are a symbol of love, but that signifies only for red ones. How many of you are aware of the other rose color meanings? If you have been sending roses to someone without even knowing what they mean, then it is time you be acquainted with them.

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15 Rose Color Meanings

Add extra sentiments and deepen the gesture of presenting roses by knowing their colors and meanings.

1. Red Roses

rose color meaningsMeaning: Love, Romance, Courage, Deep Affection, Passion, Fondness, Respect

Be it desire, longing, or love, red roses express deep emotions. Big, attractive red roses stand for intense passions pouring directly from the heart. Also, they exemplify true love’s fortitude. Besides love, they transcend undemanding, commercial messages. Red roses indicate the possibility, care, and respect. So, the next time you wish to express your sentiments to your special one, make sure to give beautiful red roses in a bunch of 11.

2. Pink Roses

rose color meaningsMeaning: Appreciation, Romance, Sweetness, Happiness, Admiration, Elegance, Gentleness

Beautiful and bright to behold, pink roses are splendidly versatile when there is something important to convey. Pink roses denote elegance and happiness. They are often gifted as a gesture of appreciation and admiration. Whether it is your fiancée, friend, or colleague, a nice bouquet of pink roses can make his or her day special.

3. Light Pink Roses

rose colors and their meaningsMeaning: Gratitude, Joy, Grace, Innocence, Kindness

Subtle, light pink roses stand for innocence, gentleness, joy, and admiration. Traditionally, light hues symbolized refinement and femininity. However, bouquets of light pink roses also express gratefulness and appreciation. Whenever someone close to you acts with kindheartedness, thank him or her with an arrangement of pink roses.

4. Dark Pink Roses

meaning of rose colorsMeaning: Appreciation, Thankfulness

Though there are many pink shades, deep pink roses are amazingly attractive. Dark pink roses are ideal choices to express how obliged you are towards someone. Perhaps, that is why they have become a favorite gift to offer and receive.

5. Orange or Coral Roses

rose colors and meaningsMeaning: Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Desire, Attraction, Excitement

Vibrant orange roses symbolize excitement, desire, enthusiasm, and passionate romance in a relationship. If you desire to express attraction and admiration, just send a beautiful bouquet of these fiery orange blooms. Subtle, dusky orange roses convey joy too; hence, they make an ideal gift if you wish to thank or like someone.

6. White Roses

what do the color of roses meanMeaning: Marriage, Purity, Chastity, Humility, Reverence, Youthfulness

White is the purist of all colors; thus, most white flowers signify “purity.” The same applies for white roses as well. They signify purity, innocence, charm, etc. They have been traditionally used in marriages or for new beginnings. However, their exquisiteness is also a token of remembrance. Whenever an instance calls for reverence, white roses are the right way to tell, “I am thinking about you.”

7. Peach Roses

what do the color of roses meanMeaning: Cheerfulness, Closing A Deal, Get Together, Sympathy

Whether you are missing your dear friend or feeling grateful and thankful towards someone, then peach roses are the perfect way to express your emotions. Not only are the pastel, delicate peach roses soothing and comforting but also convey sensitivity.

8. Pale Peach Roses

Rose Color Meanings Meaning: Modesty and Genuineness

Just like light pink hues, mild peach shades are gaining a lot of popularity. Whatever feelings you may be bubbling with—gratefulness, cheerful, joy—pale peach flowers are sure to convey the right message with elegance and liveliness.

9. Cream Roses

Rose Color Meanings Meaning: Thoughtfulness, Tenderness, Charm

Cream roses are not only attractive but indicate charm, warmth, and thoughtfulness. Cream roses also denote perfection and richness. Whether you are blending with pink hues or pure whites, they are an ideal way to say “thank you.” They are a great way to let someone know about your romantic and caring intentions.

10. Yellow Roses

Rose Color Meanings Meaning: Friendship, Caring, Good Health, Joy, Delight

In the Victorian era, yellow roses indicated jealousy whereas in German culture they were a symbol of dying love & infidelity. However, traditionally, they represent filial love (friendship), joy, and care towards a person. When you wish to send a happy message, yellow roses are the best. Arrangements of these sun-kissed blossoms also convey gladness, affection, and warmth. They are the perfect gift to tell someone “Thank You”, “Congratulations”, “Get Well”, etc.

11. Green Roses

Rose Color Meanings Meaning: Harmony, Life, Growth, Energy, Recovery

Image Credit: therosemarket

The color green signifies tranquility, peace, opulence, and fertility. It is also a color indicative of peace. However, green roses (off-white with tints of green) symbolize harmony, better growth, and faster recovery. They are given when you want to wish someone for a good fortune, great health, and a prosperous life.

12. Purple or Lavender Roses

Rose Color Meanings Meaning: Desire, Enchantment, Creativity, Love at First Sight, Adoration, Splendor

Lavender or purple roses express enchantment. It also conveys, “Love at first sight.” The darker shades of violet roses (near to purple) communicate splendor, adoration, and fascination. Purple roses have always had a status for being delightful or magical. They are a just the thing to describe what love, at first sight, feels like. They also reveal openness, infinite possibility, and creativity. When you have fallen in love at a mere sight, start your relationship with purple or lavender flowers.

13. Blue Roses

meaning of rose colorsMeaning: The Impossible, The Unattainable, Mysterious

Credit: diceojisan.tumblr.com

Blue roses are elusive. Since it is hard to achieve them naturally, blue roses symbolize mysteriousness and the unattainable. Therefore, they personify the craving for the impossible. They are given on rare occasions, especially when you want to tell someone that “I cannot have you in my life but still cannot stop thinking of you.”

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14. Black Roses

rose colorsMeaning: Farewell, Death, Grief, Rebirth, or Beginning Something New

Credit: optimumnaturae.blogspot.com

Just like the blue ones, black roses are elusive. They are not true black. Instead, they are the darkest of red, making it appear black. The color black signifies mourning, farewell, and death. Thus black roses convey sadness, death, or farewell. However, some say that black roses symbolize beginning of a new thing or rebirth.

15. Burgundy Roses

rose color meaningsMeaning: Readiness, Simplicity, Deep Passion, Unconscious Beauty, Commitment

Ever met someone who is not only beautiful but also stunning at the same time? Someone, who is extremely unconventional or unusual? If you feel that you know someone, who is full of positive energy and surprises, help notice them by giving a bouquet of burgundy flowers.

Hope, you are now aware of the various rose color meanings. So, the next time you gift someone a rose flower, make sure to communicate them with the right feelings.